"I started photographing my domestic world and writing not just about what I had made,
but why I made it, examining the thoughts that accompany creativity and the act of making."
Jane Brocket from The Gentle Art of Domesticity p. 189 UK edition

Friday, June 21, 2013

Tangled Around Sonoma, CA

My life is tangled around Sonoma, CA, where my oldest sister, Carolyn and I and our husbands worked together for three years at a small residential care facility for the elderly.  Carolyn still lives in Sonoma, and it is a joy not only to visit her but to visit dear friends and the uniquely beautiful Napa Wine Country.

This week I had the fun of watching two nearly two-year-olds race around a table in an amazing tangle of squealing energy:-)  Then I took a tangle of wrong turns before finding a new yarn store near Carolyn's, but it was closed :-(

Tuesday evening Carolyn and I went down to the Sonoma square to the Farmer's Market...fabulous tangle of people, fresh flowers and vegetables and near the Sonoma Cheese Factory and the Mission buildings.  

The next morning Carolyn and I drove north to Santa Rosa to the home of our friend, Dayle, and then Dayle drove the three of us on a winding tangled trail to visit a charming tea store and on to a picnic lunch overlooking the Pacific from Jenner, CA.

Back at Carolyn's, she and I have spent entirely too much time trying to untangle the  Debra Norville's Serenity Garden yarn I am using to crochet a shawl...the yarn's name is especially promising at the moment :-)

Do you have a time limit for untangling yarn before you  resort to cutting the yarn to continue your project?



  1. Those flowers are fabulous!!!
    I have tangled with yarn for over an hour!!!
    Hope you are doing well.

  2. What a wonderful collection of photos, I can almost feel the warmth of the sun shining through them!

    I have been watching a cookery programme that was based in Napa Valley, it looks a beautiful place, how lovely that you get to spend time there with your loved ones.

    I usually give about 20 minutes to untangle yarn before cutting it...although, depending on the day it can sometimes be shorter ;)


  3. Looks like a very pretty place, and sunny it's a bit cold here at the moment.

  4. Oh what lovely pics, Gracie - it looks & sounds from your description like a beautiful area. Funnily enough I quite enjoy the challenge of untangling yarn and I have way more patience with yarn than I do with having to rip out a sewn seam!
    Have a happy weekend

  5. Oh Gracie at the speed I make stuff (very little patience) I soon resort to cutting the yarn! I never knot it I just join again on the next row. I love the coast pictures so blue and calming. Love your posts. With our UK lack of sunshine, I like to pinch a bit of yours! Jo x


  6. I love your tangled life right now Gracie. I say cut the yarn and move on if you have enough yarn for your project, life is too short to work out the big tangles if there is an easier way around things. Enjoy your time with your sister in beautiful California.

  7. Oh Gracie! It looks like your tangled life is full of God's blessings and love. So much fun and lovely time spent with your sister.
    If you have enough yarn my vote is to cut it and move on.
    Hope to see you soon my friend.

  8. What fabulous photos. I love the wooden buildings with painted shingles, and the old barn. What do you suppose bleached the bottom of it, a flood?

    In answer to your questions about tangles - I do my utmost to undo a tangle, so might put it down and come back to it later. I just hate to admit defeat! However, I have been known to recognise my pridefulness and just cut and splice.

  9. Such beautiful and uplifting photos, Gracie! The sunny ocean photos are gorgeous, and I loved seeing all the painted buildings and flowery views. It must have been a fun time, with all those tangles! The yarn looks so pretty.....I usually just try to untangle it for ages without cutting it unless I am in a big hurry and give in!
    Have a lovely weekend.
    Helen x

  10. What a fabulous time you're having in that beautiful area, getting to tootle around and find hidden treasures! I have almost NEVER cut a yarn "nest"... I find it quite a challenge to get it sorted out. I look at it like a mind-building puzzle. :-) Or, I have Dayle do it or whoever is sitting next to me, or we take turns. Don't let it beat you! When you get back I'll have to have you over for some BBQ on Dayle's new pellet smoker BBQ grill. Miss you! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  11. Beautiful post Gracie - I really enjoyed devouring your pics - what a unique place, even the name 'Sonoma' sounds relaxing!
    Loved looking at the happy little ones enjoying their run-around, and feel disappointed for you that the yarn store was closed! What damage you could have inflicted on your wallet in there!!!
    Whilst I look on untangling yarn as a huge challenge, there are times when it makes good sense to just 'cut it'! Think of all the stitching you could do in the time spent on that burble!
    Do have a happy rest-of-the-weekend!
    Joy x

  12. Some very pretty photos Gracie, especially the Pacific! I am so happy you are spending time with your sister.....the best of times I am sure! Try not to let all that tangled web get the best of you, Lord knows I have untangled my fair share!
    Hugs, Shari

  13. Wonderful Gracie and enjoying reading/looking while still away. Lovely pictures and such fun seeing little ones have such a good time. Untangling is something I keep at even if I have to put away till I can stand to attack again lol

  14. Lovely images Gracie, you've really captured the spirit of place :)

    Tangled yarn, nightmare, but I do hate to be beaten so generally plug away until I'm done!

  15. Such lovely photos Gracie and what a wonderful time you are having. I am very stubborn and will always do my utmost to untangle. I cannot remember cutting any. 'Life' seems a bit of a 'tangle' at the moment. I am having less success with 'untangling' that!!! :-) But with patience and prayer I hope to. Hugs Anne x

  16. Cute kiddos--lots of energy:) Love the beauty of the flowers, ocean and historical buildings there!

  17. WOW! The scenery is amazing in your photo's and the flowers are gorgeous :) I loved looking at the buildings too :)
    As for your yarn...well, I hate to admit defeat and my stubborn nature would kick in until I had untangled all the yarn! Hope you continue to have a wonderful time with your sister - love and hugs, Sarah x x

  18. The photos of the children playing are so natural and made me smile! I also loved seeing the lovely pictures of the Pacific ocean, it must have been wonderful having a picnic with those views.
    Sarah x

  19. What beautiful photos and what a lovely place! I really like the colours in your yarn. When it comes to tangled yarn, I come down on the untangling side of the debate. I actually find it quite therapeutic! Lesley x

  20. Hey, I wanna go too! Lovely photos!! Gracie, your travels are too provocative!

    I do have a policy on tangles-and I am so glad you reminded me. I developed this a few years ago.


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