"I started photographing my domestic world and writing not just about what I had made,
but why I made it, examining the thoughts that accompany creativity and the act of making."
Jane Brocket from The Gentle Art of Domesticity p. 189 UK edition

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving Week!

 As we get ready to celebrate Thanksgiving on Thursday...
 Jason and Mary posted this birth announcement photo of themselves with Sarah on facebook!  We are so thankful that Sarah has safely arrived and has already been decked out with a crocheted hat that G'ma Bev lovingly crocheted with a pretty pink flower on it :)
 We are in the midst of our first big cold snap of the Fall, so I took a photo of the last blossoms on one of the hanging fuchsia plants and brought in most of the geranium plants from the window box to winter inside.
 When I looked at this photo on the computer I laughed when I saw my plastic snowman on the windowsill :)  Rosie had dunked him in my indoor fountain and Mary and I rescued him.  He had been hanging out in a bowl and then one day I perched him on the windowsill to supervise our activities.  Down to the right of the flower pot you can see the last of the sun gold cherry tomatoes I picked to ripen inside...the plant has since been thoroughly frost bitten.
 Last Friday was clear and bright and I got this photo after swimming with Teresa in the pool at the gym off of Burnside and Civic Drive at around 3:30PM.  It still amazes me to see Mt. Hood...from any angle!
 By the time I was almost home after shopping the light had changed so much when I stopped at the corner of Waybill and Orient Drive to take this photo.  You photographer bloggers continue to bring my attention to the difference that light makes in our photos...and I am thinking of your observations more frequently as I point and shoot :)
 Sunday morning at the corner of 212 and 232nd I stopped to get this view of Mt. Hood at about 11:00AM...in a different light setting.
 Then look what I saw as I drove by our pond!  Not only is the pond full of water, but we have some visiting wood ducks!
 As usual they hear me and my zoom lens and swim away leaving me with some interesting views of their tail feathers.
 Last year I started knitting this pumpkin with Taci and I finished knitting it the other day, but still have not felted it.  It will be the first project that I have intentionally felted and I will post the results...eventually. Taci has started a new project for her Etsy shop.  She is selling kits for, and finished, kitchen towels to seasonally decorate our kitchens.  I have bought a kit...I love her designs.
So the pumpkin I have yet to felt is nestled in a basket with the pumpkins and squash I crocheted a few years ago...
and I am nestled with my family and full of thanks as I look at Molly holding her baby doll and Hayley holding her new little sister, Sarah, and my oldest daughter in her Mama Bear T-shirt supervising and Joy taking it all in.  They are protected in the shadows in this photo as they learn more about loving each other.  I loved seeing them and the light coming through our ironed leaves hanging in the window. Sweet and precious times.... I'm wishing you sweet and precious times. Will you tell me some of your stories of happy thanksgiving?


Monday, November 16, 2015

Seeing the Light

Daylight Savings Time just does not seem to save much daylight to me!  However, as our family dashed around turning on lights from room to room as Autumn days slid by, in quick succession, we celebrated three family birthdays in candlelight. This year our family friend Annie made and presented my oldest granddaughter Hayley with her 8th birthday cake which was in the shape of a very cute ladybug.
With variegated nylon ribbon yarn, I crocheted Hayley a little art project bag filled with a coloring book and a box of colored pencils.  The day after I gave it to Hayley I heard urgent shouts from her parents, "Joy, stop!"  I feared the worst, but discovered that the urgent voices were thankfully not due to a matter of life or death. Joy had just been slinging the art bag around and it began to unravel.  Mercy! It did not take me long to single crochet it back into shape, but this time I did more than weave the end back and forth!
Frequently I have been awakening to see gray skies, and fewer and fewer green and golden leaves on our massive wild cherry tree outside my window.
Water droplets clinging to the branches is a wonderful sight, sparkling, reflecting light...promising the end of our days of drought, as rain fills our ponds for water fowl to float upon and dive under to find food, and frogs to wiggle and leap through their life cycle.
The weather has not only been conducive to stitching on various projects and reveling in the rain, but has also encouraged me to enjoy all sorts of reading, including some of the writings of Catherine de Hauck Doherty, who was born in pre-Communist Russia. She was a wealthy woman of title who then became an impoverished political refugee.  She earned her way back into wealth in Canada and the United States, then gave up her wealth for living in the light of her faith in God, serving Him by caring for the poor.  
Little Rosie my youngest granddaughter recently celebrated her second birthday!  We had a joyous celebration!  In our world too often darkened with destruction, we care for those whose lives are impacted by that destruction and are investing in seeing and being light that dispels it with love.


