"I started photographing my domestic world and writing not just about what I had made,
but why I made it, examining the thoughts that accompany creativity and the act of making."
Jane Brocket from The Gentle Art of Domesticity p. 189 UK edition

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Five on Friday: *Snow Girl!*

Mt. Hood from the corner of Orient Drive and Waybill Ave. this week

Oldest granddaughter, Hayley, creating Snow Girl

Molly, Mom-Mary, Hayley and Joy as Snow Girl comes together.


Joyous Snow Girl!

While we live near the base of a mountain that is snow covered during most of the year, we rarely get enough snow down here in the valley to slip slide or play in, but last week presented us with such an opportunity. At our house we got about four inches of snow, enough for my oldest daughter and her three older girls to build a snow girl!

I confess I thought they had built a Snow Hello Kitty, but I was quickly corrected when I praised them for making one.  In fact, I was informed that they made Snow Girl, complete with a most fashionable snow bow!

Of course...how silly of me!

Every time we peeked at Snow Girl over the next few days we never failed to smile, and I hope she has the same effect on you as you view her now.

Rain has fallen on Snow Girl, washing her smile away, but the joy her creation inspired is a  sweet memory that encourages me.

There are many circumstances in life that are sobering, sad, sickening or scary, and how I cope with those circumstances may be, or seem, mis-guided by those who know me, or think they know me. Still I stubbornly, imperfectly, continue to aim to learn to live lovingly. 

This week I have been crocheting more little Christmas wreaths, knitting more rows on a preemie blanket, almost binge watching Hallmark Christmas movies, eating mini peppermint candy canes, reading two Christmas novellas, ["Finding Father Christmas" and "Engaging Father Christmas,"] wrapping presents, and gathering with family and friends at home and church as we celebrate the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ, "for to us a child is born, to us a son is given, and the government will be on His shoulders, and He will be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace." Isaiah 9:6

And I have been watching sadly as the rain washes Snow Girl away, even while I fondly remember her joyous creation.

Have you ever created a snow person who has encouraged you?

Wishing you love and joy,

Gracie xx

Thank you, Amy, for the Five on Friday link here!


  1. Wishing you much happiness and more memory making like Snow Girl this season xxx

  2. Beautiful post Gracie. I love the Snow Girl. I'm sad she is leaving your yard so quickly. (If you live down here in the frozen tundra that would NOT be a problem.) the world is, indeed fallen, but we have a hope in Jesus and we need to try to spread that hope wherever we can. You are a wonderful blessing in my life sweet Gracie and I love your positive outlook. You, my dear, are an inspiration to many.
    Merry Christmas my friend,

  3. Happy post Gracie. Merry Christmas! Jo x

  4. Hello Gracie. Snowgirl made me smile. Children give such great joy. Yesterday while out shopping we bumped into my nephew and his wife and family. My little great niece ran up , hugged me and shouted Merry Christmas Auntie Anne. Then in hushed tones and very conspiratorially told me some special news about mummy - and whispered but it's a secret at the moment :-) I will let you guess :-) Such Happy News as we are preparing to celebrate the birth of Jesus. I wish you a happy and peaceful Christmas Gracie. X

  5. Snow girl looks very happy. We haven't had snow for a couple of years now. :-( .
    Have a wonderful Christmas. CN x

  6. Snow girl is so darling; she did bring a smile to my face! Your grandchildren are so sweet, and I love glimpses into your warm family life. I am not Christian, and when my children were little I worried about keeping them Jewish in the face of so much fun Christmas stuff. But now that they are grown and Jewish in their own ways, I truly enjoy the the spirit of Christmas with my friends and neighbors! And blog friends, of course!

  7. Lovely post. Beautiful snow girl. I don't like winter so much now -too much snow in Michigan - but when I was a child in England snowfall was few and far between and we took any opportunity to build snowmen when we had a chance.

    Happy Five on Friday. Have a safe and happy holiday season

  8. A snow girl, what a joy and fun!
    I had a snow rabbit one year in my childhood, maybe I find the old photo to show it next year (?)
    We are living too nearby a mountain with a lot of snow from october to may every year. But not in out town...
    Merry blessed Christmas from Germany

  9. What a beautiful post Gracie, I loved to read about Snow Girl. I showed Mt Hood to my husband Richard, he used to live in Portland and he said that it was almost 20 years since he climbed it on New Year. I think he misses Oregon. Have a wonderful Christmas time with your family xx

  10. What a happy looking snow girl! Season's greetings to you and yours.

  11. Loved seeing the Snow Girl, too, too, cute. :) Wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas and a most Happy New Year, too. :)

