"I started photographing my domestic world and writing not just about what I had made,
but why I made it, examining the thoughts that accompany creativity and the act of making."
Jane Brocket from The Gentle Art of Domesticity p. 189 UK edition

Monday, December 7, 2015

Holly Hike Before the Flood!

 In between rain showers on Saturday, my three oldest granddaughters, their father and I went for a hike around the ponds to collect holly and evergreen branches to make Christmas wreaths.
 This is the first of the two holly trees we came to from which my son-in-law cut branches.
 We noted that the creek running through the property was very full.
 It did not take long to fill our basket.
 Back inside I stopped in my room to admire the pretty painted scarf that Taci's mom made and sent back with her from Brazil to share.  I appreciate her kind and generous gift. It is lovely to have handmade items, including two chickens and sand painting in a tiny bottle that Taci brought back also, and a rock from a special beach Taci visited in Brazil. Thank you, Taci, and "Mom." Your creative love shared, helps the world to be more wonderful!
 I went into our dining room and we had a session of making Christmas wreaths and paper snowflakes on our dining room table.
 On the way home from church Sunday, my youngest son-in-law stopped at an old school along Foster road to show us an interesting tree.
 Somehow it has grown around a brick pillar!
 Sunday night our family friend, Grantie, came over and cooked dinner for us all.  It started raining more steadily and so it was especially good to be warm and dry inside and enjoying a yummy dinner, too.
 I turned on my angel light and lit some candles.
 In the Orthodox Christian church it is the fourth week in the season of Advent so I lit four candles in the wreath on my wooden sea chest.
 In some Protestant churches it was the second week of Advent...anticipating the celebration of Christ's birth and looking forward to His second coming so I lit two candles in the Advent wreath on my table.
It was also the first night of the Jewish celebration of Hanukkah so my daughters and I lit candles to remember the time God made the oil lamp burn in the temple for eight days...longer than they thought it could.
This morning it is still raining.
 There is some flooding in our yard.
 The creek and pond are getting fuller!
 The water project that our property is a part of is helping to control the flood waters.
 However the neighbor across the street from us has water up to his garage foundation!
My raincoat and camera got soaked while I took photos!  I was glad to see our new Christmas wreath with its pretty bow that Grantie masterfully tied for me as I came back inside to create this post for you.

I just got a computer call from the public warning system telling me that Johnson Creek is flooding and to seek higher ground if necessary...and don't call 911 unless there is an immediate life threatening emergency!

As far as I know I am on higher ground, and I hope that others around me who aren't will find a way to safety.  Meanwhile, I will try to get some creative tasks done around here, and I am wishing you a safe and happy day, and God's blessing on you and yours :)



  1. Prayers for everyone and what a lovely walk Gracie xo

  2. Love seeing the collection of the holly photos. The wreath is just beautiful. I hope to make one for my father's grave. we have two different holly bushes in our garden - need to go and cut some and begin. Your room looks so cosy and ready for Christmas Gracie - I am not very well forward I'm afraid. hope you are safe and sound and the flood waters don't reach you. There has been some dreadful flooding in the UK. Not near me - much firther north in Cumbria. Take care Gracie. Anne x

  3. Gracie your home is so warm and welcoming in preparation for Christmas. Loved your wreath making and lights. There has been a lot of rain over here in the UK too with a lot of flooding and damage to homes. It is heart breaking to see some of the devastation, hopefully that is not the case in your area. Take care.

  4. Gracie, your wreath turned out spectacularly! Good job for all of you! Your pond and creek photos are amazing! I've seen photos of Multnomah Falls on TV and it's HUGE and roaring! I doubt we'll be volunteering there on Thursday. We'll see. Your home looks very homey and cozy and pretty all decorated up. Good job. I hope to see you in the pool on Friday!

    *M*E*R*R*Y* * *C*H*R*I*S*T*M*A*S*!*

    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  5. Oh my! The drought is officially over isn't it? The pond isn't dry any longer. Lovely gifts from Taci and her Mom. How sweet to think of you and Teresa. I wish I lived closer so you could teach me how to make a wreath. Yours is gorgeous. We have a blue spruce that I could capital some branches from but the. I would be at a loss of what to do with them. I always love visiting your cozy space Gracie, whether it is online or in person. I feel very much at home there. Please stay safe and dry my sweet friend.

