"I started photographing my domestic world and writing not just about what I had made,
but why I made it, examining the thoughts that accompany creativity and the act of making."
Jane Brocket from The Gentle Art of Domesticity p. 189 UK edition

Saturday, February 1, 2020

Colorful Cozy Crafting

Welcome!  I'm so glad you stopped by to visit.  Have you been involved in crafting?  Above is one of my recent crafting explorations.  When I was in third grade...more than 60 years ago...I was guided to focus on music rather art instruction.  While I am grateful for the music instruction I have had since then in clarinet, bassoon, piano, and vocal, I especially enjoy learning about drawing and watercolor painting now.  Once a month I usually meet with a small group of women to work on a worship art project.  Above is my interpretation of the recent project our facilitator designed.

While the season is winter in my part of the world, I have seen little snow and ice in the valley where I live near Portland, Oregon, to impair my crafting efforts. In fact, four of my hanging plants still have flowers on them and I have been thrilled to see hummingbirds visit them to drink from the blossoms.

Inside, my Oxalis plant, on the bottom left in this photo above, produces sweet little white blossoms and I am also enjoying viewing the white flower on the little white Pointsettia in the bottom right of the photo above.

During our chilly weather, I am especially enjoying knitting mostly at our church small group a little preemie sized blanket in acrylic yarn.

However, I am especially enjoying knitting at home more rows on the bulky Merino wool blanket I started years ago.  It is big enough now to provide me with significant warmth on our colder days.

While I still have a Christmasy jingle bell wreath on my front door, I am amazed at and enjoying viewing the pink blossoms on two hanging plants framing the jingle bell wreath. It was fun crafting this view to share with you.

And look what I spotted poking out of the earth nearby the front door... Hyacinths! Beyond the Hyacinths in the upper left of the photo above is a clump of Cala Lillies...they will be trumpeting the arrival of Spring soon in the weeks ahead...I type as a woman of faith!

A recent sunrise gave me the opportunity to craft a photo of it.  I used my iPhone 11 Pro to take the photo, cropped the photo on my laptop Macbook Pro and let it choose the glorious color intensity that reflects what I saw... an encouraging warming firey glow to enliven life from skies that had been perseverating in chilly gray for many days.

I hope you are enjoying happy times... will you share how you have been crafting your days?

Gracie ((hugs))


  1. Hi Gracie, so happy to see your blog post pop up to the top of my list! I think you've crafted a very cozy and creative life in your home. Plus you have joined in with groups to create art and needlework projects with friends, good for you! I am crafting blankets for my granddaughter and an afghan for myself. Little Mocha is asleep on my lap next to my laptop.. :-) Bravo on capturing that amazing sunrise. We never see them as our little forest blocks them out, plus you'd have to get up earlier than we do. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. Wow! That is an amazing sunrise. We usually get winter skies like that but haven't seen any so far this season. It certainly sounds like you are having rather mild weather. I also have hyacinths poking through the soil. A friend gifted me a plant last spring and I wasn't sure if the bulbs would actually produce again but two out of three have started to grow back. Very exciting. I love your watercolor. I signed up for several online art journaling classes but haven't even started them yet. Have been doing lots of crocheting as it is easy to pick up, put down and carry around with me. Happy February!

  3. Hello Gracie! You wrote to us. I always enjoy reading aout how you are enjoying your life. You have so many crafty outlets. Your blankets are so pretty and I also will aid in keeping yourself and a baby warm. I love your beautiful art in the first photo. So much talent. I wish we had crafty groups at our church like yours does. That sunrise is so pretty. Those colors make the sky look like it's on fire.
    It was wonderful to visit with you Gracie.

  4. Your art work is a delight and is an inspiration for journaling in my own bible. The spring bulbs starting to poke through the soil is a real delight, a sure sign of Spring on the way. I bought some daffodils to brighten my day and introduce some colour.

  5. That is not how you spell " unshakeable "....

    1. After checking, I think that it is one of the words in which the British and USA spellings differ which I find interesting! Thanks for sharing, Joy.

  6. That's one glorious sunrise Gracie, love it. I am a solitary crafter and mostly sew and knit. Occasionally I crochet but not with much enthusiasm. I have just finished a knitted jumper, which I love. I imagine knitting your big blanket must be quite hard work, the needles look really big. I was also directed towards music rather than art when I was a school girl. Funny coincidence, I learned to play the bassoon, too. I was never any good at it. More recently, I learned to play the cello. Have a wonderful crafting week xx

  7. What a magnificent sunrise. And I found your top painting very interesting, in fact lots of interesting photos to view :)

  8. Not during too much crafting these days. Still knitting on a prayer shawl, slower than I should be. Getting an organized area in my office and off dining room table is my continued plan for this week. Almost done. Enjoy your week my friend!

  9. I enjoyed my visit, dear Gracie - your drawing, your makes and those brave little hyacinths. I'm working on a new blanket, I think. I started out making a large cushion but I so enjoyed making it that I haven't stopped and it's been growing and growing :-) Sometimes it is nice to travel without a clear destination.

  10. Oh how lovely Gracie ❤❤❤ So good to see you here and beautiful crafting. Here I slowly knit socks and crochet lots of things and play with my new camera xoxo

  11. What amazing sunsets from your last post too. I love knitting in winter. It is such a lovely feeling to knit and keep yourself warm with the blanket at the same time. Jo xx

  12. Nice work, Gracie! Not only are you a good knitter, you can paint, sing,play instruments and take nice photos. Loved that sunset photo. We are really liking our new choir director; I think you might enjoy the link to our choir on my blog. Have a great weekend.

  13. What a pleasant sunrise it is Grace!! You got the photo at the perfect timing. I loved all the greeneries in and around your house. Hope to see your sewn Merino wool blanket soon. Great going Grace!!

  14. Lovely sunrise. You edited the pic so well. Will keep sneaking in when you post. Knitting is a tough fir me. Love to see more of it on how you do blankets. Winter is just setting in.


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