"I started photographing my domestic world and writing not just about what I had made,
but why I made it, examining the thoughts that accompany creativity and the act of making."
Jane Brocket from The Gentle Art of Domesticity p. 189 UK edition

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Flowers, Family and Friends Fairing in February

One perfect pink bud is on our Camellia bush which got a thorough pruning last year; while across the street our neighbor's Camellia hedge is becoming a profusion of pink blooms.

The Hyacinth bulbs I enjoyed seeing and smelling indoors last Spring, and then planted outside after the blooms were spent, are preparing to scent the air out in the garden with their pretty purple blooms.

The Daffodils in our yard are leaping up toward the sky to reflect the yellow sunshine as they dance around several trees. [I am a woman of faith in God who believes that He will provide enough sunshine...even in this rainy season in Oregon, so that we will see yellow Daffodil blooms]

A flower pot full of Snow Drops from the kind Kasner's farm will soon be planted in our front flower garden, and a new puffy red crocheted heart from Teresa has joined the loving blooms on my indoor heart bush.

In February I have faired better at receiving than giving gifts. I am grateful for the many lovely gifts [cards, calls, and Facebook notices, too] that have been given to me to help me celebrate my sixty-fifth birthday. I enjoyed making a Queen Anne's Lace scarf out of Knit Pick's Billow 100% cotton yarn to help a good friend celebrate her...much younger...birthday. I finished the preemie blanket I made as a gift, sent off a book and a card, but I have more gift giving to do!

One afternoon, Mary Kathrine, my oldest daughter, made a lovely tea for her four-older-little girls.  The menu included apple slices, raisins, and heart-shaped slices of carrot.  She took a carrot and carved it into a heart shape log which she then sliced.  Brilliant!  I was so impressed.

So far in February, our family friend, Grantie, took me out to tea at the sweet English Garden Tea Cafe in nearby Clackamas, OR.  Another friend treated me to lunch, I met friends at another restaurant for lunch, and my youngest son in law treated me to a delicious lettuce wrapped hamburger from one of our favorite hamburger shops.

 We have had three special dinners at home celebrating birthdays and Valentine's Day in February, and for my birthday for the first time, baby Sarah sat next to me in a highchair while we ate.  Note that she is a girl after this Gramma's heart; she is a sheep hugger!

Thanks to those of you who offered prayers and good wishes for us.  All four of us who caught the last cold virus are much better.

How are you and yours fairing this February?



  1. We are fairing well over here where the temperature has warmed up. I was in short sleeves yesterday out at The Secret Garden. I'm always in procrastination mode and don't get done nearly as much as I would like. Such a sweet tea party for the girls. And a big girls' tea out sounds great, too. Happy birth month to you. My birthday countdown is on ...5 more days. :) Have a peaceful Sunday.

  2. Gracie, you days are filled with so much love. I am a bit jealous of your close family and friends and all those sweet little girls filling your days with laughter and fun. You are the best. Happy Late Birthday and hope you have a wonderful day.

  3. Hello Gracie such lovely things to look at and hear about. I'm pleased that you have been receiving gifts and special times. Belated birthday greetings. i will be celebrating my 65th birthday soon!!! Hugs Anne x

  4. I feel fortunate to have spent one of these celebrations with you. You are a treasure of a friend and I'm so glad we live close enough to spend many times together. You might want to Google how to bet plant your little snowdrop bulbs. Ours just magically appear.. the flowers are now almost all spent. Time for daffodils, next! Thanks for the wonderful card! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  5. Lovely flowers Gracie. We don't have many yet here, but on a walk a little while ago with Dennis and Chloe I saw some pussy willows in bud. Spring IS coming. What a lovely, blessed life you have sweet Gracie. I so wish I had been there for one of your celebrations...but I was there in spirit. You have some lovely gifts on your table but the best picture is the last. What a sweetie!
    Blessings always Gracie,

  6. Happy belated birthday. You do have a lot to celebrate. And that granddaughter of yours is cute enough to capture anyone's heart.

  7. Hi Gracie, Happy belated birthday wishes to you :) So nice to see your family celebrating closely. I liked the small table for little girls arranged nicely. You got lovely gifts too:)
    I enjoyed reading about the bud in your first image:) I get happy with one bud on my plant but also always wonder how other people manage to create beautiful gardens.

  8. Hi Gracie, Belated Happy Birthday, your gifts and celebrations are wonderful! Is that a lighted tea pot that I see? Your grand daughter has grown she looks so cute! Sarah x

    1. Yes, my youngest daughter, Elisabeth, found the teapot nightlight and thought I would like it. It provides just the right amount of light for me in my room at night. :)

  9. Happy belated 65th birthday, Gracie!! I just know you enjoyed your special day with your lovely family.

  10. Happy birthday, fellow February Birthday girl. I turned 65 on the 13th! How lovely to have all your family close and to celebrate so much.

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  12. Happy Birthday to you! I think you celebrated in a style worthy of the year!
    Of course my eye was drawn immediately to those purple mittens!

  13. Oh Gracie, I have been naughty, and did not know it was your birthday! I hope you had a lovely day of celebrating!! I saw that Teresa posted your get together gifts you all exchanged. I saw on Betsy's blog that she too has had a birthday. So to you both, Happy Birthday!!!
    Lovely tea!!! And beautiful signs of Spring!
    XO Kris

  14. Happy Birthday dear Gracie! Such lovely celebrations with your wonderful family and friends. I would like to add my good wishes too for a very happy year ahead. Sending love.
    Helen xox

  15. Good to know you are all fairing better now and do so love seeing what may be growing in your garden all the way over there xoxoxo and celebrations can be the happiest of occassions ♥

  16. Belated Birthday wishes you certainly are blessed with wonderful family and friends. Such a beautiful lamp in the shape of a teapot, a real delight. Take care.

  17. Glad you're feeling better! Wow! You have green grass and flowers already?! That is awesome! Love the teacup nightlight, and the cafe looks like a beautiful place to eat!

  18. This is a happy post, dear Gracie. Happy Birthday! I love the little girls' tea party and the heart shaped carrot is brilliant. I'm going to give it a try.


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