"I started photographing my domestic world and writing not just about what I had made,
but why I made it, examining the thoughts that accompany creativity and the act of making."
Jane Brocket from The Gentle Art of Domesticity p. 189 UK edition

Monday, April 18, 2016

Spring Fever Gardening

Rainy day crocheted strawberry still not complete...
Fudge Almond Chocolate Chip cookies and Almond bread by replanted Shamrock plant
Fish Stew [I thought it was yummy!]
Rainbow Chard, Fuchsia Hanging Basket and Basil planted
Hulda Klager Lilac Garden, Woodland, Washington

Lilacs from our bush

Wood Ducks
Sandy River from Tad's Chicken'n Dumplins
Becky, Dennis, Betsy, Teresa, Phil, Dayle, Gracie

Gracie, Betsy, Teresa, Taci

While I am not certain of the symptoms of Spring Fever, I suspect I have a full blown case of it.

You see, I have spent time inside cooking, and stitching and painting a new horizon for my watercolor painting, but, I have been so excited to spend even more time out and about witnessing the glorious blooming of Spring!

Teresa, my dear blogging friend, drove us north to the Hulda Klager Lilac Garden in Woodland, Washington, and published a wonderful post about our trip HEREThank you, again, Teresa, for the fun, and introducing me to such an amazing place.

When I got home I checked our one gigantic lavender Lilac bush.  It only had about six blossoms on it and I cut two and brought them inside so we can enjoy them...the blossoms have such a short life, but their fragrance is h.e.a.v.e.n.l.y ~ ~ ~

This week I planted three hanging baskets of white Fuchsias...no blossoms yet.  I planted six little Rainbow Chard plants and a Basil plant out among the flowers.  We have some Joseph Coat Rose buds, I noted!

Saturday my youngest daughter sent me a text while out on errands to tell me she had seen a lot of "duck action" out on the front pond on her way out the driveway if I wanted to take some photos.  I was convinced I only saw some Mallards, but when I looked at the photos on my computer screen I saw some Wood Ducks, too!

This weekend was very special because our blogging friend, Betsy, drove down with her husband all the way from Spokane, Washington...six hours!  We had a great visit.  I had such a good time I did not want us all to part ways again.  Taci was not able to make it to Tad's, but at the last minute was able to meet most of us the next day.

On my way home I did not want the fun to end.  The weather was perfect!  I was thinking about Betsy and Dennis telling us about their youngest son's life over in Japan where he has worked for years.  Then I remembered that I had read recently about the Japanese garden in Gresham that I had never stopped to see.  I pass by it nearly every week, but you can't see it from the road.  I thought you might enjoy seeing some of the photos I took of it. I hope to go back many times, and am curious to know how it will look different from season to season...after I recover from Spring Fever. Do you ever develop a full blown case of Spring Fever?

Gracie xx


  1. Your photos are a real delight and I am hoping the Spring Fever is contagious and we will get some better Spring like weather. You are truly blessed to be able to meet up with your blogging friends, how wonderful. The pictures of the Japanese garden are stunning, it will be interesting to note the changes though the seasons. Take care.

  2. Gracie I loved everything springy about this post! From wood ducks and mallards to Japan! You are quite the traveler. I, too, have a raging case of spring fever. I couldn't believe all of the blooming plants in Portland yesterday. Our night time temperatures are still pretty low, so not many flowers here yet. I so much enjoy visiting Japanese garden and from your photos, the one in Gresham is lovely. We have one here in Spokane too, but I think my favorite is one we visited in Hiroshima a few years about. It is so abundantly beautiful and stunning in design.
    I had so much fun this weekend and was glad Taci got to meet us at the last minute too. You girls are "the best"!
    Love you much Gracie,

  3. Fantastic post, thank you! I must contrive to visit the lilac garden when they are in bloom sometime. I love love love the smell of lilac. When I'm stressed, I try to recall it - I manage fairly well! I had a laugh over your writing about spring fever. For many years springtime has coincided with exams and marking, or trying to shepherd my other family members through that stressful part of the academic year. That is a different kind of spring fever and I like yours much better!

  4. Yes, I have a full blown case of Spring Fever too!!! Well, I did till I ran into my first snake of the season yesterday:) I had no idea that Gresham had a Japanese garden. Somehow I must have missed it on our genealogy trips there (my Oregon Trail pioneers settled in that area)--from your pix I KNOW I want to see it next time through there!
    Your fish stew looks amazing! Happy to see you had a good time with your blogger friends:)

  5. I think spring fever is the best kind of "illness" to have. :) It looks like you're making the most of your spring so far, Gracie. I enjoyed seeing what you've been up to, especially your meet-up with the other bloggers. It seems like you had a very nice time together. I hope you have a good week.

