"I started photographing my domestic world and writing not just about what I had made,
but why I made it, examining the thoughts that accompany creativity and the act of making."
Jane Brocket from The Gentle Art of Domesticity p. 189 UK edition

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Jolly Journaling :)

My young friend, Kate, across the pond from me, proposed a brilliant challenge
last week.  Do you have a journal that is so beautiful you dare not
write in it lest you ruin it?  I did.
20 years ago my artist friend, Becky gave me a journal bound in handmade paper.
Through the years I have displayed it, patted it, treasured it but I never wrote in it
until this past week.
Kate challenged me to fill its pages with

So there you have it...my first week of reasons I have found to be cheerful...
not great art,  but such fun to focus on what inspires me
to be cheerful.
I would love to know your reasons you find to be cheerful!
Will you journal them this week and share them in a post next Sunday?
Until then, Cheerio !
From Gracie <3


  1. What a lovely post, I had a journal like this for years, I couldn't think what was the right thing to put in it, then I started to craft and gradually it's pages are being filled with ideas, patterns and inspiration.
    I adore your little pictures.

  2. Dear dear Gracie, I just now am catching up with my favorite blogs and your is definitely one of my favoritest! I love love LOVE your journal and the entries! It made my day to see my name on your little iPad.. teehee! I have a nice leather journal that is mostly empty, I think I'll try to get it out and start journaling.. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  3. Hello Gracie - a friend gave me a similar journal a good few years ago and I have never used it. Unsure what I should put in it. You have given me food for thought. Anne x

  4. What a lovely idea. I must have a journal around here somewhere that I can use for this wonderful purpose. I am honored that my name was included on your blog page, that you so much you made my day.

  5. What a wonderful idea!!! Thanks for sharing your personal journal!!!

  6. That is a beautiful idea, Gracie! It's so funny too, because I just found a box full of journals I never even got to draw in!

  7. I so LOVE This Gracie! And I'm honored to have my name on your cheery list. I've never been a journaler, having tried to keep a diary as a teen and failed epically. :-) But your list, oh, how I love that concept. Maybe I need to re-think my mindset of journaling.

    Have a wonderful day!



  8. I absolutely adore your journal entries! I've been carefully looking at each one - so charming. You are full of joy and creativity, Gracie. A total inspiration to me. :))

  9. I like it!
    Right now my granddaughters are making almost daily journal entries on the pages of my heart. Their entries look like hearts, flowers and sunshine; their entries make me smile:)
    (TY for including me in your journal) I've kept a variety of electronic and handwritten journals over the years...I love doing this.

  10. Wow - what a beautiful journal, and your list of items that makes you happy made me smile too....so your joy is infectious! Thanks for sharing x x x

  11. Woweeee! Thank you for sharing that with us - I think you win the prize for the best note book Gracie.

    Your comments Cheer me everytime!

    Thank you for being such a wonderful blog friend!

    Much Love, Kate xxxxxxxx

  12. I am scrolling backwards through your posts! I use my blog list to catch up with posts as they are written...I have tried to update my bloglist three times since blogger changed...I am missing so many posts :( I think i should adopt reasons to be cheerful! I love your comment and little cartoon/drawings :) x

  13. I so enjoy reading your posts, and love your pictures of your journal. So lovely, but equally lovely is your list of happiness.
    It really inspires me to write in my lovely journal.


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