"I started photographing my domestic world and writing not just about what I had made,
but why I made it, examining the thoughts that accompany creativity and the act of making."
Jane Brocket from The Gentle Art of Domesticity p. 189 UK edition

Monday, July 30, 2012


Amazingly my photos have traveled from an iPhone 4S
to the iCloud
then to a MacBook Pro...


but learning how to pry them from the MacBook Pro
to share them with you on Blogger
is challenging me today...

...now how did I do it a few days ago =)

ahhhhhhh, yes.

Here are some photos from my trip south, from Portland, OR, to northern CA and back...

Viewing  the Umpqua River Lighthouse south of Florence
 is becoming a tradition for me when I drive the coastal route.

then stopping at the Veterans Memorial
and marveling at the huge sand dunes that are a part 
of the Oregon Dunes National Park area.

South of there I had to stop for road work and had time to
snap some photos of the placid blue Pacific Ocean.

I arrived in Crescent City, CA, just in time to have tea with these
lovely ladies, Windy Weavers =) who I enjoyed meeting
with nearly every Friday afternoon for 7 years while we chatted, and crafted various fiber arts projects.

I never tire of being near the sea and enjoyed this view especially.
The large rock island is called Castle Rock.
Many years ago a shepherd would herd his flock of sheep out into the
water at low tide and have them swim to the island in the spring to have
the flock graze there for the summer.
Sea lions laze on the lower rocks of the island and we could sometimes
hear their funny "orffing" conversations at night when we lay in bed with our window open.
In February thousands of Aleutian Geese land on the island to sleep at night, but every morning
for several weeks they take off in huge Vs across the sky and land in nearby pastures to feast
and store up enough energy so that they can eventually make it back to the Aleutian Islands in Alaska.

North Beach

Crescent City Lighthouse

One of the redwood groves and some ferns in the Jedediah Smith
State Park

The weekend passed swiftly and we headed back north to  Portland, OR on Monday.
Then on Tuesday and Wednesday visited some of our favorite local spots...

Chanticleer Point at the Women's Forum along the Columbia river...
an artist's view 

and the following photos are of my journal pages from last week,
to track reasons we have found to be cheerful =)

How has  your week been?

Hugs from Gracie <3


  1. Your week sounds just about perfect, beautiful scenery, lovely friends and yarn in your hands.

  2. Wonderful photos Gracie! The ocean is such a life-giving place to visit. I wish I saw more of it. I really love your photo of the artist's at Chanticleer Point. Fun!

  3. Gracie, I really enjoyed seeing your travel photos! A suggestion, when you add your photos into blogger, click on the image and hit "large size" and it will show up much larger. I'm seeing them as small sized. You are really having a nice summer, aren't you? ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  4. Your photos are lovely thankyou for sharing them and your 'Reasons to be Cheerful.'At the moment I really need to remember the reasons I have to be cheerful. Anne x

  5. My husband uses the icloud and all that jazz. It is so techy for me!!! Love your photos! So beautiful. Nice to be part of a special group of ladies that meet and share their craft, isn't it?!!

  6. Great Photographs...I think we could call you a 'techie' now! I do not seem to make any advances in the technical world, I have reached a plateau and get confused very easily. I am loving your cheerful journal...yahtzee and campfire hotdogs would make me cheerful too! xxx

  7. Wow! Your photo's are amazing :) I love being near the sea too, in fact I live abot 4 miles away from the beach, but I am also in amongst a lot of trees which I love too.
    Your cheerful journal is also inspirational as always x x

  8. Love your pictures Gracie! I've been most of those places and your post brings back lovely memories. Last year hubby and I took a dune buggy ride in the Oregon Dunes! It was wonderfully exhilarating! Thank you for taking us with you.


  9. Oh my goodness!!! I love your photos! You and Teresa both take wonderful pictures of the most beautiful places! Oh.....I really love the lighthouse photo...BEAUTIFUL!
    Looks like you had a very lovely time on your travels....Thanks for sharing them with us!
    Shari ")

  10. Enjoyed the photos, especially the gulls and the artists view. I guess the quote is from 'our' Graham Cooke?

    1. Yes, it is from "our Graham" Barbara =)

  11. Lovely photos of a beautiful place, thank you for sharing your trip with us, Gracie! I love being by the sea and the blue Pacific Ocean views are so good for the soul.
    Have a happy week ahead, I hope your book will be filled with resons to be cheerful :)
    Helen x


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