"I started photographing my domestic world and writing not just about what I had made,
but why I made it, examining the thoughts that accompany creativity and the act of making."
Jane Brocket from The Gentle Art of Domesticity p. 189 UK edition

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Five on Friday: Late Summer Delights

Thanks for stopping by for a visit!  Overall we have been having perfect late summer days since I last posted.  I am cherishing the sunshine knowing that soon our days will be more gray and rainy and I might need you to remind me how delightful I told you the days are now.

With thanks to Amy for hostessing, I am joining in with Amy on Five On Friday, I have five late summer activities to show you some photos of and type to you about. 

One: Canning Apple Butter
While I have not dunked canning jars in and out of boiling water, I have helped a little with trimming fruit before we preserved it.  One day we gathered two of our Crock Pots into my room and we made some Apple Butter using a recipe from our Betty Crocker Cookbook.  Our Apple Butter has no fat in it at all, but is made with apples, water, sugar and spices that lushly perfumed the air in our home.  Mmmmmmm~~~

Two: Tea for Ten
Attending a tea held at my friend Carol's backyard was delightful!  I truly wish you could have attended with me.  There were ten of us there. Through the many years they have lived in their modest home, Carol and her husband have arranged in their yard, plants and seating areas that welcome and embrace you.

 Three: Four Courses, Three Teas
Carol served us four courses: Sorbet, Scones, Salad and Sandwiches, then Cookies, Tarts, and Fudge. The three flavors of tea were Lavender Tulsi Tea, Chai Spice Black Tea, and Raspberry Earl Black Tea. While I did not try everything, what I had was delicious, and we all enjoyed our time together.  I learned that Carol had made the vases out of pickle jars and covered the jars with river rocks...organic and lovely.

Four: Artistic Garden Planning
Carol and her husband are self taught gardeners.  Through the years they visited garden centers in each season of the year.  They picked plants in each season that pleased them so that throughout the year their garden has colorful highlights hugged by various textures of green.  Carol is a self taught artist as well, and particularly enjoyed making garden mosaics on stepping stones, birdhouses, benches and water fountains.  She also imprinted a very large leaf on a piece of concrete and tucked it under some bushes which is a delight for one's eyes to spy.

Five: Across the Columbia River in Washington State
It has been a great blessing for me to ride across the Columbia with my dear friend, Teresa.  We love stopping at various parks to enjoy the view. Yesterday it was pleasantly windy, and we enjoyed watching the kitesurfers sailing on the water and in the air.

Rain is supposedly headed our way in the next few days which will make the plants happy, and me too, because I do like the rain even if I do eventually fuss about prolonged periods of gray skies.

Whatever your weather may be, what is bringing you delight...or challenge?



  1. Such an uplifting post, the five late summer pursuits are wonderful. Your friend certainly has a beautiful garden and those little touches were a delight. The afternoon tea sounded stunning one of my favourite treats. Take care.

  2. The apple butter you made sounds delicious and fragrant too. Your friend's garden looks wonderful and the tea she provided sounds very tasty with a great choice to suit all tastes:)

  3. What a delight your friend's garden is , idyllic setting for afternoon tea! Love the windsurfer photos, wish I was by the water right now (and I don't mean the puddles outside !!

  4. Lovely five Gracie! Your friends garden reminds me of my husbands garden when he lived in Portland. The weather looks picture perfect! Have a lovely weekend. x

  5. That tea sounds nice! Thanks for the photos ♥


  6. The Apple butter sounds delicious! And, what a lovely afternoon you spent at the tea party. Their garden is so lovely. Take care dear Gracie! Pat xx

  7. Delight in the nice nearly fall weather. I've got apples to process as well for applesauce. I dug out old food from my freezer and was able to get it out to the garbage before the garbage man came today. I really needed that and I garnered two tupperware pieces again! Your tea time sounded lovely! Looking forward to the Gorge area in a few weeks! Happy and blessed day to you, my friend, Gracie!