  12. I love the word Joy in the window through which you've captured the joy on all their faces as they completed building the snow girls. Have a wonderful Christmas:)

  13. Beautiful post, I loved seeing Snow Girl and although she was only around a short while her joyous memory continues....I love reading your thoughtful gentle words dear Gracie, you are such a kind person and I do think you 'live lovingly'.
    I wish you and your family a very Happy Christmas.
    Sending love
    Helen xox

  14. Love snow girl and all that she means. Have a lovely family Christmas. B x

  15. Holiday greetings dear Gracie. I hope you have a blessed Christmas season. It's such a special time of year to share with our dear family and others. Christ is born...Glorify him! Merry Christmas dear friend, Pat xx

  16. Dear Gracie, Thank you for popping into my blog and your comments on my latest post. I wouldn't mind seeing a snow girl smiling like yours was outside of my window. I think she had a rather cheeky grin!
    Many need to take a leaf from your book Gracie....more consideration,kindness and love are needed in large proportions!!!
    Have a wonderful Christmas with your family xxx


    Amanda xx

  17. What a fun snow girl your girls made. Megan made a tiny snowman from the 2 inches of snow we got last week. I enjoy the beauty of snow as it changes our landscape and makes everything look different. Then it leaves and we have the memories. Almost analogy of Jesus washing away our sins and making it all new. Even through the grey days he's still with us thru it all. Merry Christmas, Gracie and your family.

  18. Gracie, your wonderful outlook on life encourages me. I think snow girl is awesome. We have heat and humidity here. Would love to have a few flakes of snow. Merry Christmas to you and your lovely family.

  19. Wow, all that SNOW on Mt. Hood!!
    Merry White Christmas to you and yours!

  20. Really enjoyed this post Gracie! I am SUCH a snow lover and am always enchanted by it! The Snow Girl is wonderful and I can see why you would miss itπŸ˜„ Wishing you and yours a most blessed and joy-filled Christmas.
    Peace and blessings,

  21. I love all snowmen. I find them delightful. Snowcats and snow Girls too. They are whimsical and for the enjoyment of all. Merry Christmas Gracie!

  22. That is absolutely the happiest looking snowgirl I've ever seen. She makes me happy, too. I'm so glad you shared her, because we've had one wimpy snow which didn't even cover the grass here in Southwest Missouri. Obviously, no snow people to admire.

    Wishing you a perfect 2017.

  23. How lovely to have some snow, the snow girl and your family look so happy! Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. Sarah x

  24. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas, Gracie.
    It's been raining here too - actually went up to 50 yesterday. I wonder if it's the calm before the storm!
    Best wishes to you and your family for a happy , healthy new year. xo

  25. Great photo's and so pleased that your girls got enough snow to make a snow girl! Snow Girl looks fabulous! Happy New Year :)

  26. So fun to watch your darling Grand-girls create snow-girl on a beautiful winter day! Something to bring a smile to everyone! I do hope you had a blessed Christmas and that your 2017 is also full of sweet blessings for you and your family. Thank you so much for your kind condolences and lovely visits. Looking forward to sharing in each other's lives through friendship blogging in the coming year. xx Karen

  27. Snow girl certainly brings a smile 😊 Our grandkids on south Vancouver Island got to make a snowman too. They just loved the snow, which they so rarely get.

  28. Snow girl does look very happy! I love her smile. She reminds me of so many snowmen my siblings and I made when we were younger. May the Lord bless and be with you as we head into the new year!

  29. Oh Gracie...how wonderful! I love Snow Girl so much! Love the joy and childhood whimsy she represents! So slowly fades much as Christmas itself does and we begin to face the challenges of a new year. I am starting Jan 1 with a new snow at my home of less than a week, and the wonderful six deer (does, yearlings and one getting-bigger fawn) camped out under the juniper trees. Yes, joy!!!! :-) Soon I hope to rival your awesome snow-capped Mt. Hood pics with my own shots of snow-capped Mt. Jefferson...Have a great new year, dear blogger friend, and know that whatever lies ahead, God is ultimately always in control. May you have His blessings always.

  30. How FUN! We live near Nashville and snow never lasts more than a day or two. So when it's here, kids rush outside to build a snowman. Sadly, it's usually completely melted in a few days. Even on day two, it's not all that snowman-ish anymore!

  31. What a happy snowman! We haven't had a lot of opportunities to play in the snow so far this winter.


  32. I thought I'd commented on this.. guess not! Sometimes I read a post and plan to comment later but then get busy and forget but I think that I DID comment since I read it.. lol. Anyway.. what a cute snow girl your darlings made. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  33. Happy new year. The snowman looks full of joy.


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