  6. What a nice post of all you've been up to. I enjoyed seeing your "nest" where you do your knitting. I have a nest too but it's rarely photo ready.. kind of a messy nest. :-) Thanks again for the washcloth. It's packed up to take to the beach with us where it will help me tidy the kitchen and wash the dishes. I've never heard of a Gresham Japanese Garden.. where is it? I love your Wood Ducks.. I wish I had a big pond where they would visit. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

    1. Believe it or not the Japanese garden is simply at the end of Main St. after crossing Powell Blvd. I was so certain Google Maps was wrong I drove around the area in the opposite direction.....I KNOW you are not surprised by that confession :) .......sigh

  7. As far as spring fever goes, I have a full blown case of it. Very high temperature. More kale, spinach and carrots planted this week. Also, I was given five broccoli seedlings! I planted those this morning after mucking around in the compost. Yup. Definitely spring fever here.

  8. Lol love your comment of driving in opposite direction lol Lovely post Gracie and so neat you get to see Teresa so often and also catchup with your other blogger pals....here has been amazingly warm and we are now in autumn and NO rain.....weird...those cloths look beautiful too and they sure loved them xoxoxo

  9. I'm enjoying all the flowers this spring as well. And now I know that the wash cloth you gave me was variegated yarn as well. I love it and goes with my new kitchen rug I recently ordered and received last Sat! It was good to see you again, my friend! Hugs!

  10. Nice to see all your activities and outing with friends:) You have been very active in all the things, Spring Fever it is:)
    We are having hot summers, so just closed ourselves in ACs, max temp are running 42C here which should have been in May.

  11. It's wonderful to see you ladies all together. Your corner of the world is looking ever so lovely. And that Japanese garden is gorgeous. Has started to get just a little too hot here. Not looking forward to the summer temps at all. Take care and have a great day.

  12. Hi Gracie! You have such a lovely life. I was struck by the photo of lilacs followed by one of lilac-colored knitting! So much spring out there. We have finally had some warm days, but the tress are not yet green. The Japanese garden is spectacular -- but then, they always are!

  13. I'm not surprised you have spring fever with so much of spring there to enjoy! I can almost smell that lilac. How lovely to spend time with your dear blogging friends. That Japanese garden is gorgeous. Sarah x

  14. Hello, dear Gracie - It sounds like you're having a beautiful spring. I love the shot of your living room with your crocheting and candles - a perfect way to spend a rainy day. I love lilacs, they are always in bloom here in NY around Mother's Day which is just perfect, isn't it?
    How lovely to get to spend time with your blogging friends. I'm sure you had a very special day together.

  15. Always great to catch up on your news Gracie. You look so well and happy. Love to you Jo x

  16. Hello Gracie. I have so enjoyed reading about your adventures with your dear friend Teresa and seeing all the lovely photos you have shared. What a fun time you have had! My favorite photo in this post is the lovely tablescape with your candles and crocheting; how I wish I could bring my needles and join you. Thank you so much for the kind words you left on my blog post. It warmed my heart and I do consider you a dear friend. I hope your weekend is off to a great start. My little grandson spent the night and our Saturday started off at 5:45 AM! Blessings and hugs to you, Pat

  17. Spring Fever! I always have a case of spring fever because spring is my favorite time of year. While living in Chicagoland, I had to literally squelch it throughout March and April, or I would not have survived. Even when the flowering trees and blooming flowers began, true springtime warmth was not a reality. Having grown up in the midwest, the redbuds and lilacs were out in April, and spring was in the air. Now living in South Carolina, I have been enjoying spring's colorful display for two months. The flowering trees were in full splendor this year, followed by the lilacs and dogwood blooms. The pansies appear in February in decorative array at the entrances of apartment complexes and housing subdivisions. Yes, springtime is a rainbow of color, and I embrace every moment I can in observing God's nature spring forth early on. But what is more delightful for me is reading how a dear childhood friend confronts spring fever with activities and relationships that build into her life and give her blessings in the surroundings she chooses to embrace.
    Gracie, thanks for sharing a piece of your beautiful world--a part of God's green earth I am not familiar with.

  18. Loved seeing the photos of everyone. The gardens are beautiful, and so are the flowers!


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