  8. I have always wanted a lovely garden like your friend has, with little places to sit and relax, how lovely. I enjoyed your five today, thanks for sharing,


  9. Hello Sweet Gracie! It sounds like your life is full of fun and sweetness. The apple butter sounds delicious and the tea with friends does too! You know how I feel about your time with Teresa. Oh so much fun! You, my dear friend, always, always find the blessings and joys in each day and I'm trying to be more like you. You are my role model! Have a lovely weekend and stay dry if the rain arrives. :-)

  10. That was an outdoor garden delight. I would have loved to have had tea there! Jo x

  11. You capture late Summer in your corner of the world so well in your beautiful photos. A garden tea party with such a creative and gracious hostess is a treat. How good to be able to cross the water, visit parks and take in wonderful views with your friend for company! An uplifting post. Wishing you a good day.

  12. The apple butter sounds delicious and I can almost smell the delicious aroma from the preparations etc.
    Your friend's garden is a delight. What a scrumptious tea!!
    I love the vases and the leaf that she made - so talented.
    It is Saturday morning here, we are taking it very easy and I am enjoying catching up with all I have missed. A lot cooler her this morning but I don't mind. Apart from a very cold, rainy cold day I am happy with the weather - though don't enjoy extreme heat either, Take care Gracie. Hugs Anne x

  13. Hello Gracie; the rain you mentioned came in the night to Vancouver Island. It's now afternoon and the rain has abated although the skies continue heavy and grey. What a delightful tea party you enjoyed in your friend's garden. The menu sounds delicious!

  14. Your apple butter sounds delicious, I love the smell of apples and cinnamon - so Autumnal! Your friend's garden looks beautiful and the hidden stone is such a fabulous feature. The party looks gorgeous and her pickle jars are so pretty- she is very talented. It sounds like you have had a lovely week, I hope your weekend is just as good!

    Thank you for your comment on my post, I cannot imagine what it must have been like in New York on that terrible day. A fireman, who was there on the day was our guide on the Memorial walk, he was amazing and his story reduced me to tears more than once. It was the day the world changed! Take care xx

  15. I'm late to comment.. I was off adventuring again yesterday! I'm soooOOOoo glad we did as it's raining today and may not stop until Spring. :-) Your apple butter making sounds so good.. my great grandpa was famous for his. And that TEA! Wow.. what a garden and menu.. you're so lucky to have been a guest. I loved the day we spent together on Wednesday.. hoping for another fun time next week. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  16. I wish I had been with you at Carol's too, it sounds delightful. You are such a blessing Gracie I am glad you are spoiled with such wonderful friends.

  17. We've had rain heavy rains last week which were definitely a challenge to, it is lovely to see your glorious autumn days, I loved Carol's gorgeous birdhouse and your tea for ten looks a wondrous affair - happy days!
    Wren x

  18. Apple butter sounds wonderful! I will have to try it as I have a bumper crop of apples this year. How wonderful to be invited to the tea in your friend's beautiful garden. Lovely views of the 'Mighty Columbia'. The water is so gloriously blue! Happy first days of Autumn! xx Karen

  19. Nice photos! I just love that tablecloth ♥


  20. I keep loosing my comment, let me try again. I love the photos you shared with us. I have always wanted to attend a tea party and the one you went to looks as though it was just perfect. So much fun. :) Ohhhh and apple butter, gosh, that is so yummy. Hope you have a lovely day. :)

  21. What a fabulous home your friends have created, and such a wonderful gathering to celebrate friendship. When we appreciate our surroundings and find joy everywhere we look, what else could we ask for?

  22. PS - I love apple butter... yum!!!

  23. I would have to say the weather here has been delightful! It was 85 degrees today, and though we were rather hot, it is so nice to have a late summer! I love it!! Glad you are enjoying good weather as well.

    Your apple butter sounds good. My mom made and canned some apple sauce this year. Like you, I kept my help in the peeling and coring department. It's a good job.

    The tea for ten looks wonderful! They do have a lovely yard, and I like how they planned their gardens for many seasons. I think I should have planted two more of my usual late summer flowers--marigolds and dahlias. I am sort of missing them now, but I was delighted to see my one of my irises (Which usually only blooms in the spring) is blooming again! What a wonderful surprise. And my red and purple salvia are trooping still trooping their colors gorgeously. I rescued them in the late spring/early summer when they were on sale at a local store...and am I ever glad I did. They're making sure it's a decision I never will regret.

    Love your shots of the river. Thanks for posting this awesome update.


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