"I started photographing my domestic world and writing not just about what I had made,
but why I made it, examining the thoughts that accompany creativity and the act of making."
Jane Brocket from The Gentle Art of Domesticity p. 189 UK edition

Monday, September 30, 2019

September Launch into a New Crafting Season!

While searching for the autumn-themed crafts I knit a few years ago, I discovered I had just stuffed one pumpkin I knit with a big ball of yarn rather than finish it off properly.  Somehow the pumpkin also had two holes!  

A needle, yarn, and stuffing were found, and my rescue mission began...

Thankfully I was able to mend the holes, stuff the pumpkin, get it seamed and enjoy the process and result!

Unexpectedly, one September day on my doorstep, I found a wonderful box of gifts I had won from Camellia Fiber Co....a lovely card,

these beautiful mini skeins of yarn...

and this lovely handspun skein of yarn.  Now my mind is dreaming of what I may make with the yarn...

The gifts helped me resist the temptation of buying more yarn at the Oregon Flock and Fiber Festival in Canby, Oregon, a bit south of where I live.

My youngest daughter took this photo of me with our dear friends we arranged to meet at the festival.

We saw many quiet llamas.

We saw many beautiful quiet bunnies.

We saw many interesting sheep, but some were not quiet so their barn was lively with sometimes startling "Baaaas!"

The exhibit of felted entries contained a unique felted journal someone who had visited Scotland had made.

The journal did not win a ribbon, but I gave it my People's Choice Award!

On Thursday nights I am knitting a preemie blanket in a group of knitters I was invited to join. Wednesday mornings I am crocheting another preemie blanket, and I have a crocheted potholder project I carry around in the pocket of my purse to work on when I can. At the once a month art group I attend, the facilitator showed us a clever way to transfer a letter design we like onto art paper.

Have you launched into a new crafting season?

Gracie xx


  1. What an enjoyable post! I'm so glad you went to the OFFF.. it's the first one I've missed in years. Our son and grandson were moving out that weekend and we had our 2 grandsons for a sleepover.. AND were invited to drive them home and have dinner at our son's house.. so that is why I missed it. Life gets in the way. It sounds like you are keeping creative endeavors at the forefront in your life which is wonderful. Enjoy this beautiful day as it looks like the rain will return soon. I'll be swimming tomorrow.. I had to miss Monday due to more unforeseen complications. Hope to see you tomorrow. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. What a wonderful post Gracie. I'm glad you were able to rescue the sweet little pumpkin. It's so cute. I can think of no one who deserves to win that wonderful box of yarn more than you do. I love all of the colors and the card too.
    I'm so glad you got to the fiber festival. It looks like a wonderful event and I would love to attend someday. I can just imgine all of those baa's! :-) It looks like you and your daughter are having a grand time. I'm so glad for you Gracie.
    Two knitting groups! Oh my goodness you are very blessed to have found a group of ladies to craft with. Enjoy this new season of crafting goodness.

  3. I like your pumpkin. I did go to flock and fiber fest on Sat. I didn't buy any yarn either. Cool day and glad I wore my warm coat! I blogged about it too. Take care my friend.

  4. Your pumpkin is so cute! And, how lucky are you to win such beautiful yarn. It will be fun to see what you decide to make. Sounds like you had a fun filled weekend. Enjoy your week dear friend. Pat 🍂🍁🏵️🍁🍂

  5. Hello Gracie. Love the little pumpkin or pumpkin as my grandson once called them when he little - how I miss the sweet times - he is a very tall 14 year old now! Still love him! Congratulations on your win. A great prize.
    I am always busy crafting something! Take care. Anne X 19

  6. I'd love to go to a fibre festival one day. I loved to see the Angora rabbit, amazing to imagine that such a cute creature produces such a lovely fibre. My crafting and making is more random than yours, I am always two seasons behind :-)

    Have a wonderful weekend. x

  7. I am in selling my house and moving mode, so I'm not doing much knitting except for finishing up hats for the NICU. I did hold back a couple of projects like some socks which I hope to work on soon.

  8. It was fun to see photos from the fibre festival; I didn't know there were any on this side of the map! Nice work on the pumpkin and enjoy your winnings of all that pretty yarn!

  9. I wish I could have joined you for the Flock and Fiber Festival, dear Gracie, just the sort of thing I like, and I love your happy smiles. And I admire your strength, I would have gone home with a big bag of wool, even with such a gorgeous package waiting for me. A hug.

  10. Ooh, what a lovely gift in the mail - such drool-worthy yarn. And how nice to have a little help resisting the lure of all the yarn you must have seen at OFFF! I'd love to attend that event sometime. A friend of mine enters projects there every year, and usually wins prizes.

    So glad you were able to rescue the pumpkin! Happy knitting and crocheting. :)

  11. Sounds like such a fun festival. I've been wanting to go to more fiber events. Right now I'm an Au Pair in Germany and have been doing a lot of knitting for gifts for them.

    MB> keturahskorner.blogspot.com
    PB> thegirlwhodoesntexist.com

  12. I loved the sentiment of the card with your gift of yarn. thanks for sharing.

  13. I too crochet dishcloths and will be adding the towel holder that you wrote about in my future gifts. I am curious to know where the sentiment in your yarn gift came from. Very lovely indeed. thanks for sharing!


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