  6. I so like seeing photos of your Lovely home. It always looks so welcoming. And what a fun walk with your granddaughters! Thanks for taking us along.

  7. Your foliage foraging looks like fun and the wreath turned out lovely. Sure hope the rain stops soon. Perhaps it could move in another direction where they need it more. :) Wonderful gifts from Taci and her mom. Take care, Tammy

  8. Greetings Gracie. I hope you are safe and dry with all the rain you've been getting. Your home looks so lovely in its Christmas decor. And, the wreath you made is so creative. Our weatherman said some of your rain may be headed our way. We will have to wait and see. Keep warm and I look forward to reading your next post. Pat xx

  9. Oh goodness Gracie! Be careful and Aware of how high the water will get around you. It can get out of control really quick and hate to see you stranded. I'll be thinking about you. On a happier note...your wreath is soo pretty! A great idea to take a little walk and collect items from nature. I just might do that myself!!
    xx Shari

  10. I hope you are ok and the it stops raining and the floods recede, take care. Sarah x

  11. Lovely wreath!! Keep you and your family safe. There has been a flooding devastation in a metro city on coastal area in south of India.

  12. Gracie, hope all is well - update us when you can about the flooding and stay safe!

    1. Thankfully we are safe. There is still some water running across a road about four blocks from here, and water got into the elementary school three blocks from here but we are able to drive where we need to and the creek is back in its banks away from our neighbor's garage. Across town at the entrance to the Community College there is a sink hole across four lanes of road. It may be as much as 15 feet deep and and maybe 15 feet across and the authorities say may take at least three months to repair. It is a road we often take when headed to the airport but there are ways to go around it. Some families evacuated their homes, but the water is going down. One life was lost due to a fallen tree. I am sorry to hear of the devastation in England and India due to flooding as mentioned in the comments above...so difficult for many...more for which to pray and try to help when I can...

  13. Do stay safe on high ground!
    You create such a warm and creative world for your family!

  14. I am glad to hear, from your reply above, that you are safe and that things are getting better! That sinkhole sounds huge...and scary. I know there is one on the Three Rivers Highway we sometimes take too. We had about a foot--at one time--water under our house, but hubby used a pump to get rid of almost all of it. Loved the pics of your grandkids on their hike--pretty! Now you are inspiring me to make some snowflakes, but I must resist or I'll get nothing done!
    Blessings, Aimee
    PS: LOVE all the candles!

  15. Oh my goodness Gracie! What a wet mess. It was on our news and I was thinking of all of you out there hoping you were okay. Hugs,

  16. I found your blog through the Thistle Bear blog, referred to me by another blogger...and I hope that your weather / flooding situation has not gotten worse. I think that your room here must be the coziest I've seen in a long time ...how absolutely lovely.

  17. Good Evening Gracie, Firstly, I do hope you are safe and sound from the torrential rain, but I was sorry to see your neighbour had a high water level. We are struggling with heavy rain here in the North of England. Fortunately we have not been affected.
    I was fascinated to see the tree which had grown around a brick pillar. I wonder how that happened.
    How lovely to go walking with your grandchildren to pick the foliage to create your Christmas wreath, that must have been so much fun.
    Take care and best wishes.

  18. Such a beautiful holly wreath, and how lovely to go collecting holly with your family! Love the pretty candles and berries too. Your home looks such a haven....and I am glad you are all safe despite the flooding. Wishing you a very happy and festive week.
    Helen xox

  19. Wow! Looks like you have had quite the rain storm! Glad you've had a good time with family; you did a nice job on the wreath. Very neat how that tree grew around the pillar!

  20. I am so glad you still find use for the Christmas cosy I sent you.
    A very happy and peaceful Christmas to you and your family! Have a wonderful day!

    Merry Christmas
    Amanda xx

  21. I'm so glad you escaped the flooding. We have watched helplessly as so many in England and Scotland have been inundated... Peebles in the Scottish Borders is under water tonight. So heartbreaking.


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