"I started photographing my domestic world and writing not just about what I had made,
but why I made it, examining the thoughts that accompany creativity and the act of making."
Jane Brocket from The Gentle Art of Domesticity p. 189 UK edition

Sunday, March 16, 2014

In Dawn's Light

Several mornings after I got back from my retreat weekend, I woke in dawn's early light with my feet out from under my blankets.  My blankets were untucked at the bottom of the bed and  were not in an artful tangle.  You see, I had just spent a tremendous amount of  time and energy serving food from a building on one end of Manhattan to a banquet in a building at the other end of Manhattan.  I was able to run with the speed and strength of the wind...so gracefully.... In the midst of this I was involved in the birth of some babies, I think.  Then suddenly I could not keep up with serving the banquet, and thankfully, I woke up.

I started laughing and was afraid I would wake up the whole household and I thought, "I really need to find a pattern for the new yarn I bought on the way to the retreat, and start a new project.  Knitting, yes, knitting is what I need to do today."

Then I hopped up from bed and took some pictures to show you, and I made my bed, had a quiet time with God, and the day and the week flew by with no new pattern found or any sort of stitches completed.  But I did swim at the pool an hour on Monday, an hour on Wednesday, and an hour on Friday.  With the help of my youngest daughter and Turbo Tax, I paid my 2013 taxes.  I had some routine yearly medical tests.  I read a variety of things from books to blogs.  I had meaningful visits with family and friends.  I went to see the movie, Son of God on Friday night with some of my family. Then on Saturday I spent an afternoon with some lovely ladies creating little worship journals.  It was another activity priming the pump of my desire to more consistently work on art journaling as a form of worship, and I loved it!

As you might have already surmised from my dream and other posts in this blog, I am challenged to focus on realistic time frames for all the creative activities I want to complete.  But I love all the creative opportunities in my life, and am especially enjoying the reawakening of the earth around me as flowers begin to bloom and I consider what seeds to plant where :)

What have you seen in the light of dawn lately?


  1. Happy Sunday to you Gracie. Such a happy post. It seems spring is coming to your part of the world quicker than it is to mine. Your ducks and daffodils have me craving "real" spring. I laughed out loud at your dream. Too funny! But it shows the servants heart that you have. The little journals are really cute too. I can't wait to see you and the girls on Friday.
    Blessings always Gracie,

  2. My husband and get up at 5.15 each morning to walk the dogs and spend time with each other, with out the interruption of the day so we see Dawn each morning. You have taken so lovely photos of the early morning light.

  3. I get up at just before 6am on weekdays as I hate rushing about at the last minute when getting ready for work. And I then often get up just as early at the weekends, especially in the summer. I love to have a cuppa sat out in the garden before the day begins.

    Have a great week!


  4. Some lovely photos and thoughts there Gracie, I too have had to take stock of how much time I have to complete things and with two big home jobs I have had to get off the world because it is spinning too fast! I have made two curtains so far. Jo x

  5. Hello Gracie, I always enjoy your very lovely photos of Oregon especially the reawaken of Mother Earth with all it lovely blooms. I especially love the pink blooming tree. vbg When I look out in the wee morning hours I see lots of snow still but I can feel and smell Spring. I know it has to be right around the corner. VBG Hugs Judy

  6. What fun to see the pinkie orange morning light. I often wake to see the sun through the forest, but not often. :-) Great shots of the flowers and the mountain. It was neat for us to swim together last week. I will have to miss it today as I have to get a bunch of paperwork ready for the Friends of Multnomah Falls board meeting this evening. See you on Wed! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  7. Our dreams can tell us so much about our current state of life. The photos are lovely, thank you for sharing the early morning light where you are.

  8. Your photographs are so beautiful, Gracie. I think the spring in Oregon is at just the same stage as spring in Glasgow, maybe you are a little bit ahead of us.

    These days I am constantly tired, and my husband (an early riser who needs less sleep than I do) patiently wakes me with a cup of tea as late as is practical in terms of my daughter's care. This past weekend I longed to wake up naturally - but Saturday we were all awakened early by the beeping of a wired-in smoke alarm and then the arrival of an electrician (and then blessed silence). And Sunday my darling husband left me to sleep - but forgot to turn his own alarm off! So I think my dream of waking naturally will have to be deferred for a while, as he is soon leaving to travel for work.

    One day I would love to be able to get to bed early on a regular basis, and wake up early naturally. Mind you, for several months of the year in winter, I don't have to be an early riser to see the dawn in Scotland!

  9. Beautiful, warm sunlight. I love that! And even in your dreams you are a blessing to others! *hugs* :)

  10. I have enjoyed your pics once again Gracie, especially the gentle morning sky and the beautiful pink blossom - so much of it! You are a helper even in your dreams m'dear - a very interesting dream! AND funny! So have you found a pattern and made a start on your lovely new wool yet?
    You have lots of happy busy-ness in your life - enjoy your week, and spring pushing up her beautiful new growth!
    Love and blessings, Joy xo

  11. I love this post, Gracie. I read every single word and understood the meaning behind each sentence! Do you find too that was spring kicks in your nervous energy levels soar? My creative ideas know no bounds but my body, a little weary after winter, cannot keep up. I have to temper my enthusiasm and learn to listen to my limited energy levels.

    Journal writing is something I would love to get into again. It really sounds as though you have had a wonderful, producive, happy week. And isn't swimming the best?


  12. Hello Gracie

    Thank you so much for visiting my blog and for your charming comments.
    Glorious blossom and glorious beginnings of spring reflected in your delightful photos. How I do love this time of the year! This reminds me Sr P must take me up to the mountains this Sunday so I can takes some pics of the Almond blossom which is abundant now. It so blows the cobweb away up there enjoying the silence. I see lots of crafty bits here in your post so I see you are keeping busy. Enjoy!

    keep well

    Amanda xx

  13. Thank you Graci. You have made me smile and filled me with awe and wonder.

  14. Hello Gracie I loved seeing your beautiful morning light and reading your gentle post. Your journaling sounds wonderful, and it is a great way to capture thoughts and feelings in a personal way. I loved all your spring photos, and I do hope your next dreams are very restful ones, without all that rushing about helping with things!
    Enjoy your new knitting, and have a happy week.
    Helen xox

  15. Hello Gracie and thank you for visiting my blog and your lovely comments. I am enjoying my journal - a first for me. I really do hope I can visit Oregon and how amazing it would be to meet with you lovely ladies 'that lunch' :-)
    My last vivid dream was of cobwebs attaching themselves around balloons. Then the balloons burst leaving beautiful 3D shapes made of cobwebs :-) It was after discussions with my mum ( who worries about dust and cobwebs ) and D.I.L. about cobwebs and I had been blowing up balloons :-) what a life I lead. The photos are beautiful and I'm glad we have 'Journals' in common. I do think though that I maybe take on too many things . Hugs Anne x

  16. Lovely photos....Thanks so much for sharing. :) ((Hugs))

  17. It sounds like you have a blessed and full life and clearly you cherish it x

  18. Sorry you didn't get to knit anything, I'm sure a new project will happen soon!

    This week we had a new carpet delivered and fitted. The penultimate task to our bedroom being completed, horay! x

  19. What a lovely week - and you are not the only one who sometimes has unrealistic timeframe expectations!

    Mt. Hood and daffodils - happy sigh. :)

    Have another wonderful week!

  20. That first photo of the peach sunrise is just beautiful, Gracie. It's usually already light when we get up but our clocks go forward tonight giving us lighter afternoons and - for a short time - darker mornings. I hope I see a sunrise like yours. x


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