"I started photographing my domestic world and writing not just about what I had made,
but why I made it, examining the thoughts that accompany creativity and the act of making."
Jane Brocket from The Gentle Art of Domesticity p. 189 UK edition

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Crocheted Cane Coat

My sister Carolyn and I started our 1600+ mile drive from Portland, Oregon, to West Point, Nebraska, by getting on the Historic Columbia River Highway marked by a sign Teresa Kasner helped design.

We passed by Multnomah Falls and

Horsetail Falls
The landscape turned from green to gold as we drove East along the  Columbia River, near the Dalles 
We saw Wind Farms on the west bank of the Columbia River,
and there were several dams on the stretch of the Columbia River we drove along.
The Columbia is a "working" river way!
Then before we knew it we passed HUGE  Lake Coeur d' Alene along I-90 in Idaho.
We saw this view from our motel room in Missoula, Montana, and heard a play by play  announcer at a football game at the University behind the trees on the left :)
Montana is "big sky country" ...soooo expansive!
We saw many irrigation contraptions, and bales of hay.
It surprised us to see many freight trains with cars full of coal.
And I had a dreadful time getting my camera out soon enough in Wyoming and South Dakota to get a picture of the many horses we admired along the way.
The first morning I awoke at my niece and nephew's farm in Nebraska I was delighted to find a kitty curled up sleeping at my feet.
We are having great fun exploring the beautiful farm!
We are amazed they have a breed of sheep that does not produce wool for yarn!!!  What???
One of their dogs reminds me of the Border Collie, Lady, we used to have.
The turkeys all came walking down the road to see me not knowing I had a camera and no food for them :(
I love the Tiger Lilies next to the weathered wood building,
and the gardens and huge fields of corn
and the working windmill....with a satellite dish :)
My sister, Carolyn, has found a furry friend, too :)
there are all sorts of pretty chickens [and delicious eggs] as well
We passed fields of sunflowers along the way, and are enjoying the ones growing on the farm, too!
Aren't the Oreo Cookie Cows [Dutch Belted] neat?
My great niece and nephews picked up a bucket full of black walnuts.
Each member of the family works hard for the benefit of themselves and many others.
They are rewarded with the "fruit of their labors" :)

And Carolyn and I are having a wonderful visit!  I finished a coat for my cane that I started as we drove along.  I crocheted alternating rows of single and double crochet in Corinthian Homespun yarn, and formed a snug seam to keep the coat in place.  I am debating adding some buttons when I get home.  What do you think?

Thanks for visiting with me :)

Gracie xx


  1. Oh my goodness Gracie! It looks like you are having a wonderful adventure. And if you went through Coeur d'Alene, you drove close to my house. I'm so looking forward to your visit next week as you drive home,
    Thanks for taking us along on your journey, a route I've taken many time on my way "home" to Nebraska.
    Love your cane coat too. What an imaginative thing to make!

  2. What a fabulous road trip - thanks for sharing your journey with us, your pics are lovely. And I was so excited to see the one of Multnomah Falls - I have happy memories of visiting there :-)
    Happy travels,

  3. Really neat photos! Looks like a fun trip! I especially love the photo of all the pretty chickens. The cane coat is awesome too.:-)

  4. Wow Gracie - another great trip - and what a vast magnificent country you're travelling! The farm animals are beautiful too - the cows remind me of the belted Galloways that were familiar to me in my young days in Scotland! You've done a lovely job with your cane coat!
    Happy travels and keep well!
    Joy x

  5. Gracie .. I have loved travelling with you . What a treat to see so many wonderful places. Enjoy every minute.love Linda

  6. What an amazing time you have had, so many wonderful photos of your trip, I think the cows a cute.

  7. What beautiful scenery and it sounds like you are enjoying precious time with your family. We've seen a few of those oreo cows out our ways also, my husband drove us by the farm that had them, I hadn't heard or seen them until recently. Enjoy the remainder of your trip. Heather

  8. I really enjoyed that roadtrip of photos without the car sickness! I think yes to buttons. Who would say no! Glad to hear from you Gracie. Jo x

  9. Hi, Gracie!
    I've been east many times, but never made it as far as Nebraska. LOVE your farm photos:)
    PS: Another vote for buttons--I think it would be unique!

  10. What I want to know Gracie is ...what is my cat doing asleep on your sister's lap?

  11. Hi Gracie, what a fun surprise to see my Historic Columbia River Highway sign that I designed on your blog! Fun trip you and Carolyn are having! I'd love to see a photo of the farmhouse. They have LOTS of chickens! Good job on a new cane coat.. I think buttons and beads would add a whole new artistic look to it. Miss you! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  12. Wow that looks an amazing journey and a fantastic farm to. How long did it take you to travel the 1600 mile journey. It was fantastic to see more of your country it looks so huge. I have never seen walnuts like that either! Thank you for sharing this with us.
    Sarah x

  13. Hello Gracie and thank you so much for sharing your trip with one who longs to visit your beautiful part of the world. Gorgeous photos. Love and hugs Anne x

  14. What a beautiful place you are visiting, but sheep and no wool? I could not stand it! Love your beautiful cane Gracie, you did a great job.

  15. What a wonderful trip and I love the cane cover. Makes it look snazzy! Yes to the buttons.

  16. Oooh buttons would look great on your cane ☺ What a fabulous journey and time you are having with family, furry/feather and human friends. Love the sleeping kitty's. Loved your post and hello from me in Oz where it is pouring/cold but at least I can crochet ☺♥

  17. Good morning Gracie! It has been so long since we have visited! I loved going along on your trip!! And Teresa's sign....oh my!!! I miss have a cat snuggle up in bed with me. Our dogs simply won't allow her any peace in the house, and so she refuses to come inside anymore.
    Love the cane coat! Looks like a wonderful garden bounty at your nephew's farm! Such fun!!!
    xo Kris

  18. Hiya Gracie :) I really enjoyed looking at your photographs and am very envious of all the lovely sights that you have seen! I loved your description of the cows as being like Oreo cookies....and the chooks looked amazing!
    I hope the turkey's forgave you for not having any food for them?
    Enjoy the rest of your trip
    Hugs, Sarah x x

  19. It looks like you're enjoying a fabulous trip! And I love the Oreo cookie cows ... brilliant!

  20. Hello Gracie lovely to read about your interesting trip to Nebraska and see some of the sights along the way! You are so good at capturing interesting details for us to enjoy. I hope you have a lovely time on the rest of your trip, and look forward to seeing the next installment. I love the Oreo cookie cows too :)
    Helen x

  21. Oh Gracie....I almost missed this post! Your photos are stunning! I've been to Montana before....it's beautiful there! Glad to hear you made your trip from Portland to Nebraska. Enjoy your time and take lots more photos.
    Hugs, Shari


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