Saturday, November 7, 2015

Winner of "knit purl pray" is...

Thank you to all who expressed an interest in winning a copy of the book "knit purl pray" by Lisa Bogart.  

Heather, owner of the blog At Home on the Meadows  is the winner!

Please send me your mailing address, Heather, and I will mail you the book asap :)  grayseasailor at gmail .com

Happy weekend to you all!  I am working on crocheting a present for my oldest granddaughter...and maybe I will have some time to stitch on some of the projects I posted about yesterday.

It is raining down in the valley here in Boring, Oregon, so I expect that even more snow than I showed you in yesterday's post, will be falling on Mt. Hood this weekend!  I love this time of year :)


Friday, November 6, 2015

Winter Project Link Party At Thistlebear: November

 I am so excited that Jennifer organized this Link Party, and I decided to try to participate!  After a month I can see that I am making progress on my three main projects. In fact, I got out my measuring tape and measured the width of my blue Super Blanket.  The finished width is supposed to be 56" and I have 26" inches completed so far :)  That means I am almost half way done!  Woohoo!  The blanket is big enough now that it helps keep me warm when I am working on it.
 Keeping warm is becoming more important to me as the weather is sliding from Fall toward Winter and I am noticing more and more snow on Mt. Hood when it peeks out under the clouds.  It is sporting a thicker and thicker blanket of glorious white snow. [I stopped at 232nd and 212 to snap these photos on the way home from a meeting Nov. 6th]
When I tried on my Ruby Shawl  today the tip of the shawl is at my waist so I will soon start crocheting the ruffle. It will be wonderful when the shawl can keep my shoulders warm instead of my lap :)

The baby blanket I am knitting had a bit of set back when I had to rip out some rows this week, but it is getting bigger.

How are your projects coming along?

Cheering you on,
Gracie xx 

Friday, October 30, 2015

knit purl pray...creativity explored...

Weeks ago, I was sent an email from a representative of Worthy Publishing, asking if I would be interested in receiving then reading a copy of Lisa Bogart's book, "knit purl pray," then publish a review in my blog. I replied, "Yes!"  Interestingly, before I received my copy from Worthy Publishing, a friend sent me a copy of Lisa's book as a gift! I immediately started reading it and found an entry "Gifts to Share" that seemed perfect to read to the members of a new daytime knitting/crocheting group I was organizing to stitch blankets for babies who are admitted to a local NICU. This past week during our first meeting I read "Gifts to Share" to our new group, and the ladies agreed that it was a message that was perfect for us.

 As you can see from the subtitle of the book, it contains 52 Devotions for the Creative Soul.  While one could savor a devotion each week, I rapidly read each entry with writing this review in mind...before the end of October, since the book went on sale this month of October.  I am excited to see that after the last devotion there are four interesting knitting patterns to make as well!

Each entry begins with a quote from the Bible, and ends with a simple prayer.  While Lisa writes from her stance as a follower of Christ, her choice of words is not burdensome.  Instead, through timely examples Lisa invites the reader to consider how human creativity is linked to relationship with the loving Three in One,God: the Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ the Son and the Holy Spirit.

Using familiar knitting terms and creative scenarios, Lisa weaves faith through her words which evoked both laughter and tears from me.  In a fresh way I found myself viewing knitting and other creative pursuits as gifts from God that can be used to honor Him and help others.

Happily, I can recommend Lisa's book "knit purl pray" as one that both encourages readers to positively use their creativity while growing in positive relationship with God.

I received a copy of " knit purl pray" from Worthy Publishing this week and would love to offer it as a giveaway from my blog, One Saylor's Log, since my friend sent me a copy of the book, as well.  Just leave a comment saying you would like to have your name included in my drawing.  I will draw a winner on November 7, 2015, and be happy to send it to whoever wins.

Thank you Worthy Publishing for gifting me with a book I enjoyed and am delighted to recommend and share with others; and thank you Lisa for writing 'knit purl pray."

 Another creative pursuit I have followed this past week is ironing a huge leaf a family member brought home from their walk.
 Now we have two huge leaves ironed and stuck to our dinning room window!
 And since I last posted I got to attend a church worship art group and work on learning to form collages...mine are still too ridged and boxy but very fun to make!
And although we are barely into Autumn, I am amazed to see my two red blossomed Christmas cacti creating blooms :)

What creative plans do you have for the coming weekend?