"I started photographing my domestic world and writing not just about what I had made,
but why I made it, examining the thoughts that accompany creativity and the act of making."
Jane Brocket from The Gentle Art of Domesticity p. 189 UK edition

Monday, August 6, 2012


Life is not static...
my status quo ever- changing.

Even in the sweltering heat of summer, I am not inert. I am busy squirreling away light and heat, saving it for a rainy day. The lazy, hazy days of summer recharge me!
I delight in watching gardens grow, and grandchildren grow,
and even my 61+ year old mind grow,  as I am exposed to new technology
and new relationships
with people.

A hot hazy view of Mt Hood from Airport Way along the Columbia River.

Another hot hazy view of Mt. Hood from Jonsrud outlook in Sandy, OR.

Recently, my blogging friend, Meredith shared a gluten free chocolate chip cookie recipe with me and asked me to tell her how I liked it if I ended up trying the recipe.

They are yummy, Meredith!
Thanks again for sharing the recipe =)

In retrospect, I found many reasons to be cheerful this past week.
Thanks to Kate's Challenge,
 here is a glimpse of the reasons I found to be cheerful and recorded in my journal.

Are you enjoying your August days?

Gracie xxx


  1. I love your prose at the beginning of your post - just lovely. And your yellow-jacket drawing made me smile. I like how he's frowning, like maybe he's a little disappointed in his own behavior.

  2. Hi Gracie,
    I love your cheerful journal!!! Your daughter got stung by a yellow jacket? Ouch! Is she allergic???
    I did not know that you have lost your husband. I am so sorry to hear that.
    XO Kris

  3. The doctor thought she had an allergic/infected reaction to the sting so she is on 10 days of anti-biotic and antihistamines. The site that was about 12" red radius is shrinking and less red, thankfully.
    My husband died 8.21.2009, and we had been married for nearly 38 years...many good memories for which I am grateful. Thank you for caring, Kris. :)

  4. Oh what lovely yummy cookies! Now I am hungry ")
    So sorry to hear about your daughter getting stung by that yellow jacket..oh how I dislike those things! They love hiding in some of my flowers at the end of the fence line....I think there is a nest somewhere but can never seem to find it! I think my neighbors think I some kind of crazy women when watering on that end cause they come out and I go running,waving my arms like so kind of crazy person! I noticed you header is a little small since the last time I visited to you... If you wish to look at a little tutorial on how to make them stretch across your screen...go to The Clover Lane and click on her tutorials and I believe it is in the top section on how to creative blog headers. She gives great info....that is how I learned and it's pretty easy! If you need little advice...I will be glad to help! Good Luck! Shari ")

    1. Thank you soooo much for the tutorial reference and your offer to help, Shari!!! I hope to try the tutorial method today!

      We have two areas we need to try to spray to get rid of the YJ nests. Glad you have dodged any stings from your garden nest!

  5. I enjoyed your prose too and your daily reasons to be cheerful. I had to google Yellow Jacket and I mighty glad we don't have them in the UK - they sound horrible!

    1. So glad you do not have Yellow Jackets!!! My ancestors were no doubt sorry to discover them when they ventured from England to New England!

  6. I'm off to google 'yellow jackets' not heard of them before - certainly don't want to see one for real either!! :-)
    Love your reasons to be cheerful and the cookies look delish. Afarid I bought some today - no time at moment to bake. Reasons why will become apparent in a few days :-) Thankyou for visiting me Gracie I love to hear from you. Anne x

  7. I am so glad you liked them and that they worked out for you. Love your reasons to be cheerful.
    Hugs to you Gracie,

  8. Gracie, when I get back from camping, we need to get together with our computers and I can help you out, ok? I continue to be charmed by your journal entries.. the drawings and images.. sweet. We leave tomorrow, so I'll "see" you in 10 days or so. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

    1. Thank you, Teresa! I would love to get together with you after your camping trip, and I would appreciate your help. Shari found a tutorial for doing the Blogger header. I am going to give it a try.
      Meanwhile, have a safe and fabulous camping trip!!!!!!!! =)
      Gracie xxx

  9. MMMMM those cookies look lovely! Your swap sounds very exciting! Can't wait to find out what you send and recieve! love kate xxxxxxxxxx

  10. Mmmmm your cookies look yummy - my tummy is rumbling just looking at them :P
    I am sorry to hear about your daughters bite, I am sure I have a sign visible to insects above my head that reads "Get your goodies here" as I am quite often bitten by bugs! Mind you, I have also been bitten by koalas and parrots......
    I have nearly finished your swap package, and should be sending it at the beginning of next week. I hope that it makes you cheerful too x x

  11. Hi Gracie! I really love your photos, and your journal entries. Life isn't static, and towards the end of every season I'm reminded of this. It keeps us fresh. As though we're supposed to keep on changing to keep with the flow of life itself. And that keeps our minds and spirits young too! I think I need some of those cookies... :))

  12. I do love reading your journal entries. It makes me appreciate each blessing I have in my life. Mt. Hood is just marvelous isn't it?



  13. What another lovely inspirational post. I think your journal is excellent and really enjoy you sharing it, I still have not started my own yet! I need to find a pretty journal. (((Hugs))) from across the pond :) x

  14. Good Saturday evening to you Gracie! I love the colors in your header--they are so beautiful!
    Yellow jackets are NOT my friends either! It seems like they get even more tempermental at this time of the year; of course I don't do too well in this heat either:)Glad your daughter is OK!
    Have a blessed Sunday!


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