"I started photographing my domestic world and writing not just about what I had made,
but why I made it, examining the thoughts that accompany creativity and the act of making."
Jane Brocket from The Gentle Art of Domesticity p. 189 UK edition

Friday, February 1, 2013

Hearts Near Mt. Hood

After driving through pockets of fog soon after the sun rose this morning I stopped at 232nd off of Highway 212 to snap some photos of Mt. Hood basking in misty sunshine...I had to put on sunglasses!

Once home, I spread out a little bunting on my bed. I purchased it from the MOPS group at church yesterday.  About 28 years ago I participated in a Mothers of Preschoolers group in NY and thoroughly enjoyed the gatherings.  When we gathered we made some sort of craft together.  The local MOPS group here in Oregon recently made Valentine themed bunting and offered it for sale to help fund the group's future craft projects. I am thinking I want to put the bunting I bought above the front door outside.  The porch roof will protect it, and it will be a good welcoming greeting for visitors. 

I am still making hearts<3  This week I crocheted a heart shaped dishcloth.  Now will it prompt me to love washing dishes, or at least prompt me to be grateful I have dishes to wash? 

How do you feel about washing dishes?



  1. Today my heart light turned on! I put away my little snow jars and brought out the red pillar candles and my crocheted hearts. I took some photos and will put up a post tomorrow. Wasn't the day wonderful? We even had the window open! I want to crochet one of those puffy hearts and also a Lucy heart. See you on Monday! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. LOVE this time of the year and the sun makes it all the better!
    Dishes? I don't mind too much in the winter (warms me up) but hate doing them in the summer when I am already hot. When we remodeled, we bought a brand new one and it broke soon after the warranty ran out...they don't make things like they used to:(
    LOVE that last view of the Hood--beautiful!
    PS: Didn't it feel like spring today?

  3. Hello Gracie
    I admit to lurking lately :-) Work hasn't allowed me much else this last week so I had to settle for lurking over blogs reading a little,itching to write but having to turn back to lesson planning...tch! I'm sure you know what I mean.
    I had admired your previous post and its heart theme and now here you have a lovely heart bunting and crochet heart. Just love these heart themes! If they come accompanied with mystical hazy photographs of your mountain well then that adds to the crafty enchantment of it all. It certainly does look early early in the morning.
    Many thanks for your comments on my last post.

    keep well

    Amanda :-)

  4. Beautiful picture of Mt Hood and I just LOVE the hearts... Isn't February just lovely ? :) can't wait to see you on Monday.

  5. Hi Gracie! I love the bunting you bought! It will be perfect on your front door!! I also love the heart dishcloth! So cute!!! Your photos are always beautiful!
    Have a great weekend!!!
    xo Kris

  6. All that grass looks so good to me right now...we are stuck in a deep freeze and buried in snow! I'm not a big fan of doing dishes but I find that pretty new dish clothes makes the task a lot more fun!

  7. Love your pictures, as always. :)

    I don't do dishes, I let the dish-washer do them, I mean, if I didn't I think it might get it's feelings hurt just sitting there doing nothing.

    I do enjoy having pretty dish clothes though. They are so handy and the make the kitchen look so much nicer.

    Blessings always

  8. I Gracie, love your photos and your bunting. Hope you have a fantastic weekend,

  9. I love your little bunting. I can imagine how nice it will look by your door. The dishcloth is really cute too! Valentina's day is always a relief to me, the first cheerful sign in the middle of a looonnnng winter! It helps me to believe that spring might really be on it's way. (The groundhog didn't see his shadow this morning so winter may really be on it's way out!)

    As usual, your photos of Mt. hood are priceless. The mist makes them seem almost eerie.

    I love to wash dishes in our little camper. At home the dishwasher is used more, but I always have homemade dishcloth in use for wiping the counters etc. I don't use anything except homemade. I love the cheerfulness of them.

    Have fun at lunch on Monday with Taci and Teresa and be thinking of me, cold and alone in Spokane!!! :-)

  10. Hi Gracie lovely photos and love the hearts and bunting. I'm not a great lover of washing up and would prefer to be doing something else. We also have a dishwasher so that helps. Like lovely dishcloths though for washing the things that can't go in the dishwasher. My saucepans were bought by DH when we got married nearly 42 years ago now and are still going strong but were made pre dishwasher days. Also have some glasses and other bits and pieces that I would like to put in dishwasher. I am knitting a dishcloth with a heart. At the card class I took on Thursday we made cards and a gift all heart themed.
    Take care. Love Anne x

  11. I would rather do dishes right now than the physics I'm supposed to be studying... :P Love the Mt. Hood pic!


  12. At the moment we shock and awe have sunshine down here in Eugene, its been awhile. We have been getting only gray and rain or fog unlike other parts of Oregon. Sigh. so nice. :) Pretty bunting. Hate dishes rather do laundry. lol


  13. As always I love your photos of the mountain, and particularly the one of the mist rising from the grass, with the mountain far off. Now, doing dishes is kind of a thing with us! We do tend to let them pile up but often my husband and I enjoyed doing them together. My Granny and Grampa always did their dishes together and talked, and I remember trying to eavesdrop, and knowing that they were having very heartfelt conversations at that end-of-the-working-day time. We've never bought a dishwasher for this very reason!

  14. I would never use that cute heart for a dish cloth . Its just for show! ILOVE it.
    I love the bunting you bought too...I wish I could find one...maybe easy

  15. Once again, you have some awesome photo's of Mt Hood! I really must go and see it for myself one day (that'll have to go on my bucket list!)....I love the idea of having the bunting up under your porch - what a fantastic way of greeting people!
    I don't mind doing dishes....I use the time to think about things and make plans.
    Have a great week x x

  16. Wow, the shot of Mt. Hood with the barn is fabulous! Would LOVE a painting of that ;)!

  17. Dish washer girl through and through gracie. Xxx

  18. Eeeek. Washing dishes is not on my "fun" list for sure. I love your valentine bunting. Those groups are so wonderful for young mothers.
    Happy heart-making!


  19. Gorgeous photos of Mount Hood!

    I have two dishwashers, the actual dishwasher, and my husband! So I feel fine about dish washing ;) And grateful that not only do I have dishes I also have my lovely man :D

  20. Those photos are breathtaking, Gracie! Just lovely! You would do well to make a calendar of your photos in those areas. I would certainly tack that baby up!

  21. Love that hearty dishcloth! Anything to make dishwashing more enjoyable.... :)

    Mt. Hood has such a noble and fascinating shape. Thanks for those lovely photos.


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