"I started photographing my domestic world and writing not just about what I had made,
but why I made it, examining the thoughts that accompany creativity and the act of making."
Jane Brocket from The Gentle Art of Domesticity p. 189 UK edition

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Five on Friday: Flight >>>>>

One:  This past Saturday, my oldest daughter, Mary, and her youngest daughter, Sarah, and I drove to Seaside, Oregon, to spend some time on the beach with some of Mary's women friends from church.  We forgot our kite, but we had barely gotten settled on the sand when folks around us started launching theirs...more than six we counted in flight!  We could hardly see Tillamook Rock Lighthouse through the mist to the south of us; and once on our way back into Portland, Oregon, on Highway 26, we got some fleeting glimpses of Mt. Hood to the east, but the journey was a success.

Two:  At home we have had family and friends gathered around various tables and sometimes a campfire as we enjoyed the fire smoke taking flight above us and chasing away some of the annoying insects, especially mosquitos!

Three: Our fruit is taking a downward flight from laden tree branches and into our hands! Mary has made one apple pie so far, and I have eaten several fresh apples and one scrumptious peach.

Four: We have found several fledglings after their early flights.  This one used a rock as a resting nest for quite some time, and my oldest granddaughter, Hayley, watched in distress as a baby robin tumbled from his nest on the bat box on the garage, and fluttered down into the green lawn garden trailer of the mower below.  Mr. and Mrs. Robin are tending him there and we are staying clear so as not to disturb the process.[ I have been tending to my knitting and crocheting and reading inside :)]

Five:  The flowers are still taking flight toward the sun when it dares to shine. We are excited that the wildflower seeds my youngest son planted are now a lovely patch of Poppies and Daisies and such. We now have a pretty variety of colored Sweet Pea blooms, a first for us, and one Joseph's Coat climbing rose bush is sending branches up to the roof!

Since I plan to be trailer camping with my youngest daughter, Elisabeth and her husband at Cape Lookout State Park on the northern Oregon coast I may not publish a post next week, but thank you Amy for hosting Five on Friday.  I am really enjoying sharing common interests with folks around the world through this link-up format, and am sending my love to anyone who reads this :)

Have you, or things around you, taken flight this past week?

Gracie xx

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Five On Friday: Teamwork!

Whether we realize it or not, we need each other!  To grow, to work, or play, we need each other to thrive.  As I thought about my Friday Five this week I was impressed by how my week reflected the teamwork needed for me to live as happily as I do.

 Our household hosted an outdoor wedding last Saturday!  It was beautiful even though the clouds threatened rain and some sprinkles of rain fell on the outdoor reception.

One:  The Ceremony was held outside my room, near our rock clad chimney.  My four oldest granddaughters were flower girls and ring bearers.

Two: The reception was held at the back of our house.  Our dear family friend, Grantie, was the wedding co-ordinator and rallied the troops to help everything come together in a lovely way. My youngest daughter made her first solo wedding cake which was beautiful and tasty! [vanilla with raspberry filling and garnished with fresh cut roses and sparkling rhinestone  like crystals.]

Three:  Everyone in the household has taken part in gardening in some way.  This past week my youngest daughter spied a huge moth out on our front porch and I had fun getting a photo of it. Our first Sweet Pea blossom opened and is very fragrant!  The Hollyhock blossoms are amazing us as they open, the lower blossoms first.

 Four:  Thanks to my good friend, Teresa, I got to see more of Cascade Locks, Oregon, this past week.  We heard the rumble of railroad cars passing by and saw some cars parked on one set of rails.  We enjoyed seeing large stretches of wild Sweet Peas climbing on hillsides, and we saw more sail boats, the paddlewheel cruise ship, the Queen of the West, sailboarders, the Bonneville Dam, the mighty Columbia River, and so much more...then as I drove near home I got another glimpse of Mt. Hood from 302nd Street.

