"I started photographing my domestic world and writing not just about what I had made,
but why I made it, examining the thoughts that accompany creativity and the act of making."
Jane Brocket from The Gentle Art of Domesticity p. 189 UK edition

Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Marching into Spring Crafts 2021


While the southern hemisphere is simmering in warm summer temps, the weather around me near Portland, Oregon, USA, is working its way from Winter to Spring. If you saw my February post you saw unusual drifts of snow on my patio!  It was challenging, and I think I admire the snow I see on Mt. Hood in this picture more!  This view is from Jonsrud viewpoint in Sandy, OR, which is about ten miles from my condominium community. Can you imagine how difficult it must have been for folks to navigate this terrain in covered wagons?  To recharge the battery on my modern covered wagon [mini-van] since the car sits still for so many days I drove to the viewpoint after picking up groceries on March 3rd.

 During the first part of March, I finished crocheting this little baby blanket.  Unfolded it is about 24" x 27."

Then I started crocheting this little blanket. The yarn for the last blanket and this one is from the stash of my dear friend, Ellen, who did not survive heart surgery several months ago.  Somehow working with her yarn that her family gave me, now helps me celebrate our friendship and prompts good memories for me of our time together while I miss her.

Midway through the month of March, my Shamrock (Oxalis) Plant helped me celebrate St. Patrick's Day.  I saw an interesting program on TV that mentioned that Patrick used the Shamrock to help explain how God is One in three persons: Father, Son Jesus Christ, Holy Spirit.

One of the first signs of Spring for me was the appearance of these pretty purple Hyacinths by my front doorstep...such a strong sweet scent~~~

Last Saturday was so mild and lovely I spent much of the afternoon out on the sunny patio repotting, Pansies, Dianthus, and Primroses.  Have you spent time gardening lately?

Palm Sunday afternoon a young friend kindly shepherded me to and from the Convention Center to get the first dose of Covid-19 Pfizer vaccine. When we got back to her car in the parking garage, she offered me a reward of a doughnut for our efforts. Then even though I did not eat one she asked me to let her get a photo of the event.  When I looked at the photo later it looked to me like I had a white turtleneck on under my sweater, until I realized I was looking at my face mask I had pulled down for the photo (although she kept her face mask on!)

There was wind-driven rain on the way back to my house, and I felt bad my young friend had such poor driving conditions when heading home to her house although she was very gracious and brave about the challenge.

 At around 7pm the electricity went off in our neighborhood and I decided to crawl into bed early.  When the lights came back on at around 10:30pm I woke up long enough to turn them off before going back to a grateful sound sleep.

Have you Marched into any Spring crafting?

Gracie ((hugs))


  1. Hello sweet Gracie! Oh my, it's good to see your post. Your little baby blankets are a wonderful tribute to your dear friend. I'm sure she would be happy to know that you are taking care of some little ones with the yarn. Bless you for doing this.
    I'm so glad you are done with the first shot. My second was a "bit" more painful than the first but 24 hours later I was right as rain. By bedtime last night I could barely move my arm, much more painful than the first. A night of bodyaches, headache and fever followed. I was better when I woke up and by noon was perfectly fine again! It was so worth it to know that I am now protected and therefore others are safer around me. What a miracle modern science is and I'm so grateful that God provided the intelligence to people to make them able to develop this vaccine.
    It was 23F this morning so nowhere near warm enough to plant anything here, even if I were wanting to. I'm thinking of planting a few rose bushes in our backyard at the new house. I hope the sprinkler goes clear to the back mulched area.
    Take care my dear friend. As I told Teresa, I'm heart-broken that I can't come see the two of you before I leave next week. We had wanted to take a trip your way this spring but God had other plans. Mom needs me now and that's most important.
    Love to you my sister in Christ.
    Blessings and hugs,

  2. As always it is delightful to hear from you and to see that you are well. Great also that you have had the first vaccine shot. Unfortunately here in Europe we are totally in the dark about when we will be vaccinated as supplies from the pharmaceutical company have been delayed once again. This makes it a very slow process. Nevertheless we are thankful we in this household are all fine. Such a breathtaking view of Mt Hood covered in snow. We had a tiny little bit of snow on the mountain tops here which is rare but does happen. I posted photos of this on my last post taken from the beach. Quite a peculiar combination of the sunny beach and snow in the background :-) I so know how you feel where you comment on using your friend's yarn. I feel the same when I use the yarn my mother left behind for me. I think of her when I use it ...happy memories. I didn't know about that legend related to St.Patrick and the shamrock. Interesting! keep well Amanda x

  3. It is a beautiful countryside where you live! Such different views than from my FL home! I think it is so nice for you to use your friend's yarn...I would appreciate the connection, too.

  4. Nice Mt. Hood photo!! I see it once in awhile when driving on over pass going to town. Hope to see it when I go to tulip farm mid April. Tickets to get in the farm are online only! Sorry for the loss of your friend and kind of family to give you the basket and yarn for you to use. No fun losing a friend. I did a few years ago as Laura died from brain cancer. I need to repot a few plants and put some in ground. Ones in ground later since we are getting a roof repaired and one new roof on garage. Some damage from ice storm in Feb. I am enjoying the warmer weather we have this week. I am working on page coloring and continue knitting and finish a quilt for granddaughter finally. Have a blessed Easter!!! Hugs!

  5. Always great to see you Gracie and great you have had covid jab. Not for us yet just flu jabs. Lovely pics and love where you live xoxo

  6. What a wonderful tribute to your friend to work on her yarn. Not a lot of effort made as yet in the garden, the weather has not been good but I am hopeful for the weekend. I am still working on little gifts to donate to our local Church for doorstep blessings around the area. It has been such a lift for some. Have a blessed Easter.

  7. Hi Gracie, nice photo you got at Jonsrud Point. That was nice of your friend's family to give you her yarn so you can turn it in to a thoughtful gift to a new baby and it's family. Our lilacs are budding out nicely, you should come and get a bouquet when they bloom. Your potted flowers look like they are doing very well! I'm glad you got the shot done. Which young friend did such a nice thing to take you there? Very kind. Enjoy Spring over your way! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  8. My poor car doesn't get driven much anymore. I really should take it out more, but I've gotten to where I don't really want to shop and anything I do need I can get within walking distance so I prefer to go on foot for as long as I can. Summer won't be long away now. Last week we had a dust storm and the temperature went up to 98 degrees which was very, very strange. Then a windstorm recently that brought temperatures back to normal again for this time of year. Very sorry to hear about your friend, Ellen. It's lovely that her family passed on her yarn to you to make good use of. Weather in April can be unpredictable here. We had a burst of rain last night that woke me up. Cloudy and blah out there right now. Enjoy your view of Mt. Hood. Such gorgeous countryside around you. Take care.

  9. I am so glad you were able to get your first vaccine Gracie. It is a relief to know that we are all on the right path to getting this pandemic under control. I love your flowers and blanket. Stay safe my friend.

  10. Ahoy there Gracie. Your crochet story is interesting because although I have not used my own families craft supplies I am often given materials from friends and even if I don't know the person who passed, I feel a dedication to make it into something for them. Glad you have had your vaccine. Stay safe and enjoy the flowers. Jo x

  11. I love your little blankets. I notice that in recent times I've been using more variegated yarn, where in the past I didn't like it. I love yours, with all the memories it carries.


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