"I started photographing my domestic world and writing not just about what I had made,
but why I made it, examining the thoughts that accompany creativity and the act of making."
Jane Brocket from The Gentle Art of Domesticity p. 189 UK edition

Saturday, September 22, 2012

One Journal's End

While on a weekend jaunt to the San Francisco Bay Area in California last weekend, I reached the final page of my Reasons to be Cheerful Journal...which, using a Pollyanna philosophy could be a reason to be cheerful, I guess, but left me feeling a bit sad nonetheless.  However, as I have typed before, I am so glad I saw Kate's blog challenge to journal a reason a day one has to feel cheerful!  It was especially good for me do so on the days when I had to ponder at length to recognize a reason :)  I have never tried to illustrate on a consistant basis, either, and doing that pleased the six-year-old within me immensely!  I found I could embrace my primitive style and not worry about whether anyone liked it or not.  I enjoyed the creative process and was grateful for it.  Following are photos of the last pages of my  journal and some glimpses of the sights and folks we saw while traveling.  We traveled many miles and shared many smiles.  What have your days been like?  Remember to leave a comment before September 30, 2012 if you would like a chance to receive my giveaway in celebration of my first year of blogging and in thanks for your visits :)  xxx from Gracie

Friday we drove south from Portland, Oregon, to the golden hills of California and Mt. Shasta.

My oldest daughter and I knit dishcloths along the way.

We stopped at Five Guys for burgers in Redding, California. 
We explored the Sundial Bridge in Redding.

Saturday we celebrated a first birthday!

On Sunday we crossed the Oakland Bay.

We visited dear friends.

Monday we drove back to Portland, past pumpkins, tomato trucks, bales of hay, palm trees, windmills, and olive groves.


  1. Wow, what a super post! Thank you for sharing your journal, it inspired me to start one. I probably have about 100 pages left in mine, so the end is still a long way off. It has become part of my "getting ready for bed" routine where I think about my day.

    Love your photos - what a road trip! Are those trucks really full of pumpkins? How many are there??!! Here in the UK we dont have anywhere near as many pumpkins, which is a shame as I love them.

    I would love to be counted into your blog giveaway if possible but I am in the UK so would understand if not as the postage is getting silly these days.

    Have a wonderful Sunday!


    1. The trucks were full of tomatoes, Helen. It seems to me by the time they get to their destination they would be tomato sauce :) I have seen a few pumpkin patches this fall, but did not realize they are less common in the UK. I will be happy to mail my giveaway anywhere, so you are definitely in the running. I did have a wonderful Sunday! We got to go to a local fiber festival which was both fun and inspiring. I am glad you are enjoying journalling, too. I am thinking of starting another one. Thanks for visiting, Helen :)

  2. That is some trip you took there, and I loved the photo's :) I am sure you will come across another journal that you can continue writing and unleashing your inner 6 year old in!
    Have a great week x x

  3. Great photos! It looks like you all had a great time!
    Here the weather is cold and wet and summer seems a long time ago!
    I kept a journal for our family holiday but I haven't written anything since we got back!

  4. What a collection of photos! I hope you get a new book xxx

  5. Great pictures...great fun....wonderful family!!!
    XO Kris

  6. Looks like you had a wonderful trip!

  7. Hello Grace lovely to read your last entries in your journal - do you think you will start another? Your trip looks wonderful. Visiting Great Grandma made me smile. Phoebe and Ella have been to visit today. Phoebe who is not quite 3 looked at a photo of my mum and said 'Great Nannie' mum would be pleased to know she has remembered her.
    I knit when we are on our various journeys - to visit mum down south, my son and family up north and anywhere else we venture. My last few days have been on the whole quite easy going, very enjoyable though had one or two self doubts.Love Anne x

    1. I am thinking about starting another journal...it is fun...but a discipline! I love that Phoebe remembers Great Nannie...precious memory :) Thanks for visiting Anne! Love from Gracie x

  8. Gracie, you have been so busy and you are right there is much to be Thankful for. I think you must start a new book right away. Love your visit with Teresa and your lovely trip with your family. Thanks for sharing all this love with us.

    1. Thanks for your encouragement, Meredith! I am going to poke around on my bookshelves and see if I can unearth another empty journal that is begging for me to fill it :) I am so pleased you are receiving the love I am sending you!!! xxx from Gracie

  9. I hope you start a new book Gracie...I just love reading your reasons to be grateful! Love the pictures and so happy you got to spend time with the family!
    xoxoxo, Shari!

    1. Thank you for your encouragement, too, Shari! So many things bring cheer to me... and by the way, your blog is one of them! xx from Gracie

  10. Hi Grace, I have seen yr comments on Teresa's blog and thought I would,stop and say hello... Love your pictures and your blog. I think I'm going tostarry a journal tomorrow like yours with daily reasons to be cheerful... I love that :)
    I also live in Oregon and I love it....I hope some day maybe we can meet in person... I was going to meet Teresa maybe at the Flock and FibervFestival, but I had to leave early....
    Looks like you had a wonderful trip.
    So happy I checked your blog. Looks wonderful :)

  11. Thanks for visiting! I am so pleased to know we live close to each other and have common interests to enjoy:)
    I just visited your blog and am going back to read more. I want to understand the meaning of your blog name and see if I can discover your first name :) Your family is lovely and your wonderful fiber work encourages me to keep working on my projects. Looking forward to more visits with you :) Gracie

  12. Really enjoyed the photos of a world so different to ours here. Two of our young guys from church are living in Redding just now at the Bible College for Supernatural ministry.
    Your journal was fun and I liked your Grand childs joke.

  13. Wow Gracie you have done some travelling! My grandparents lived in Redding and we often continued to see other relatives in the Bay Area so as a child I went on that trip many times. But I've never been close up to the new bridge in Redding. I wonder what my Granny would have thought?


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