"I started photographing my domestic world and writing not just about what I had made,
but why I made it, examining the thoughts that accompany creativity and the act of making."
Jane Brocket from The Gentle Art of Domesticity p. 189 UK edition

Saturday, April 30, 2016

Come Along!

My oldest daughter, Mary Kathrine, used my camera to take a photo of my granddaughter, "Princess" Rose and me after we had been down to the front pond to see if we could see any duck activity today.

Several days before we had witnessed Mrs. Mallard shepherding her ducklings from the back to the front pond.

My youngest son in law loves to do complex puzzles.  I think I should make this photo into a puzzle for him!  I especially appreciate the grass and leaves that provide some protection for the ducks. Several days ago we saw a heron take off from the front pond.  It was startling, because they are huge birds and I have been thrilled to see them.  However,  I did a Google search on herons today to learn more about them, and now know that in the circle of life drama, ducklings and ducks, and moles and fish are possible prey for herons.  I have been thinking vegan thoughts all day...but had salmon for dinner...sigh...

Isn't Mr. Mallard handsome? I wonder if the males are so brilliant in color so that they can distract predators from the mother mallards and ducklings.
Mama Mallards kind of blend into their surroundings here.
I think this is one area where the Mallards have a nest.
I caught this duck just taking off from the front pond.
On another day I got a photo of  Mr. Wood Duck snoozing on a branch.  Did you know they do that?  I didn't until I witnessed it.
 I think this is Mr. Mallard resting on a branch.
My blogging friend Bethany asked if I planned to show you my finished Haystack Rock painting.  I have worked on it several times since then. I think it is finished...or it is finished for now at least. Most recently I added people. Two are riding recumbent bikes like those Teresa and I saw some folks riding along the beach.
I finished writing heart themed Scriptures around the acrylic splatter painted heart I made at our worship art group and am interested that it has kind of a 3D effect...there is probably some sort of scientific explanation for that...that I do not know :)
Watercolor, Staedtler triplus fineliner, PROGRESSO KOH-I-NOOR woodless pencils
Dover Kaleidoscope coloring book patterns [not colors] by A.G.Smith
Original Dover (2005) www.doverpublications.com
I taped the three little pages on a window and took the photo with the daylight shining through the pages.  The paper is a similar texture to tracing paper and I wondered how it would take the colors, so I tried three different coloring mediums. On the far right I colored both sides of the paper with woodless colored pencils to intensify the hues.
Have you been coloring lately?

This week I have knit some rows on two of the blankets I started, and I have a dishcloth half knit while watching House Hunters International on Netflix, thus traveling to Easter Island and Mongolia from my armchair. I have been reading everything from newspapers to completing the fascinating auto-biography of Catherine de Hueck Doherty...then lunch out with a friend, reading and cooking with grand girls, and sleeping and cleaning and studying, and.............. 

Thanks for coming along with me!  Where have you been wandering along? I do hope you will tell me.

Gracie xx


  1. The photos of the pond and the amazing life on it would indeed make a wonderful puzzle and a great gift. I loved the effect of the acrylic splatter heart but the scriptures around make it so special, I wonder if it could be mounted or framed as that too would make a great gift. The watercolour is real treat, stunning. Take care.

  2. Love your artwork, and love the picture of you being a mother hen to your granddaughter. :) xxx

  3. Sounds like you have had a busy week. I think Heron's also eat baby alligators, at least here in Florida they do! I was walking the other day and walked right by a 2 foot long alligator sunning himself, to say it startled me is an understatement!
    Have a lovely Sunday Gracie,

  4. Your photo's are lovely and I love your paintings. :) x

  5. The picture of you and your granddaughter is the sweetest. I sure didn't know ducks rest on branches. Mama and ducklings sure do blend in with their surroundings which is a very good thing. I love all your artwork. Still trying to get in the habit of drawing/painting every day (been trying since January :) Happy May!

