"I started photographing my domestic world and writing not just about what I had made,
but why I made it, examining the thoughts that accompany creativity and the act of making."
Jane Brocket from The Gentle Art of Domesticity p. 189 UK edition

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Five on Friday: Camping!

For quite some time I have been enjoying viewing posts published by bloggers participating in Amy's Five on Friday gathering.  Since I find myself creating posts about once a week, I am going to have a go at joining Amy's link up and share five highlights of my past week.

One: Forest camping between Rock Creek Reservoir and Wamic, Oregon, on the east side of Mt. Hood, for the last ten days has been wonderful! Some of the roads my family traveled on to go camping are part of what was the Oregon Barlow Pioneer Trail.  Although we set up my tent, my youngest daughter and her husband invited me to sleep in their camping trailer which was very comfy.

Two: Fun was had by all who came with me as well as those who just visited for a day. Our campsite was right alongside a manmade irrigation creek.  It was so relaxing listening to the water ripple past although we ventured away from our campsite nearly every day for a bit. One day we drove to the nearby lookout over the Tygh Valley and it was lovely to see the farm land below us. Another day we played a round of miniature golf, and then my son and son in law played 18 holes on the beautiful, nearly deserted golf course in around 100 degree sunshine! On Sunday we visited the local log cabin Wamic Community Church and enjoyed their Pot Blessing lunch after worship.

Three:  Firelight and heat was our friend for some daytime cookouts and in the cool evenings.  We enjoyed playing Scrabble, Pegs and Jokers, Bannangrams, and, Five Thousand here and there during the days and evenings. I finished knitting two dishcloths and crocheted three little round face scrubbers. During some days my youngest daughter had to use WiFi at a local cafe to complete homework assignments for her Master's in Nursing Informatics.  While she did that I colored some more pages with watercolors, and fiber tipped pens and sketched and watercolored a view of our campsite. Some of the time I spent reading, too, from the "One Year NLT Bible," and Jan Karon's  pastoral but driving Father Tim novel, "In the Company of Others."  

Four: Feathers were a highlight of our days. We visited Rock Creek Reservoir frequently and gathered many goose feathers and a pretty little orange and black feather that I think may have come from a red winged black bird. On one of the near 100 degree days we went swimming in the clear cool water.  Ahhhhhh....  While we were out in the water  without our cameras we were thrilled to watch a Bald Eagle swoop down to the water, catch a fish and then fly directly overhead so that we could almost see the scales on the fish! Family members and friends also went fishing, but unlike the Bald Eagle, no one caught a fish.

Five:  Flowers were a delight to see tucked here and there in the green grasses and bushes around us.  When four year old grand Joy visited for a day she picked a sprig of Queen Anne's Lace for me which I brought home with me although it is a bit worse for the wear. The photo of the Thistle I took with Jennifer of Thistlebear in mind.

Now that I am home and unpacked and reconnected to more reliable internet connections, I look forward to visiting with and finding out, "what is new or old with you?"



  1. Wow, what wonderful photos you are taking there! I love the first one of the sunset up into the tall forest. How nice to disconnect from regular life and have time to play games with your loved ones and craft and chat and tune back in again. I miss you! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. I am so glad you had such a wonderful time with your family Gracie. Oh, the memories you made this week with all of them. You are so blessed and such a blessing to all who know you. I love how you notice appreciate each and everything around you, no matter how small. Your photos are inspiring and I'm so impressed by your artwork. I'm glad you're home safe and sound, but so happy you had your grand adventure my sweet friend.

  3. Hi Gracie, it looks like you had a fabulous time with your family. I so enjoyed seeing the photos you shared of the beautiful surroundings. It must have been so much fun getting away from everything to enjoy the beauty of nature. I hope you are rested and enjoying your weekend. Hugs, Pat

  4. Fabulous Gracie and loved all of your photos 😀😀 thanks for visiting me too xxoo

  5. What a truly lovely post, it was wonderful to read about your trip and look at your beautiful photos. Sounds amazing spending quality time with your loved ones and enjoying such beautiful surroundings.

  6. Lots of lovely photos of your beautiful surroundings. Connecting with nature and family is a wonderful thing. It looks like you had a relaxing time with some pretty crafty outcomes. :)

  7. What a wonderful trip! Don't you find that doing everyday things -- like knitting -- are extra special when you do them outside? I'd love to go camping, but we have had such rainy weather that I'm afraid to!

  8. Beautiful, simple beautiful. Your wonderful words describing your days, the beautiful photos that accompanied them. It sounds like a very peaceful and beautiful trip Gracie. You know I love those feathers.
    Glad you had a wonderful time,

  9. Looks like you had a wonderful trip, Gracie. Your pictures are lovely - there's nothing like spending time in nature with people you love. And then, it's always just wonderful coming home too, isn't it.
    Take care.

  10. Hi Gracie! Thank you for thinking of me. Those are lovely thistles. Your camping trip looks like it was a lot of fun. What a beautiful spot to camp in. I love the shot of your beds, it looks so rustic and comfy with the plaid blanket. Thanks for sharing your camping trip with us. I hope you have a good week!

  11. Oh Gracie, that top photo of the pink cloud behind the pines is a stunner! What a lovely camping trip. Your wildflower photos had me leaning in close to the screen for a good look - the ruling passion, you know.

    The birds and feathers are lovely too. Oh for the wings of a dove.... Thanks for letting us fly away with you. :)

  12. Oh I can just smell the pine trees! That looks like good, relaxing fun. I agree the top photo is amazing, and also the wildflowers. But I also felt like I could just crawl into that lovely tartan bed in the tent! That isn't a part of Oregon I've been to. Thanks for sharing - and your beautiful creations as well.

  13. What a great time you had!! So lovely to see some new places and hear about your trip. Thank you for joining Five On Friday, I am sorry that you were not able to link up. The link is open from 6am Friday to 7pm Saturday - those are UK times, I guess you are 7 hours behind us? Thank you again for joining in, I hope you are having a great week!

  14. I always enjoy seeing images from your camping trips. The first image looking up at the tops of the trees as the sun is setting is fantastic! It must have been wonderful to see the bald eagles and discover so many beautiful wild flowers too. Sarah x

  15. I LOVE gurgling water. You must have slept like a baby.

  16. Gorgeous photos! Love the first one of the trees.

  17. Wow ! I loved the feathers , painting
    Great post


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