"I started photographing my domestic world and writing not just about what I had made,
but why I made it, examining the thoughts that accompany creativity and the act of making."
Jane Brocket from The Gentle Art of Domesticity p. 189 UK edition

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Mending Crafts

Happy New Year!!!

While there were many wonderful travels and visits with family and friends in  2017 for me, I was so sad at the end of November to get a call from my oldest sister, Carolyn, in Sonoma, California, asking me to come be with her after she had emergency colostomy surgery. I have been in Sonoma since December 3, 2017.

I recently saw and purchased these two books and hope that as I read them they will help me focus on mending and creating even through difficult puzzling times.  Carolyn and her oldest daughter just finished putting together the puzzle pictured above.

I took two days to drive from Portland, Oregon, south through Crescent City, California, where I stopped briefly to take this photo of the Crescent City lighthouse on the island. Do you see the seal admiring it?

Since I arrived in Sonoma, I have been busy homemaking here, driving around and about, and enjoying more time with members of my family.

My oldest son-in-law has kept me in touch with his branch of the family by sending photos of his girls making Christmas cookies and them enjoying the Christmas Eve snow they had in the Portland area.

The girls managed to scrape together enough snow to create this little fine fellow :)

A few days after Christmas my older sister, Margaret, came north to Sonoma from Burbank to visit until New Years Day.  During that time, Carolyn experienced some difficult side effects from the five days of chemo she had just finished, but we enjoyed distracting ourselves by putting together puzzles.

One night after Margaret went home to Burbank, my niece gave me an extra ticket she had to attend a folk concert by John McCutchen at the Sonoma Sebastiani Theatre.  He plays the piano, guitar, autoharp, hammered dulcimer, fiddle, other instruments, sings and tells interesting stories as well.  My niece and I thoroughly enjoyed his performance!

Since I last checked in with you I crocheted a little silver heart, painted a card, knit a few rows on a dishcloth, and I have done some mending, including mending some seams of this quilt.

Last week Carolyn's oldest daughter and two of her grandsons flew in from Nebraska for a few days visit and we had a wonderful time!

Last Saturday we drove to Bodega Bay and saw this fabulous view.

Here, my great nephew, Phillip is looking out for whale spouts from Bodega Head.  At the beach, he and his brother, William, dared to get in the water, flew a kite and ran around enjoying sun and surf.

Today if Carolyn's white cell count is okay she will start another five day round of chemo at a lower dose that we hope will bring her healing without painful side effects.

I am so sorry that I have not managed to stay in better touch with you, and I hope to do so in the days ahead.

May you and yours know the Lord's blessings!

Gracie :)  xx


  1. Gracie! I was so pleased to see your blog pop to the top of my blog list! I've missed seeing your thoughts and photos! I'm so glad you can stay with your sister and support her during this time. But I miss you! I've taken far too many days off swimming since you're not there in the pool with me. :-) I hope that your sister's doctor can tell her some good news. I'm also glad your sister's family is coming to spend time with her and that you get to see them too. I know you bring brightness and joy to her life as you do to all who know you. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. Glad to see you back and so wishing your sister a very speedy recovery. So good that you can be with her and the other members of your family. Thinking of you all. B x

  3. Hello Gracie. A happy New Year to you and your family. It was good to see a post from you. I had wondered how you were. I do hope that your sister continues to make a good recovery. Anne x

  4. It's good to see you post Gracie. It's wonderful that you can take the time to be with your sister and care for her right now and that other family is able to visit as well. I am glad you are able to get out a bit and enjoy the beautiful area you're in. I have added Carolyn to my prayers and asking God to heal her is His perfect time.
    Blessings and love always,

  5. Greetings dear Gracie. It was so nice to hear from you. But, I'm so sad to hear about your sister's illness. It's so good of you to be there with her during this time. What a blessing you are to her! Sending you prayers and hugs and I miss you. Please give your sister my greetings. Pat xx

  6. Happy New Year to you and yours. You and your sister will be in my prayers, here's hoping for a speedy recovery. Take care.

  7. How wonderful for your sister that you can spend this extended time with her during this difficult time. Hope things go well with her treatments and her blood counts are good. Beautiful photos from Bodega Bay. We spent a weekend there to celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary...many years ago. Blessings on you and yours.

  8. Oh Gracie much love to your sister and the whole family, may she get through this treatment and keep my healing thoughts among you. I had wondered where you had got to and missed seeing your blog. I did love seeing that seal and such a lovely photo's you have. xoxoxo

  9. It is lovely to see you Gracie. It is wonderful that you can spend time with your sister and help her with daily life. I hope this next round of chemotherapy will be better tolerated. I am keeping my fingers crossed and send you love and hugs. x

  10. Happy new year, Gracie. Hope your sister recover soon. Good to see you have a wonderful time with your extended family.

  11. Praying for your sister that her pain will ease and that the chemo will work it's magic to heal her body. ((Hugs)). Also praying for you, too...because caregivers are the truly forgotten heroes of this world. May God keep your strength up and your spirits as you all go through this journey together. Blessings always. :)

  12. Happy New Year to you too Gracie. I hope your sister gets through these difficult times without to much discomfort. It must be such a bonus having you there with her. It must have been strange not being with your grandchildren at Christmas. I enjoyed seeing your sea pictures and how you captured the seal! Sarah x

  13. Praying all will go well with your sister and for you as caregiver. You are certainly being blessed with the family visits and outings.


  14. Glad your blogging with photos of your stay in California. Hopefully your sister will be better soon. Enjoy your time away in spite of upheavals in life. Be well and prayers for your sister. Hugs!

  15. Sending prayers for your dear sister and hoping all goes well with diminished pain. Bless your heart for helping her during this difficult time. So wonderful that the family has gathered together. Love all the beautiful photos of the sea. Sending hugs and blessings xo Karen

  16. You are certainly using your time in the best way--helping your sister! I was away from home for 7 weeks again in Nov, Dec, and January. So happy to be home now.
    I love that you are flourishing even in this temporary situation.
    Happy New Year!

  17. Do not ever apologize for taking care of your family Gracie, that is the most important thing in the world. Family, love having a sister you can rely on, having other family members that keep you included even though you are miles away. You are the best. I am glad you are home and can get back to your regular tasks and schedule. I hope your sister is doing better on her lower dose, my thoughts and prayers are with you all.

  18. It's so nice to hear from you. I had worried that you were ill. I am so sorry for what your sister is going through, but she is very lucky to have an angel like you at her side!

  19. Gracie, I so seldom even fire up my computer anymore, let alone look at blogs. But I wanted to pop in to at hello. I am so sorry to hear of your sister being unwell. She will be in my prayers. What a troubling time this must be. Stay busy, keep well.
    Love Kris

  20. It is good to catch up on all your news, dear Gracie, and to see you enjoying time with your family. I hope your sister is on the mend! A hug.

  21. I hope that all is going as well as it can for your sister and for you too. Thinking of you. xx


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