"I started photographing my domestic world and writing not just about what I had made,
but why I made it, examining the thoughts that accompany creativity and the act of making."
Jane Brocket from The Gentle Art of Domesticity p. 189 UK edition

Saturday, March 16, 2019

Gratefully March [ing]

Ahoy Dear Readers!
I am still trying to catch up on reading blog posts for those of you who blog, and I am enjoying the process.  Thanks for posting, and for those of you who don't blog, thank you for keeping in touch with comments on my blog, calls, cards, texts, emails, and some in-person visits!

A few weeks ago I got together with some friends making some cards like this encouragement card, [Pour out your heart to God.  He is your refuge.  Psalm 62:8b].  I am eager to make and send out more cards.

To celebrate my birthday that was in the middle of February, a friend took me flower shopping.  Most of the flowers were already dried, but two bunches I hung upside down in the laundry room to dry.

Also for my birthday, I was given the pretty red Cyclamen I put on the table. I have been learning how to care for it and am thrilled that it is still alive!

Most of the dried flowers I arranged in two baskets on either side of the couch (one shown in the back of the above photo.)

With some of the dried flowers and a little artificial bird, I have had fun decorating the grapevine wreath on the front door.

Here near the base of Mt. Hood in the Portland, Oregon, area I have been shivering in our wintery weather.  We have had a few little snow storms...sometimes with huge flakes like those in the photo above.

I have been making lots of chicken vegetable soup!  I have usually used the following vegetables:  carrots, celery, winter squash, yellow summer squash, spinach, and broccoli.

One of my neighbors came over and showed me some photos she had taken from her house.  She took photos of some gorgeous sunsets, so I have been looking for pretty sunsets and was so excited to take a photo of this one.

In spite of the wintery weather, I'm marveling about a little patch of these Wild Violets in the garden outside the front door.

I am enjoying these beautiful purple Hyacinths nearby in the same part of the garden.  Spring is nearly here!

Meet love-worn Hezekiah!  He is around eighty years old and belonged to my mom.  When one of my nephews was a little one he found great comfort in petting and plucking Hezekiah.  At some point, Hezekiah lost his eyes and someone sewed on some googly eyes.  When I brought Hezekiah up here on my last trip from California in my carry on bag on the plane I was hoping to find some nice brown eyes more like his original eyes.  Last week I am convinced that God helped me find these eyes at my nearby JoAnn's store, for less than three dollars!

So did you know that my Shark vacuum can try to eat my Mac computer power cord nearly panicking me!?!   By the grace and mercy of God, I was able to untangle the two!!!

I much prefer the challenge of winding up yarn in a center pull ball like I am doing with this yarn!

Are you entangled with any crafty challenges these days?



  1. Hi Gracie.. good to see that you posted! I believe your pretty red flower is a Cyclamen.. I'm glad it's blooming well for you. The little purple flowers are wild Violets, you should pick a little bouquet and bring it in and smell it often as it's VERY fragrant. Those Hyacinths will also smell divine. I'm happy that you are now the owner of you Mom's Teddy Bear.. what a wonderful treasure. I'm glad your cord did not get chewed up badly as they are expensive to replace. Enjoy your Spring in your new home! I hope to see you soon. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. Lovely to see you posting Gracie and thank you so much for your visits to my blog πŸ’–πŸ’– I am way behind with mine as have had Pauls 82 yr old uncle visiting from UK he flys back today a few long flights. Love to you πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ

  3. What a joy to see that you had posted and a delight to visit. Hopefully you are settling well into your new home. The sunset was stunning and those little patch's of Spring flowers so beautiful, a sure sign Spring is on the way. Your teddy bear has been blessed with new eyes more appropriate to his grandeur, long may they last and be loved. Take care.

  4. Wishing you a very late happy Birthday Gracie. How wonderful to go flower shopping to mark the occasion. There is a tug of war between winter and spring going on here. One day it snows, the next day it is almost warm. It must be very similar in the Portland area, I remember the climate being a little like here on the west coast of Scotland. May spring prevail :-)

    Have a lovely week xx

  5. Happy Birthday Gracie. Wishing you a wonderful year. Your new home looks so cozy and just perfect. Glad you are meeting neighbors and getting settled in. YOu are always in my thoughts my friend. Have a great week.

