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but why I made it, examining the thoughts that accompany creativity and the act of making."
Jane Brocket from The Gentle Art of Domesticity p. 189 UK edition

Friday, August 9, 2013

A Boring and Dull Day Celebration

The property we are purchasing is near the base of Mt. Hood, in Boring, Oregon.  [no sarcasm intended]  We were given the choice of a mailing address.  Because our property once straddled the county line we could choose to have our mail sent to Boring or Gresham.  Given the choice, we opted for Gresham because we assumed we would have to embrace or deflect boring jokes about our address if we did not :) 

Not long ago, a woman cyclist visiting from Scotland pedaled through Boring, and thought that the people of Dull, Scotland, would appreciate knowing they were not alone in having a uniquely [uh, boring] name.  When some of the citizens of both communities were made aware of each other they reached out to each other and formed a partnership which is further explained on a Facebook page. 

Christine wrote a post about Boring and Dull a few months ago.  She lived in Oregon, but currently lives in Scotland and was especially interested in the pairing of Boring and Dull, feeling a connection to both communities.  When I take photos of Mt. Hood and the surrounding area for posts, I think especially of Christine, because I know she especially appreciates seeing them.

So Christine, the first Boring and Dull Day celebration in Boring, Oregon, is occurring on a rather dull day weather-wise.  The blackberries are ripening nicely as you can see from the photo above that 
I took this morning,  but our magnificent Mt. Hood is shrouded in a haze caused by the smoke from numerous forrest fires in southern Oregon, and a weather system that is bringing warnings of thunderstorms.

The radio just broadcast a warning about an approaching thunderstorm, so I am not sure I will make it over to the Boring and Dull celebration a few miles from here, but I am keen on going and picking up a Boring and Dull T-shirt or mug and I kind of wish now that I had embraced a Boring, Oregon, mailing address :)


Well, I did make it over to the celebration, but was thwarted in my desire to participate in it close up due to parking challenges, and some raindrops.  From a distance it looked and sounded like those who had gathered were not having a dull or boring time.  I heard some easy rock music, but wished I could have heard the bagpiper.  My husband and daughters learned to play bagpipes and once marched in a NY City St. Patrick's Day parade over 20 years ago and I like to listen to bagpipe music from time to time.

I know I don't need them, but doesn't it sound like it would be fun to have a Boring and Dull t-shirt and mug?

Gracie xx


  1. Love those town names, so unique ☺ and certainly not boring....I hope the thunderstorm holds back so you can go Gracie and look forward to seeing your purchases ☺♥

  2. How very entertaining!!!!
    xo Kris

  3. Isn't that just fascinating! How strange that lady cycling through....and out of that a partnership was formed. Well...well. It looked a good day. Pity that the weather didn't cooperate! My 2 nephews live in Scotland and play the bagpipes. Their band has won bagpipe competitions all over the world. Thanks so much for visiting me and leaving such a sweet comment. Joan

  4. What a great story! I've driven through Dull in Perthshire a few years ago and am wondering if we passed through Boring en route to Mount Hood when I was staying with friends at Multnomah - I shall check my travel journal!
    I love that the two communities have set up a link.
    Hope the storm moves past soon,
    Happy weekend

  5. To be honest, I would have chosen 'Boring' as my address and to heck with the consequences :) I think it would have been fun to have a Boring and Dull t-shirt and mug, so hopefully some enterprising soul has some hidden away somewhere? I have heard about the wildfires from a couple of fellow weavers in Oregon, and I was hoping that they wouldn't come too near to you - I hope you stay safe, and enjoy your weekend :)
    Love and hugs, Sarah x

  6. Quite delightful Gracie - a bit of good humour is good for us - and especially the dull, boring folks!
    Now, you've invited some strange remarks so it will be interesting to keep an eye on this post I think!!!
    Have an interesting and bright weekend!
    Joy xo

  7. Gracie, you made me smile. Nothing could be boring about Oregon and nothing Dull about Scotland. I love the story behind the festival and indeed think it would be very fun to have a mug with the names on it.
    Hugs to you from very boring Florida.

