"I started photographing my domestic world and writing not just about what I had made,
but why I made it, examining the thoughts that accompany creativity and the act of making."
Jane Brocket from The Gentle Art of Domesticity p. 189 UK edition

Thursday, July 29, 2021

Midsummer Crafting

Ahoy from 95F/35C weather near Portland, Oregon, USA!  I know some of you endure hotter temps than that on a routine basis, and I admire your ability to do that when I just want to complain about having to rarely cope with such heat!

July 1, 2021, I needed to supply a headshot jpg to apply for security clearance to potentially work with some students learning to crochet and knit in August so I crafted the above selfie that my phone camera labeled a portrait. When I attached the photo to an email to submit it I noted I did not know how to produce a jpg photo, but would the attached photo be acceptable?  It was!  I was relieved it was and glad that I passed the security clearance a few days later. Sadly for me, the classes were just canceled, though.

Some of you know I am particularly fond of the color purple, sheep, and processing wool.  A young friend saw these socks and sent them to me to enjoy!  Such fun!

This Spring my youngest daughter grew some Birdhouse Gourd seeds under grow lights inside her house and trusted me with this little vine to plant where the Sweet Pea vines had been a month ago.

The triple-digit weather we had at the end of June was very hard on plants, but so far these have survived and I am hoping they will thrive!

One day when the weather was perfect I was able to gather with some friends at a nearby friend's house for a luncheon backyard picnic...a lovely way to craft our friendships! 

On the way home from the picnic I was pleasantly surprised to see Mt. Hood!  The snowpack is quickly melting, but I enjoyed stopping to appreciate the view and craft a photo of it. 

Remember the little Birdhouse Gourd vine my youngest daughter gave me to plant? This is how big it is now at the end of July!

It is fascinating to see the tendrils that grow from vines to help them to climb. I have never grown or processed a gourd to craft it into a birdhouse. Have you ever tried to do that?

This month I have done a little stitching.  I crafted a few more rows on the crocheted baby blanket I am making, and I finished knitting this little Grandma's Dishcloth. Have you been stitching?

When I see Mt. Hood I often think of the Psalmist's observation:
"I look up to the mountains- does my help come from there?  My help comes from the LORD, who made heaven and earth!
Psalm 121:1-2NLT

Blessings and ((hugs)),

Gracie :)


Tuesday, June 29, 2021

Crafting Blog Relaunch June 2021

Thanks for checking out this Saylor's Log today!  I launched this blog a little over ten years ago in search of creative expression and shared adventures in the crafting blog community.  I was especially interested in exploring fiber crafts, faith, and watercolor painting and I still am.  This past year I have been given three painted rocks from local friends and during the month of June, the rock pictured above arrived in the mail!  Through Zoom I have been meeting monthly with a group of ladies for a little over a year, and texting daily with them in-between Zoom meetings.  I mentioned admiring a rock my mother painted over fifty years ago that my older sister now has.  Our mom painted a little sailboat sailing on the ocean so my Zoom friend surprised me by painting a little sailboat sailing on the ocean and then sent it from Florida to Oregon so that I could have it! It is on the table beside my favorite chair in the living room...such an incredibly thoughtful and generous gift I so appreciate.

During June I have made some progress on the simple double crochet stitched acrylic baby blanket I started months ago, and I have started knitting another Grandma's Dishcloth...simple stitches I so enjoy crafting!  Are you stitching anything?

During record-breaking !!! heat in June, in the Portland, OR area, I used frozen blue ice packs in a bowl in front of a fan directed toward me for AC. Cool crafting!!! 

During June, my rose bush produced lovely little fragrant roses for me to craft into bouquets and arrange on my kitchen windowsill before the days of scorching heat arrived.

In June, for the first time in a year and a half, my condo community was able to gather together outside...crafting our neighborly skills!

These neighbor's flowers were such a delight to enjoy... an old-fashioned rose scent!  This June I have been experimenting with crafting some essential oils in a dollar store diffuser.  Do you have a favorite combination of essential oil scents and a favorite type of diffuser?

This neighbor's beautiful rose reminded me of my dear blogging friend Teresa who I typed about in my last post. Through the years of our friendship, Teresa encouraged me to craft my blog and continue even while seeing stormy seas from my widow's walk...so here I am typing to you...feeling the need to relaunch One Saylor's Log.  I just reread what I typed in my About page years ago and it seems fitting to reprint it here...

Now more a spyglass than part of a set of binoculars, I am freshly exploring how I can best use the B.A. in Speech-Communications I earned from SJSU in 1975. Typing this log for you to read seems to me to be a part of the answer for this season of my sailing; and as you read, I hope you have a Bon Voyage!

                                                   Jeremiah 29:11-13 NIV
                                       For I know the plans I have for you,”                                          declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and                                     not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a                               future. 12Then you will call on me and come and                         pray to me, and I will listen to you. 13You will seek me                                 and find me when you seek me with all your heart."

Saturday, May 8, 2021

Remembering Teresa Kasner


It is so difficult to accept that dear Teresa passed away in a hospital Thursday afternoon, May 6, 2021, after a short unexpected illness.

Her beautiful photographs brought her blog to my attention about ten years ago.  As I got to know her through her blog I was amazed to learn that she lived very close to me and I am very grateful we met and grew a precious friendship, swimming many laps in various pools side by side through the years.  

Teresa's artistry in various mediums attracted the admiration of many. Her great administrative ability benefited many organizations she served. Her deep affection for family, friends, and country nurtured many as well. Her sense of adventure led her to sail on the sea and on wonderful Waldo Lake and encouraged many to appreciate how precious and beautiful life is.