Five: While I was not able to meet Wednesday morning with my stitching friends at church, I did get to crochet a number of rows on the current baby blanket I'm making while I waited at the car dealership for my minivan to have $$$ maintenance. The dealership eventually gave me a ride home and while I was without wheels I enjoyed reading a book written by a retired university Dean in 1944.  Like my wonderful uncle I visited on Cape Cod, Massachusetts, nearly two years ago, the author spent his retirement years on Cape Cod.  His short book is a chatty remembrance of some of those years. It has interesting bits of history and on more than one occasion I found myself laughing out loud as I read.  Even though I moved away from near Boston, Massachusetts when I was nearly five years old, my family has deep New England roots and various family members individually and teamed together, helped me appreciate the life investment of my forebears who made it possible for me to live in the USA. Although the book is written towards the end of World War II and reflects some of the danger of that time, the message of the book for me had more to do with the resilience of man over time...in spite of disasters and discord. Two quotes are memorable to me. First he quoted, "...Glenn Frank once said when he was president of the University of Wisconsin,...Education is endless.  A true education registers men at the cradle and graduates them at the grave." [p.131] Then he concluded that chapter, "We who are in the fullness of life can now begin to fathom the depth of what Robert Browning wrote in his Rabbi Ben Ezra:

     Grow old along with me!
     The best is yet to be,
     The last of life for which the first was made:
     Our times are in His hand
     Who saith, 'A whole I planned,
     Youth shows but half; trust God; nor be afraid'.  [p.136]

Amy, thanks once more for hosting Five on Friday.  I am enjoying participating and getting to know others who are participating as well!

Have you found yourself appreciating teamwork this past week?


Thursday, July 7, 2016

Five on Friday: Fun!

Have you had fun this past week?  I hope so!  Since I last checked in with you, I am grateful to realize that I have had a lot of fun and want to share some of it with you in this post.

One:  On July 4th we gathered with family and friends at a home on the Clackamas River close by to celebrate the birth of the USA.  The kids had great fun in a little bouncy house, some went swimming, some played crochet, some played with various flying objects, there was yummy food and the evening ended with watching fireworks.

Two:  On Wednesday Teresa and I drove up the Columbia River Gorge.  We loved seeing the blue sky, wild flowers, and some sailboats that members of the youth Sailing Foundation had been racing.  We had good hamburgers for lunch and were able to swim at the gorgeous Bonneville Spa pool for an hour.

Three:  Mount Hood peaked out from under clouds as I drove around our area during the week.  The first view is off of Highway 212 in the Damascus area. The second view is zoomed in from 302nd street near our home.

Four: It was very exciting to me to see our Holly Hock start to bloom this past week! The magenta blooms are so pretty and bouquets of Joseph's Coat roses are amazing. Our generous neighbor brought us lots of Marionberries! They are delicious!

Five:  We are hosting a wedding at our house this Saturday and I have been experimenting making napkin rings with Martha Stewart Glitter Eyelash, just single crocheting around rings.  One of the ladies in my Wednesday morning stitching group showed me a sock she is making on 9inch circular needles...another project I want to try :)  She also uses size 3 knitting needles to knit dish/wash cloths with size 3 HH Lizbeth cotton thread and I have started one.

I am also having fun joining in with Amy's Love Made My Home blog Link up and visiting bloggers from around the world.

What have you been doing for fun?


Thursday, June 30, 2016

Five On Friday: Tidying

 As I join in with Amy's Five on Friday, blog link up, I realize that my past week has had a fair amount of focus on tidying [much to my amazement!].  I love homemaking, but tend to have a lot of dust catching clutter that I try to store and display artfully.  At their kindest, friends and family members have told me that I create a "cozy" environment! This past week my tidying has fallen conveniently into five areas.
One:  In order to work on art projects and attend my once a month worship art group in a nearby church I have my art supplies in a rolling bag, on two shelves in a bookcase, and most recently in a little basket under this table by my favorite chair. This past Saturday I filled my rolling bag to take my supplies to the art group where we worked on creating the profile view of a face. My lady looked very mean so a couple more experienced artists there did some erasing and replacing of my lines explaining how they would soften her expression...then I tried again... but she still looks a bit grumpy and cold to me.
 Two:  After coming home and putting away my art supplies I started searching for some short circular knitting needles to try a new to me method of sock knitting.  One thing led to another and over the next few days my sock yarns, circular needles, sock patterns and lap looms got organized into this basket to the left of the fireplace.  I also got my acrylic and cotton yarns regrouped...some in baskets to the right of the fireplace and in other baskets around the room. The pair of socks on the book in the picture above are my favorite of the few pairs I have knit, and I want to knit many more pairs.
 Three:  In the midst of my fiber tidying I started to look for this book that I started weeks ago and had loaned to my youngest daughter.  She returned the book and I have been organizing my stacks and shelves of books to keep the book close at hand so that I can finish reading it and learn more about how a good shepherd cares for his sheep and how that care can help one understand the depth of God's care for human beings as described in Psalm 23.  It is interesting!
 Four:  Besides pulling some weeds here and there as I tidied the garden this week, I also guided the Sweet Pea tendrils up the trellis, and planted four Zinnias I bought at the grocery store.