  8. What fun. I haven't heard of either city, but neat that they decided to celebrate together. I have never been west of Illinois and it looks like I'm missing some beautiful country. One day we'd like to drive "out west". Take care and have a wonderful day. Heather

  9. What a great story! I hadn't heard of Boring and Dull before, but I think it's nice that they have reached out to one another in their boring-and-dullness. :) Boring sounds like a very nice town and I am sure it's a great place to live. :)

  10. It sounds like Dull and Boring turned out to be a fun day, maybe you can o next year and get your tea shirt or mug.

  11. Hi Gracie,
    I am back to comment again, because I just read your nice comment on my blog post. Your kind words warmed me to my toes. I hope that you and your sister have a safe journey to Nebraska to visit your sister. Be sure to take a lot of photos, and have a wonderful time!
    I will be eager to hear all about it!
    Thanks again my sweet friend. You are a gift!
    xo Kris

  12. That Boring and Dull found each other and tied the knot seems only as it should be! Isn't the world just the most marvellous place :)

  13. Looks like a fun day! We have a village called Idle in the UK, perhaps that could be linked up to Dull and Boring too!


  14. We have a village called Idle here in the UK, perhaps it should be linked up to Dull and Boring too!!


  15. While on holiday I read a story about a woman who walked the pacific Crest trail and she finishes up in Oregon - she was not boring at all! Love reading your posts and your lovely comments on my blog. Jo x


  16. Great post Gracie! I love that Dulll and Boring have found each other. Sorry about not getting your tshirt and mug. Maybe next year!

  17. Hi Gracie and what fun your Boring and Dull post is :-) shame you couldn't get to park and purchase your mug and tee shirt. Have never heard of those places but Oregon seems far from 'Boring'. Have visited Scotland and it too is beautiful.
    Hope the fires are under control and all are safe from danger. Love and hugs Anne x

  18. Love that area (we know a family there)--definitely NOT a boring place with the beautiful scenery there!
    PS: I wonder if dear William Boring would laugh at all the fun legacy he left the town by his rather interesting last name;)

  19. You're moving?? I get busy and don't come around to your blog for a couple of weeks and everything changes??
    I'd have opted for Boring just because it makes people laugh. And I can think of much worse place names I've heard.

  20. Well that is funny but I can see why you chose the name you did.

  21. Hi Gracie, I got a kick out of your blog post and title. I have giggled so many times as we hear on the TV news things like.. "Boring Girl Wins Prize", or "Boring Man Opens New Business", etc. They even had one news story on the Tonight Show! Drive careful back from your trip. We did that loop pulling our trailer.. I'm sure you're having a better time of it. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  22. Hi Gracie! Over a month later, I'm able to respond to your wonderful post. Thanks for linking to my "Dull and Boring" post. As you might know, I spent four years in Normal, Illinois. Besides seeing "Normal Police" on the sides of the police cars, I liked the engraved stone outside the waterworks: "Normal Water Works".

    Really enjoyed catching up a bit on your travelogues too - and those great kitty snaps!

    1. Christine, it is so much fun to learn about your Normal days :) and I am especially glad you enjoyed the kitty photos. They are puuuurrrrrrfect kitties you would have enjoyed petting, I'm sure!

      Several weeks ago when I was at the Custer Battlefield Museum in Garryowen, Montana, a couple from Scotland came in and struck up a conversation with the very personable proprietor of the gift shop. I shamelessly eavesdropped, and when they mentioned that they had just driven through some of Oregon. I couldn't resist interjecting the query, "Did you drive through Boring, Oregon?"

      The wife looked puzzled, but the husband grinned and said he had heard of the pairing of Dull, Scotland, and Boring, Oregon, and he said they were familiar with Dull, Scotland.

      I announced, "Well now you can say that you have met someone from Boring, Oregon, because that is where I currently live!"

      The wife immediately thrust her right hand toward mine and we gave each other a vigorous handshake while exchanging enthusiastic smiles as well :)

      This confirmed to me the pairing of Dull and Boring was brilliant! Not only did the pairing encourage peace and goodwill in our simple encounter, but in retrospect, it seems especially appropriate that our encounter promoted peace and goodwill on the land on which we stood that had born so much bloodshed at Custer's Last Stand 137 years before.

      Typing now, the Hebrew's 13: 20-21 NKJ prayer resonates for me:
      20 Now may the God of peace who brought up our Lord Jesus from the dead, that great Shepherd of the sheep, through the blood of the everlasting covenant, 21 make you complete in every good work to do His will, working in you[a] what is well pleasing in His sight, through Jesus Christ, to whom be glory forever and ever. Amen.


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