"I started photographing my domestic world and writing not just about what I had made,
but why I made it, examining the thoughts that accompany creativity and the act of making."
Jane Brocket from The Gentle Art of Domesticity p. 189 UK edition

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Five on Friday: Autumn is Falling !

What season in your life are you welcoming?  Here near the base of Mount Hood near Portland, Oregon, I am celebrating the official arrival of Autumn!  With thanks to Amy at Love Made My Home, I am joining in  her Five on Friday link and I hope you will enjoy visiting some of the others who are doing the same.  Just click on Love Made My Home on the right sidebar or click on Amy's name to connect with others' posts; and here are my five for the week.

A tree by our front pond is the first around us to don orange-red-yellow leaves and all of a sudden there are enough dried leaves on the ground my older granddaughters went outside today to try to rake up a pile of leaves to jump in.

I brought out an autumnal tablecloth and some Fall decorations I have used for several years.  I knit one pumpkin and crocheted several others and a gourd.  The big yellow Maple leaf on the right of the basket I brought in from outside today.  My youngest son, Tim, has been successfully salmon fishing.  Tonight he made salmon cakes for us and we sat at the table to enjoy eating them.

At this time of year it seems I have an extra challenge trying to discourage spiders from weaving luxurious webs inside.  I have been wielding various dusters in battle.  Today I used some orange oil on the sea chest and rearranged some yarn and dishcloths, and acorns and Oak leaves on the chest after raising a cloud of dust while dusting.

This afternoon by my favorite chair I fixed some Pumpkin Spice tea and enjoyed it while recovering from inhaling the cloud of dust I had raised.   While sitting in my favorite chair this past week I tried my hand at making an arrangement of acorns and painting a watercolor painting of them.  Then just from my imagination I tried to make a painting of a bunch of radishes. I still have not got the hang of making shadows in proper places, but I am having fun trying.

It is definitely getting darker earlier these days, and I have been enjoying my little electric fire in the fireplace again.  The other evening I even was inspired to find my Ruby shawl and crochet some more on it.  Do you think I will finish it this Fall?  I know it is risky, but I hope you will cheer me on to to complete it before another Autumn falls!



  1. The autumn here in the Southern Finland looks pretty similar to your first photo. The maples are turning bright orange - beautiful.
    Have a lovely weekend.

  2. Morning Gracie, Fall certainly has moved into your neighbourhood the turning leaves are beautiful. Good luck with Ruby, I'm sure this Autumn will see her completed!
    bon weekend

  3. I noticed a slight tinge on some trees when we were in the north west a couple of weeks ago. It won't be long now till they all start turning. I've had lots of blackberries from the local hedgerows, stewed up with apples. And this morning our heating came on for the first time since last winter! It's o a thermostat, so it lights up automatically when the temperature outside drops low enough. Autumn is here!
    Your home looks lovely and cosy, and ready for the season.

  4. Hi Gracie. Your home looks very cosy, I'd love to snuggle up in your house and wait out winter. I love the turn of late summer into early autumn. x

  5. The first photo, the changing leaves is do beautiful. Looks like your living space is full of cozy.
    Lovely paintings!Happy Friday to you!

  6. I love all the Fall colours in your home. The nights are drawing in here too and the spiders are determined to cross the threshold but we seem to be holding them at bay. Your ruby shawl is lovely I'm sure you will finish the work on it:)

  7. Haven't turned on our new fireplace yet. Enjoying the hottub though, that our previous owners left us.
    I'll encourage you to work on that RUBY!

  8. Gracie, thank you for sharing your Autumn. Everything down here stays green and I miss the wonderful change of color that you see. I love watercolor and I'm knitting a shawl, too. I usually crochet, but I liked the pattern so I got out the needles. Have a great weekend.

  9. Beautiful autumn pictures! It's still been quite hot in Michigan, but, looking out of my window, I can see that things are changing. The tree in my neighbour's garden is turning colour. Things are supposed to be about a week behind here.

    Happy Five on Friday!

  10. Hi Gracie! I loved every bit of your post. Your home is so cozy and inviting and I remember sitting by your fire having tea with you. You have brought fall into your home so prettily with your paintings and crafting. I miss you my friend, but plans are in the works to come your way the end of October. Will you be home or out traveling?
    Blessings always my friend,

  11. Good luck with your shawl, it really is looking good. Still lovely weather here but chillier in the mornings. I have really enjoyed having this spell of good weather to help get the garden in order and pick out fruit and vegetables. Jo x

  12. Yes we're definitely going into Autumn with the dark evenings and it's a bit cooler but we're going to have some more hot weather this week. I'm looking forward to seeing the colourful leaves take shape.

