"I started photographing my domestic world and writing not just about what I had made,
but why I made it, examining the thoughts that accompany creativity and the act of making."
Jane Brocket from The Gentle Art of Domesticity p. 189 UK edition

Thursday, July 29, 2021

Midsummer Crafting

Ahoy from 95F/35C weather near Portland, Oregon, USA!  I know some of you endure hotter temps than that on a routine basis, and I admire your ability to do that when I just want to complain about having to rarely cope with such heat!

July 1, 2021, I needed to supply a headshot jpg to apply for security clearance to potentially work with some students learning to crochet and knit in August so I crafted the above selfie that my phone camera labeled a portrait. When I attached the photo to an email to submit it I noted I did not know how to produce a jpg photo, but would the attached photo be acceptable?  It was!  I was relieved it was and glad that I passed the security clearance a few days later. Sadly for me, the classes were just canceled, though.

Some of you know I am particularly fond of the color purple, sheep, and processing wool.  A young friend saw these socks and sent them to me to enjoy!  Such fun!

This Spring my youngest daughter grew some Birdhouse Gourd seeds under grow lights inside her house and trusted me with this little vine to plant where the Sweet Pea vines had been a month ago.

The triple-digit weather we had at the end of June was very hard on plants, but so far these have survived and I am hoping they will thrive!

One day when the weather was perfect I was able to gather with some friends at a nearby friend's house for a luncheon backyard picnic...a lovely way to craft our friendships! 

On the way home from the picnic I was pleasantly surprised to see Mt. Hood!  The snowpack is quickly melting, but I enjoyed stopping to appreciate the view and craft a photo of it. 

Remember the little Birdhouse Gourd vine my youngest daughter gave me to plant? This is how big it is now at the end of July!

It is fascinating to see the tendrils that grow from vines to help them to climb. I have never grown or processed a gourd to craft it into a birdhouse. Have you ever tried to do that?

This month I have done a little stitching.  I crafted a few more rows on the crocheted baby blanket I am making, and I finished knitting this little Grandma's Dishcloth. Have you been stitching?

When I see Mt. Hood I often think of the Psalmist's observation:
"I look up to the mountains- does my help come from there?  My help comes from the LORD, who made heaven and earth!
Psalm 121:1-2NLT

Blessings and ((hugs)),

Gracie :)



  1. Great post. Mt Hood, very good! You can make that gourd birdhouse . I know it!

  2. Lovely Gracie so good to see Gracie 😀😀 Mt Hood I love that you share just like dear Teresa did ❤😉 I do hope her family are ok. Nice plants too and love those socks.

  3. It's always a joy to read your blog dear Gracie! Your flowers are beautiful. I hope you enjoy your summer and that the heat doesn't become to unbearable. Hugs �� Pat (from lillymycat)

  4. You have found so many wonderful ways to be creative Gracie. Your mountain is spectacular. I have been knitting when I get the chance, it saves my sanity that's for sure. Stay safe in that heat.

  5. So nice to have a visit with you and catch up on what you have been doing! The photo turned out great and hoping soon you will be able to take part with the classes. The mt Hood photo is so pretty! have fun with that gourd growing project!

  6. Delightful post. Impressive view of Mt Hood. Great that you can get together with your friends to craft. It i something I miss considerably but hopefully the social centre here will be open again in September. Such a shame those classes were cancelled Gracie. I imagine crochet classes with you would be really fun. Take care Amanda x

  7. The gourd should definitely do well as long as it gets water every day. I can remember gathering them as a kid in Louisiana where there was a patch of them that grew wild. My friends and I would let them dry and then hollow them out to hide things in. Are you not getting smoke that way from the wildfires that are burning? Nice to see that you are able to craft with friends. I still rarely see anyone here. A couple of good friends have already left the country for good and another crafty friend leaves next month. It's 6:00 p.m. here and 109 F. Our nighttime lows are in the 90's. :( It's also been super humid which just makes the heat extra unbearable. Take care.

  8. A wonderful post of your news. We were hot here too but as you say, some people are just not used to it. The garden ran away with me a bit because I was simply watering it to keep it alive but not really doing anything else.

  9. just WANTED you to know that Ive been thinking of Teresa. the fu11 moon 1ast night seemed to be her smi1ing down at us. It must be terrib1y hard for you


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