"I started photographing my domestic world and writing not just about what I had made,
but why I made it, examining the thoughts that accompany creativity and the act of making."
Jane Brocket from The Gentle Art of Domesticity p. 189 UK edition

Friday, August 26, 2016

Summer's Height

 The first Saturday in August, our family friend, Grantie, invited us to picnic with her at her favorite nearby Oregon state park, Wildwood near the base of Mt. Hood outside Portland.
 Under a huge  green canopy of leaves we stayed cool at Wildwood and wandered out in the sunshine when we wanted to warm up playing catch or soccer or just strolling about.
 Our little wildflower patch at home is featuring sunny golden flowers now.
 Our Sweet Pea vines are producing more seed pods than flowers now, and the Sun Gold cherry tomato plant [on the right] is giving us some sweet tomatoes.
 The preemie baby blanket I have been single crocheting with Deborah Norville Serenity  medium weight acrylic Baby yarn this summer is complete. I made an edging on the ends with Knit Picks gray acrylic yarn, 3 single crochet stitches in one stitch, slip stitch in the next stitch, repeat.
In the two years the ladies at our church have been making blankets they have made over 250 blankets.  It is a fun challenge to find patterns that are tight enough not to catch on the equipment needed to care for the NICU babies.  This is a photo of some of the last fifty blankets the ladies made.  The different colors and stitches inspire me!
 After "discovering" a nearby Japanese garden this past Spring I decided to try to visit the garden in each season and note the difference in colors of the plants.  These photos show more highlights of golden yellow at the height of Summer.
 There are touches of orangey reds here and there, too.

 And I love the different shapes and shadows I saw, too.

 Going out the Main Street Park from the Japanese Garden there is a sunny bank of Black Eyed Susans that I admired.
 At the height of Summer Mt. Hood often looks hazy, but I am thankful the haze is due more to heat than wildfires this year.
 From where I stopped to photograph Mt. Hood on 302nd Street, I saw this little tree sporting pretty Fall colors...a little ahead of schedule.
 One day recently I came home to discover a wonderful package from my dear blogging friend, Pat.  She spends part of the year living at her home in Turkey; and, thinking of photos of my tea table I sometimes show you, she decided to send me a set of Turkish Tea glasses with golden spoons to stir one's tea. She sent me two kinds of fruit teas, Pomegranate and Apple both of which are delicious.  She also sent the cobalt blue round glass piece that is hanging from my tea jar.  On the other side of it there is a teardrop shaped white shape on the blue with a little black round circle in the center.  When I Google imaged the piece I confirmed it is called by some the Eye of God. It reminded me of the blessing in Psalm 32:8, "I will instruct you in the way you should go; I will guide you with My eye." Thanks again Pat for your lovely gifts to me.
 Then a few days ago I came home and discovered another package from my blogging friend who lives in Kuwait, Tammy.  She sent me a pretty moon with palms notecard, a crocheted white coaster and a bookmark from Bethlehem. Thanks again for your lovely gifts, Tammy.
Through the messages I have received I felt that love has traveled around the world to me even though I have not traveled far from home. Then this past Wednesday Teresa and I were thrilled to spot the transport of others who we hope are lovingly traveling around our part of the world on the Columbia River in the American Queen Steamboat.
 We also saw the Columbia Gorge Sternwheeler we have enjoyed riding on and would love for you to be able to float in as well if you have not done so.
 When Teresa and I looked down at our feet where we were standing to take photos of the boats we had fun admiring the acorns that had fallen.
The mighty oak above us is releasing acorns at the height of Summer...seeds for growth in the seasons to come...

What is a highlight of the season of year you are in?

Gracie xx

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Foggy Cape Lookout Camping

Youngest SIL Gary sitting by the fire ring after setting up camp

Oldest SIL Jason and eight-year-old Hayley
Elisabeth, Sarah, Mary, Molly and Joy

Two-year-old Rosie and six-year-old Molly

Grandma [me] and Sarah

My youngest SIL put these magnetic letters on the hood of the stove in the camper
Trying to form a sachet for lavender with one of the cloths I knit with size 3 needles and size 3 crochet thread
Our one colorful sunset all week...

