"I started photographing my domestic world and writing not just about what I had made,
but why I made it, examining the thoughts that accompany creativity and the act of making."
Jane Brocket from The Gentle Art of Domesticity p. 189 UK edition

Wednesday, January 1, 2020

2020 Crafting Vision

Happy New Year!  Sunrises like this one I saw not long ago from my parking spot by the patio continue to excite my desire to be creative and craft!  Does the beauty of creation do the same for you?

Recently I was told that the women in the groups in our church who make baby blankets for babies in local NICUs have made over 1000 blankets over the last six years.  I love being a part of this project over the last four years and knowing that many families have been prayed for and blessed with tangible encouragement during a difficult time. Part of my vision for 2020 is to make more little blankets.

I envision completing this wave blanket which I am enjoying crocheting and then finishing a knitted blanket I started last year.

Dear friends sent me this puzzle that features yarn and cats and my youngest daughter and her husband did the major part of crafting the pieces together on Christmas afternoon. Working on putting together other puzzles is part of my crafting vision for 2020.  Do you enjoy putting together jigsaw puzzles?

Finishing this and more potholders is also a part of my crafting vision for 2020.  It is my favorite style of potholder and fun to make and give as a practical gift.

I discovered this towel holder pattern last year and have enjoyed crocheting many of them as gifts.  While I have made many button fastened towel holders over the years, I think this is a brilliant pattern to keep regular hand towels on the rack.

You can find the free pattern to make the towel holders HERE. I used acrylic yarn, and find the design "handy" in every way, so envision making more in 2020.

On Tuesday mornings I plan to craft time reading individually with four children who are first or second or third graders. I plan to craft time with four women's groups, knitting, crocheting, or completing a Bible study or art-related projects...enjoying times of worship, times of fellowship with family and friends, visiting blogs and posting about my vision at least once a month if possible...and...stay focused from moment to moment with joy and gratitude or compassion and care as needs arise.

What is your vision for 2020?  Know that my prayer is that the Lord blesses you.

Gracie xx


  1. HaPpY NeW YeAr Gracie! I loved reading about your vision for 2020. You are such an inspiration to me with your generous heart and talents that you're sharing with people all around you, both those you know and those you'll probably never meet. I know those families who receive the blankets and hats from your group feel the love and prayers in every stitch.
    You are looking so beautiful and serene my friend. Your love for all around you shines through. Thank you for the pattern. I'll be making a few of these too as I'm already loving and using the one you made for me. I know my mother-in-law will like to have one as I've made her the hanging towels for 45 years and she just requested some new ones.
    Your sunrise photo is stunning. We had a beautiful sunset tonight and it reflected off of Mt. Spokane so beautifully. It was our first sunlight in days and days.
    I'm praying for a wonderful, happy and blessed year for you my dear friend.
    Blessings and love,

  2. Hi Gracie! I really admire that you've found several groups to be involved with that offer you fellowship and an opportunity to craft with friends to help others with blankets and hats and all. We are using the hot pads you gifted to me as our main ones in the kitchen, thank you so much! I'm glad that your daughter and SIL spent time with you and shared solving your puzzle with you. I hope we can do lunch again, soon! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  3. What a wonderful vision Gracie, wishing you and yours a wonderful new year.

  4. I wonder if we have the same jigsaw as I had one featuring cats and yarn for Xmas! Mine is by Ravensburger and is 1000 pieces. I love jigsaws. Our local library also has a jigsaw library but you can only keep them for three weeks. So tend to get mine from Charity shops.

    That sky is glorious isn't it. Creation at its best. God bless my friend

  5. Gracie, I am loving my towel holder, it really is a brilliant design and it was such a beautiful surprise. I love puzzles but don't have much time to put together one with many pieces. I have a puzzle with my house on a it and the surrounding area in map format. I need to get busy on that one. Happy New Year.

  6. Gracie so good to see you here ☺☺ And a wonderful vision for sure xoxo

  7. Sounds like the perfect crafty plan for the new year. Blessings to all who contribute handmade to a worthy cause. Such a feeling of satisfaction when helping others. And inspiring to spend time with other creative individuals. Wishing you all the best for 2020.

  8. Happy New year dear Gracie! I wish you all the blessings of this new year. 🎉🤗🎉 Pat xx

  9. Happy New Year Gracie. That sunset is stunning! Anne X

  10. Happy New Year Gracie! Such a beautiful sunrise....always so much joy to be found in nature. Your crafting plans for 2020 sound wonderful. Thanks for your sweet comment over on my blog this week....and in answer to your kind question my book is to be published in March and can be pre ordered on Amazon I believe! Wishing you a happy and fulfilled year ahead...sending hugs XXX

  11. Hi Gracie, I do have a knitting plan--mostly finishing some projects and then focusing on making socks this year.
    Also, I am trying to do a sketching challenge this month which is part of my desire to continue to learn to sketching and do water color painting.

  12. I always enjoy your posts, dear Gracie, and liked both your makes and your plans. I hope that this new year is very happy and healthy and creative. For myself I hope to try new things, to finally make some progress with my sewing machine and to tackle that ever growing unfinished pile :-)

  13. What a lovely sunrise! The beauty of creation definitely sparks my creativity.

    What a wonderful and worthwhile ministry, to make blankets and hats for those smallest of small ones. Blessings on you ladies.

    That puzzle looks like fun - we enjoy puzzles but can never figure out where to store them in between working on them.

    That is indeed a brilliant towel holder design. I should whip one up for work.

    Happy new year to you, Gracie, and may we all have a productive, creative year by God's grace!


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