  6. Greetings dear Gracie. I love the sweet photo of you and your adorable granddaughter. And the pond photos are amazing. I agree with you that the one would make a superb puzzle. It was nice to see your watercolor and your coloring pages. I've got a couple of coloring books but have not completed anything yet but they are fun. My knitting has kept me busy while watching international House Hunters! Have a lovely day and I will stop by again for a visit. Hugs, Pat

  7. I adore the photo of you and Rose.. so sweet.. you can see the love and joy you both feel for each other.. precious. I love your ponds.. how lucky you are to have those natural ponds for ducks and other wildlife! I think it's amazing that you have some resident Wood Ducks.. those are so very beautiful. I'm glad you've had such a creative and productive week. See you tomorrow in the pool! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  8. What a darling little princess you have there! It must be so much fun to spend time with such a joyful little girl.
    I love your finished drawing. The recumbent bicyclists add a lot of interest to an already-beautiful scene. Keep drawing and painting.
    I don't color. Maybe it's because I am working full-time so I have to use my free time for my most favorite arts & crafts.

  9. Your little granddaughter is adorable, Disney princess dress and all. We went to see two families of ducks yesterday, with about 11 ducklings each. It is so sweet to see them grow bigger. Did you know herons nest on trees? Your colourful stained window pictures are just beautiful. Wishing you a good week. x

  10. I like your haystack rock painting. I like your duck photos. I havevfun watching our birds lately. I've seen a few enjoy the bird bath. Last outing was picking up our grandchildren last night. Still praying for Erin's labor as it's slowly gaining momentum. Nice granddaughter photo. Always fun and right now they're playing with Legos. Happy week!!

  11. Lovely picture of you and little Rose so precious....I did so love your post and the ducks and amazing how most male birds are so pretty and the female quite ordinary and mostly brown, but still cut to us ♥ Lovely artwork Gracie, you are very clever.....here it has got a bit cold so have been doing plenty of crochet and some sock knitting thrown in too ☺☺☺

  12. Ah Gracie. Your life is so sweet. Family and granddaughters. I love the picture of you and sweet Rose. The love on her face as she looks at her precious Grandma is wonderful. I showed Dennis your pictures of the pond and ducks and we think that one would make a wonderful puzzle. Very challenging for sure. I didn't know that Heron's ate ducks and ducklings. Oh my! I wouldn't sleep for worrying about the sweet little ducklings on your pond. Your artwork is so pretty Gracie. We're enjoying our time with Alex. He's up walking a little and can't take the "boot" off yet. Tomorrow his girlfriend is flying in for the remainder of his visit. I hope you continue to enjoy your spring.

  13. Your granddaughter is very cute!!:) Nice colouring!! I too have been reading a lot in April.

  14. Oh my gosh...the ducklings make my day :) so heartwarming. And I LOVE the drawing!

  15. Hi Gracie, I enjoyed coming along to see the ducklings. They're really cute. Your artwork is beautiful. It sounds like you've been keeping nice and busy with your hobbies and creative pursuits. I hope you're having a good week so far!

  16. You did an awesome job on the Haystack Rock painting! Thank you so much for sharing. It looks just like your photos! Also great to see the picture of you and your granddaughter!

  17. Your artwork is lovely Gracie. I enjoyed looking at all the ducks too! I also enjoy seeingvphotos of me and my grandchildren - Princess Rose is a cutie. Hugs Anne x

  18. Your post did make me smile. That's such a lovely picture of you and your granddaughter, it is so natural and I love seeing the interaction between you! Those are amazing images of the ducks they look so camouflaged in the water. I love the colours on your coluring book patterns. Sarah x

  19. That top picture of you and your granddaughter is priceless, Gracie!
    What a beautiful piece of property you live on - how wonderful to share your space with such amazing wildlife. The photos are wonderful.
    I see you've been very busy - love your paintings and the beautiful mandalas that you colored. Did you ever think of framing them?

  20. Hey Gracie! That photo of you and your granddaughter is so precious!!! And the watercolor appears to be coming along nicely! Are you going to go back into it at all? I have to live vicariously through others at the moment while my things are still in boxes lol!


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