Although pockets of fog gave us some fuzzy views of Cape Lookout and the surrounding area, our outlook on our trip last week was mainly positive.  This was my second year camping at Cape Lookout, but instead of being in a tent on an air mattress, I slept in a camp trailer on a couch/bed that was very comfortable without an air mattress. Trailer camping comes with its own set of challenges, but seemed less labor intensive than setting up our tent village the last time we went tent camping.  We were not hooked up to power or water though, so we had to learn by trial and error how much water and power we were using before we needed to replenish both, and then it was just a matter of running the generator or filling the water tank from a faucet with a hose to the tank... so nice not to have to haul buckets of water from a creek!

While we heard from our family in Portland that they were suffering through some very hot sunny days just two hours away from us, we had cool, fog tainted days for the whole week, with just glimpses of the sun, moon and stars, but beautiful in its own way, and we had fun.

While at camp we played some board games, my daughter and I colored and knitted, and I finished the book "Springtime in Magnolia", a heartwarming family drama set in the South USA during the Great Depression and WWII. I also finished reading a Cozy Mystery set in England and could not guess "who dun it."

One day we went to Tillamook and had good fresh made rootbeer and lunch at a pub.  We kept my youngest daughter company at a Starbucks while she used their WIFI to work on her Master's in Nursing homework.

On another day my oldest daughter and SIL, and their five little girls came over to play on the beach with us.  We had a grand time on the beach and also visited the interesting Tillamook Pioneer Museum

During our journey we had some tension in following driving directions, and dealing with road hazards, and not being patient, and then on the way home the wires between the truck and the camper glitched in communicating so the trailer had to be towed home by a tow truck, but we were safe and home by 10pm Sunday night...grateful for our safety and the good times we shared.

What has your outlook been lately?

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Five on Friday: Flight >>>>>

One:  This past Saturday, my oldest daughter, Mary, and her youngest daughter, Sarah, and I drove to Seaside, Oregon, to spend some time on the beach with some of Mary's women friends from church.  We forgot our kite, but we had barely gotten settled on the sand when folks around us started launching theirs...more than six we counted in flight!  We could hardly see Tillamook Rock Lighthouse through the mist to the south of us; and once on our way back into Portland, Oregon, on Highway 26, we got some fleeting glimpses of Mt. Hood to the east, but the journey was a success.

Two:  At home we have had family and friends gathered around various tables and sometimes a campfire as we enjoyed the fire smoke taking flight above us and chasing away some of the annoying insects, especially mosquitos!

Three: Our fruit is taking a downward flight from laden tree branches and into our hands! Mary has made one apple pie so far, and I have eaten several fresh apples and one scrumptious peach.

Four: We have found several fledglings after their early flights.  This one used a rock as a resting nest for quite some time, and my oldest granddaughter, Hayley, watched in distress as a baby robin tumbled from his nest on the bat box on the garage, and fluttered down into the green lawn garden trailer of the mower below.  Mr. and Mrs. Robin are tending him there and we are staying clear so as not to disturb the process.[ I have been tending to my knitting and crocheting and reading inside :)]

Five:  The flowers are still taking flight toward the sun when it dares to shine. We are excited that the wildflower seeds my youngest son planted are now a lovely patch of Poppies and Daisies and such. We now have a pretty variety of colored Sweet Pea blooms, a first for us, and one Joseph's Coat climbing rose bush is sending branches up to the roof!

Since I plan to be trailer camping with my youngest daughter, Elisabeth and her husband at Cape Lookout State Park on the northern Oregon coast I may not publish a post next week, but thank you Amy for hosting Five on Friday.  I am really enjoying sharing common interests with folks around the world through this link-up format, and am sending my love to anyone who reads this :)

Have you, or things around you, taken flight this past week?

Gracie xx