Five:  Also at the grocery store, I bought an inexpensive bouquet of Dahlia's, my first of the season, and early this year, I think.  I enjoy seeing them sitting in the cobalt blue vase on the beautiful doily my mom crocheted years ago.
         I also got some tidying done on the front porch where I reorganized some gardening supplies.  My youngest son in law manned the water hose and helped me move the blue lawn chairs out onto the gravel driveway so that I could scrub the chairs with a brush.  After the chairs were dry we put them back on the porch with fresh rose printed material pillows on them so they are ready for you to come visit and try them out!
        While I may not be able to tidy up many of the troubling circumstances in the world around me, I am trying to share as much love as I can, and am in fact sending you my love if you are reading this.

        Is it just me, or have you found yourself  focused on tidying, too?


Thursday, June 23, 2016

Five on Friday: Knock! Knock!

Thank you to all who visited my last post and special thanks to those who took the time to comment so that we can type back and forth and get to know each other better :)

Once more I am joining Amy's Five on Friday Link Up.

ONE: My youngest son, Tim, and I witnessed the following exchange out in front of our house this past week.
Knock! Knock!
Who's there?
Just me, Dear! 

TWO: Exploring a new way home from church on Sunday I saw the following.....
Headed East to Mt. Hood on Kelso Road, Boring, Oregon 
Raspberries growing on Leopold Farms
Mountain View Club House across from Leopold Farms
Mountain View Golf Course across from Leopold Farms
Do you see the mascot guarding Leopold Farms' berry stand?

THREE:  From Boring, Oregon, I drove about eight miles to Sandy, Oregon, to check out their Farmer's Market, and bought some apricots.
Sandy, Oregon, Farmer's Market, Centennial Plaza                       
FOUR:  On Monday Teresa drove us across the mighty Columbia River to swim in a beautiful, warm, mineral pool. If you haven't already, I hope you visit her post and enjoy her account of our adventure.  Just click on her name to visit her post. Besides the lovely weather, water and setting, the resort played soothing floaty type music so that I came away feeling I had the best hour's swim in my 65 years of life!
From the entrance to Bonneville Hot Springs Resort and Spa
Grand living room at the resort
A carved bench in the pool courtyard
The mighty Columbia River Gorge looking south toward Portland
FIVE:  Wednesday morning I got to meet with my knitting/crocheting church friends to work on the crocheted baby blanket I am making.  Of the acrylic baby yarn I have used to make baby blankets, Deborah Norville's Premier Serenity Baby yarn is my favorite.  It is incredibly soft worsted weight.
           Usually I have a dishcloth on a set of needles...this time another purple one in Paton's cotton.
           My grand girls Joy [4], Molly [6], and Hayley [8] brought me sprigs of Lavender, a Daisy, and a Chive flower from our garden which I have been enjoying on the table beside my favorite chair.
A crocheted baby blanket I am making
Lavender, a Daisy, and a Chive flower with a dishcloth I'm knitting
We had a true and proper rainy day today, Thursday, as I type this and my niece from California just texted me telling me that the UK has voted to leave the European Union!

Change is knocking at the world's door.

May the Lord bless us one and all with good leaders in authority and with His peace in all circumstances.