"I started photographing my domestic world and writing not just about what I had made,
but why I made it, examining the thoughts that accompany creativity and the act of making."
Jane Brocket from The Gentle Art of Domesticity p. 189 UK edition

Friday, December 16, 2011

From Cards to Ducks

At least once a year I try to communicate with family and friends through the mail across the miles, to remind them that I think of them often and with love, and desire that they will know much joy!

But I took a break this afternoon to try to get pictures of ducks on the front pond that is formed from the creek that flows under the road through this concrete tunnel.

See the ducks?   Not so much, huh....

A different angle helps a little...but not much, huh....  Well until I can get a better picture, will you believe me when I type that you are viewing beautiful mallards?

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