"I started photographing my domestic world and writing not just about what I had made,
but why I made it, examining the thoughts that accompany creativity and the act of making."
Jane Brocket from The Gentle Art of Domesticity p. 189 UK edition

Saturday, December 10, 2011


Celebration....  When does it begin?

31  years ago I made this needlepoint star while our youngest son was hospitalized for four weeks in Colorado.
Such an uncertain time to pursue creativity, but healing for me as I waited for our son to be healed.

About 12 years ago my oldest sister stitched this felt star for me  She birthed four delightful, adorable children, three of whom were thriving in their thirties when she made the star, but her youngest son was ill for over five years and had died nearly ten years before she created the star. 

When I was a child I was certain that a freshly chopped tree was an important part of celebrating Christmas, but about 20 years ago I helped purchase my first artificial tree.  The tree pictured above was set up each weekend afer Thanksgiving in my living room for the last two years since my husband died, but this year some of my children set it up in our family room and hung some socks on the window ledge instead of the fireplace mantle.

This year I decided I did not want a tree in the living room, but while I was at the dollar store I bought the little green wire tree perched on this window ledge behind the olive wood nativity scene my parents purchased for my husband and me 40 years ago.  [Various herald angels are floating on the window above the nativity scene celebrating Christ's birth, I'm certain!]

But my daughters thought I might miss having a bigger tree in the living room so they surprised me by finding just the right spot for this one, decorated with many handmade ornaments including a little flock of sheep, to spur on our sense of celebration.

My 2 and 4 year old grand girls.

Celebration....  When does it begin?  Looking back over the last 60 years, it seems to me now that celebration has not been so focused on particular days of the year like Christmas, or in special symbols or ceremonies, but rather in those moments throughout all my days when I have been loved and have loved, creatively, reflecting the One I am simply as a child growing to know as Creator, Savior and Lord in His kingdom ruled by Love.

When does celebration begin for you?


  1. I love your little tree and the flock of sheep =) We just bought a small artificial tree this year and set it up on a table to try and keep Sean out of it. So far he is doing well!

    Ryleigh and I made a couple yarn ball ornaments yesterday and I think we are going to make some paper chains tomorrow.

    I try to celebrate more often than Holidays. I am really bad at 'doing' Holidays. Growing up there weren't a lot of traditions and while I love buying gifts, I feel like there is way too much emphasis on comsumerism and not enough emphasis on family and the meaning of Christmas. I am really trying to slow down a bit and start family traditions.

  2. I just started celebrating at the beginning of the year. Planning special things throughout the year and at holidays to create lasting memories.
    We REALLY enjoy finding something special and meanigful for our family and friends that isn't something they would normally buy or make for themselves. I want to start doing this with my kids! Not just buying toys but making loving memories out of gifts. Because after all it's all about love! :o)
    Amber you are really good at that! You make special memories all the time with your creativity! You have such great ideas!
    Mom you have created so many wonderful family traditions over the years that are so special to us! I love putting your star at the top of the tree every year! My favorite is listening to how all our voices blend when we sing Christmas hyms during our Advent celebration. Thanks for all you do to make the days more special!


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