  6. What a glorious sunset Gracie. As an early riser my photos are always of sunrises, with the added accompaniment of the dawn chorus.

    Love the cards too, and glimpses of your new abode, thank you for sharing. God bless.

  7. Belated Birthday Greetings Gracie. Flower shopping sounds delightful. That is a lovely sunset. Sweet bear. Good you are going to take care of it. Our weather has been very stormy and cold oh and wet and grey :-) Hope it gets a little better soon. Take care. Hugs Anne x

  8. Hello there sweet Gracie! It is wonderful to see you post and to get some glimpses of your new home. I’m glad you were able to rescue your computer cord. Whew! I know that was scary. Those cords are expensive. How wonderful it is that you have your mothers teddy bear. And those eyes are perfect for it. I still have my teddy bear from when I was a little gir, and I have my grandmothers porcelain doll. It scares all of our kids and grandkids. Beautiful, beautiful flowers. We are seeing glimpses of spring here. Finally! Wishing you a wonderful Sunday Gracie. Love and prayers. Blessings, Betsy

  9. Happy belated birthday Gracie! It's a nice day out and so thankful there's warmer weather this week! I used to have an old bear that was my dad's. It was filled with sawdust...or something like that. I think I tossed it out as it could be yucky in these years. Used to have a stuffed dog of mine as well, but he's got but still have a doll. I've been knitting a prayer shawl. It's to going to a friend, but I need to knit for that a few rows a night to get it done and out of here! Glad you read your blog again. Missing you but glad you're doing well! Hugs and blessing, Becky

  10. Loving your ing post. They are always really good when any blogger writes them - a little snippet of someones life in one post. Crikey! glad you untangled the hoover and really pleased you found eyes for your bear. Have a good week. Jo xx

  11. beautiful flowers and views...
    have a great day

  12. Hope you had a lovely birthday, Gracie. Somehow I had no idea you live near Portland. That February snow was really something, wasn't it. Ours finally melted last week, and it's so good to see the spring flowers. Yours are lovely. I've been making some booties and also fighting with a shawl pattern.

  13. Gracie, hello there nice to meet you. I just discovered your blog from another that I read consistently. I am curious, are you a Pisces? Happy belated birthday. I am a pisces so I that's why I was wondering. My birthday is the 25th of Feb. I Love your hyacinth bulbs. They are gorgeous! That teddy is precious. I keep my mums on a little sewing table in my treasure room too. I am so happy I found you. I am a former real life mermaid, so of course I love your blog theme... well done doll face...love Raquelxxx

  14. Hi Gracie! Good to see a new post from you! Your chicken soup sounds most yummy. I don't think I've ever used winter squash in one before. I LOVE your mom's bear and I think it quite like God to provide those special eyes for Hezekiah as He delights in giving gifts to His children😊
    Peace, Aimee
    PS. A most blessed belated birthday to you!

  15. I always enjoy my visits, dear Gracie, and catching up on all your news. I enjoyed the encouragement card, the wreath and the blooms and dear old Hezekiah, of course. And I wish I hadn't made my sister hold my yarn for such a long time while I wound it, I could have used a chair.

  16. I just came from last nights tangled mess ending as I used up some yarns to make foot covers. I love that you have your mom's teddy bear!

  17. Lovely to catch up with you dear Gracie...and wishing you a belated happy birthday and a wonderful year ahead. I love that old bear...so glad you found the right eyes for the repair work! If I wind wool I often get in quite a tangle...even with a winder or someone to hold it for me there have been extremely tangled moments! Happy weekend XXX

  18. Very belated birthday wishes to you. Mine was at the end of February and we were in Jerusalem at the time celebrating with family. March seems to have flown right on by very quickly. Can't believe a week of April has already passed us by, too. Lovely to see what all you have been up to in your new space. I hope that Spring has sprung for you now. Sunday blessings, Tammy

  19. Hi Gracie, I'm back from England and Arizona and catching up on your blog. It looks like you are settling in to your new place quite nicely.
    Hezekiah reminds me of my mom's bear, with patchy 'skin'.
    I haven't been doing much untangling--mostly making tiny hats for our local NICU.
    Happy weekend to you!


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