Teresa's wordsmithing ability entertained and informed and challenged those who read what she wrote...and what fun I had regularly playing Scrabble or Words with Friends with her...even though more frequently than not Teresa was the winner!

As we miss Teresa so very much, may the Lord help us honor her life as we love one another, and fill the world with love and beauty as she did so generously.

Edited May 27, 2021

Teresa's Family posted a Memorial video on YouTube 

Friday, April 30, 2021

Showers of April Crafting

This peachy-colored Sweet Pea bloom appeared in the first week of April out on my back patio. The vine it grew on had been buried under a huge snowdrift in February! Such beautiful determination deserved my admiration and care.  In earnest, I looked for a sturdier trellis than the wooden one I had used last year.  My youngest daughter spotted one she thought would work in a store near her. I drove to the store and agreed.  I bought a trellis for each of the two planters I have on the back patio.

On the way home from the store I saw one of my favorite views of Mt. Hood.  There is a plant nursery shown below Mt. Hood in this photo.  I have shopped there but resisted stopping there that day.  I was eager to get home and construct the trellises around the planters.

By God's grace, I was able to follow the wordless sketched assembly instructions.  In this case, a picture really was worth a thousand words!  The metal trellises surround the planters and should be a stable support for the Sweet Pea vines on the left and the Clematis vines on the right.

A few weeks ago Teresa inspired me to start knitting some more Grandma's Dishcloths.  In her post she showed the dishcloth she was knitting for her friend, Shirley.  I knit this little one for a dear friend who just had her 85th birthday.

I knit this one for a friend who has red as an accent color in her kitchen.  She is also fond of pink, so I hope she will enjoy using this...a simple gift stitched with loving thoughts of her.

This dishcloth flew off my knitting needles on the West Coast USA and landed safely on the East Coast USA to help my since kindergarten friend celebrate her 70th birthday.

Showers of blooms have been bursting out around me!  Currently, these Bleeding Heart blossoms by my front step are my favorite.  In our neighborhood, we have Azalea bushes blooming in red, pink, lavender, purple, white, yellow, and orange.  There are also Dogwood trees blooming in pink and white, Magnolias in pink and white, and Cherries in pink and white.  What varieties of blooms do you have around you in your season of Spring?

 In this last week of April, some of the ladies at church brought the beautiful crafting from their hands to gift folks who are patients at a nearby hospital.  While our focus has been producing blankets and hats for babies who spend time in the NICU, some of the ladies have been knitting and crocheting larger blankets that have been given to older children who have had to be in the ER.  The church also received a thank you note from a Hospice patient who found comfort in the blanket given to her from the ones the ladies made in the last collection of blankets we donated.  The hospital volunteer coordinator said that especially in this last year since hospital visitors have been so limited, they have been glad to have the homemade gifts to give to patients to encourage their healing...which encourages us to know as well!

Have you been enjoying showers of crafting in your life?

Gracie ((hugs)) 😃

In everything give thanks for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you.                               I Thessalonians 5:18

Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Marching into Spring Crafts 2021


While the southern hemisphere is simmering in warm summer temps, the weather around me near Portland, Oregon, USA, is working its way from Winter to Spring. If you saw my February post you saw unusual drifts of snow on my patio!  It was challenging, and I think I admire the snow I see on Mt. Hood in this picture more!  This view is from Jonsrud viewpoint in Sandy, OR, which is about ten miles from my condominium community. Can you imagine how difficult it must have been for folks to navigate this terrain in covered wagons?  To recharge the battery on my modern covered wagon [mini-van] since the car sits still for so many days I drove to the viewpoint after picking up groceries on March 3rd.

 During the first part of March, I finished crocheting this little baby blanket.  Unfolded it is about 24" x 27."

Then I started crocheting this little blanket. The yarn for the last blanket and this one is from the stash of my dear friend, Ellen, who did not survive heart surgery several months ago.  Somehow working with her yarn that her family gave me, now helps me celebrate our friendship and prompts good memories for me of our time together while I miss her.

Midway through the month of March, my Shamrock (Oxalis) Plant helped me celebrate St. Patrick's Day.  I saw an interesting program on TV that mentioned that Patrick used the Shamrock to help explain how God is One in three persons: Father, Son Jesus Christ, Holy Spirit.

One of the first signs of Spring for me was the appearance of these pretty purple Hyacinths by my front doorstep...such a strong sweet scent~~~

Last Saturday was so mild and lovely I spent much of the afternoon out on the sunny patio repotting, Pansies, Dianthus, and Primroses.  Have you spent time gardening lately?

Palm Sunday afternoon a young friend kindly shepherded me to and from the Convention Center to get the first dose of Covid-19 Pfizer vaccine. When we got back to her car in the parking garage, she offered me a reward of a doughnut for our efforts. Then even though I did not eat one she asked me to let her get a photo of the event.  When I looked at the photo later it looked to me like I had a white turtleneck on under my sweater, until I realized I was looking at my face mask I had pulled down for the photo (although she kept her face mask on!)

There was wind-driven rain on the way back to my house, and I felt bad my young friend had such poor driving conditions when heading home to her house although she was very gracious and brave about the challenge.

 At around 7pm the electricity went off in our neighborhood and I decided to crawl into bed early.  When the lights came back on at around 10:30pm I woke up long enough to turn them off before going back to a grateful sound sleep.

Have you Marched into any Spring crafting?

Gracie ((hugs))