  13. I so love Autumn. Your table looks so pretty. I like the paintings you made, too. The tree in your yard is beautiful. Our trees are all still green, but we live in hope that soon the cooler days will visits us and we too might enjoy the lovely splashes of orange and scarlet in our woods. Can I get more info about your Ruby shawl? She looks so warm and yummy laying in your basket just waiting to be worked on. Is this a pattern you designed? Wishing you a day filled with much joy and many blessings. :)

  14. Gracie, you are blessed with a beautiful home and it is looking stunning all ready for the season. I fell in love with your pretty table cloth, the colours are a delight.

  15. Such lovely autumnal moments! I hope you enjoy working on your shawl and perhaps finishing and wearing it! Thank you for joining Five On Friday, lovely to see you, have a good weekend! xx

  16. I very much enjoyed your post today.. so Autumn-y with the tablecloth and pumpkins.. I like the idea of putting them together in a basket.. I might have to try that. I'm so glad you're working on your Ruby shawl.. I think you'd look wonderful with it wrapped around your shoulders this fall. I'm trying to talk myself into going swimming.. my warm cozy chair doesn't seem to want to let go of me. LOL! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  17. Autumn is here as you show in this week's Five on Friday post. You have some lovely mature trees in your garden. I too love to see the leaves change colour. Your room looks cosy and comfortable. I can picture you sitting in your chair enjoying your painting and crocheting. The Ruby Shawl is lovely. The colours are gorgeous.

  18. Autumn here too. Every year I forget how much I love autumn walks. Your shawl looks gorgeous, can't wait to see it finished :)

  19. Autumn is definitely here in our west coast corner of the world. Your colourful shawl will warm your eyes as well as your body. Just lovely. Salmon cakes sound delicious!

  20. Nice to see your Autumn activities in and around the house. Change in weather ensures that we break the monotony in life.

  21. Your autumn photos are lovely. I love these between seasons, that's what I call autumn and spring anyway. Not to hot, not too cold and usually it's lovely out and about in nature. Really the only season I'm not too fond of is winter, then I could join the bears and hibernate for months :)
    Have a good weekend.


  22. Your ruby shawl looks beautiful. Set yourself a target of so much a day, then you'll get it finished. Love the sound of that spiced tea. Have a lovely weekend :) B

  23. Can you send some of your Autumn my way Gracie? It is hot and horrible here and I have to go tidy up my back garden in all this heat. Love all of your work and you wonderful attitude about life.

  24. Such lovely autumnal themes here Gracie! I love all your work...the new shawl colours are just gorgeous. Wishing you a wonderful week ahead.
    Helen xox

  25. Just a warm, beautiful time of year. I always love the table next to your special chair that you set up with hot tea and a candle. Such a cozy spot.
    And, the basket with your shawl-in-progress is so beautifully colorful. I can't wait to see it finished. I love this time year, from the changing leaves to the nip in the air to the lighting of the fireplace.
    Wishing you a wonderful autumn. xo

  26. Hello Gracie. Enjoyed your Autumn Post. It is definitely Autumn here, we have had some lovely days lately. i don't mind it being cooler, I do love Autumn. We have had a week of celebrations. Wednesday was eldest son's M'I'L',s seventieth.My eldest granddaughter, Ella was nine on Thurs, her other Grandma was seventy on Saturday and Ella's mummy Sarah was
    forty yesterday. Yesterday was also eldest son and D.I.L's wedding anniversary.So there has been a lot of cardmaking. baking and present buying and a picnic to organise. Hugs Anne x

  27. Hi Gracie, your home looks so cozy as autumn has begun! I remember raking leaves and jumping in the piles as a child - we had so much fun, although I can't imagine doing it now....too many spiders! Your paintings are so bright and happy and your shawl is so lovely with the soft and warm colors. The weather here has been so nice....I've been catching up on all my painting projects outside. Sending hugs xo Karen

  28. Such a wonderful post, Gracie. I love autumn as well. It is so nice the replace the dusty, oppressive heat with cooler weather and richer colors. How I missed sweaters:-)

  29. Oooh, your home looks so cozy with the yarn-work, fireplace, and tea! Love your photo of the trees as well. Fresh salmon sounds like a real treat! Back when we lived in Portland the son of one of our neighbors would bring plenty of fresh salmon for his mother, and I remember she gave us some to enjoy. The spiders are ambitious, aren't they? I just knocked down a lot of webs a few days ago.


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