"I started photographing my domestic world and writing not just about what I had made,
but why I made it, examining the thoughts that accompany creativity and the act of making."
Jane Brocket from The Gentle Art of Domesticity p. 189 UK edition

Friday, May 17, 2013


In the midst of days where others have dealt with drastic difficulties I have been grateful for mostly delightful time spent with family and friends, at home, at church, and out and about in the community around me this week.

My mini-van, which is more the Credit Union's than mine, had to be repaired and liberated from the shop for $$$$, but I'm thankful God provided the funds for me to pay the bill, and grateful that the vehicle is operating smoothly :-)

At our women's group at church we had a lovely visitor from Nigeria. We are still working our way through the book Captivating, and it was so encouraging to have her voice added to our discussion and realize as we wrestled with the topic of how to combat evil that our relationships with Christ draw us to  common ground no matter how far apart we may live.

My blogging friend Betsy was in the area visiting her daughter, so my local blogging friends, Teresa, and Taci and I were able to meet Betsy yesterday for a looooong lunch.  Teresa brought beautiful yummy eggs to share, Taci, brought beautiful flower and bead bookmarks to share, Betsy brought beautiful dishcloths and cute sheep coasters to share, and I brought cotton hot mats to share.  Taci showed us some of her pretty scarf knitting projects, Betsy showed us a pretty shawl she had knit and crocheted and Teresa showed us a pretty necklace she had made.

The shawl I am working on is getting bigger...honest!  And I am going to stop typing to you so that I can work on it some more tonight :-)

May your blessings be bountiful,



  1. So much beauty created by you and your bloggie friends...as I have said before, I am always amazed at your talent!
    Beautiful rhodo--I have several red ones too, but I think yours is a bit bigger. I will be sorry to see the rhodie bloom season end...I love them and azaleas too.
    Love your ending!

  2. What a nice post Gracie! Loved to see you also. I hope you have a good weekend. We missed you at Knitnite. My friends all asked about you, Teresa and Betsy.

  3. Sounds like you are having a lovely time, those eggs look great.

  4. And your lovely friendship is a bountiful gift to all who have the pleasure to know you, in person or in blog land.
    Hugs to you sweet Gracie,

  5. Hello Gracie, It is lovely to have friends to met up with..All the goodies were very special. The dish cloth has a very unique design and looks very complicated..Those Rhodies ( I think) beside the building looks absolutely glorious.. Have a wonderful weekend. Hugs Judy

  6. Lovely times, Gracie! Your blog friends meet up sounds such a happy time, and the gifts are all lovely too. I enjoyed seeing your gorgeous rhodie in bloom, an amazing colour.
    Wishing you a happy weekend.
    Helen x

  7. Such beautiful flowers Gracie. We had a similar bush at our last house but I can't seem to get ine to "root" at our new house.
    I had a wonderful time at lunch. How honored I feel that the Lord led me to you three through blogging of all things!
    I would have loved to meet your new friend from Nigeria. Dennis works with people from there and has actually traveled there too.
    I pray you have a wonderful weekend and no more car troubles.

  8. Your rhododendron is gorgeous! I miss them since I moved to the southwest; I don't think they can grow here. Your projects are looking beautiful. I am so glad you had a nice lunch with the ladies, what a terrific group of friends they are.

  9. Hello again Gracie. I am catching up. We have been away again looking after our grandsons. My lovely D.I.L. has a new job. She had to work full time for a week for training purposes. She will normally work two days only. Her new job is as a nurse at a Category A prison here in the UK. There are some very dangerous men incarcerated there and both her mum and I worry but she is very happy about her new position. Love the gifts that you all gave each other at your lunch. Thank you as well for your congratulations re my win on Taci's blog. Wasn't I lucky? Love and hugs Anne x

  10. I LOVE The dishcloths I HAve some to make for my daughter in BEACH colors as she asked.

    GOd Bless You today. I am filled with prayers of thanksgiving today. :)

  11. Long lunches with good friends are the best! Sorry to hear about your car expense but those pretty red blooms should cheer you up. You have so many pretty flowers there that I would imagine it would be hard to get to down about anything. :-)

  12. All of 'life's rich tapestry' in this post, ups, downs, the company of friends, fellowship and faith. Bountiful is the perfect title :)

  13. Super lovely gifts!! And I really like very much the nice coaster with sheep and the Ty-Phoo Tea one further down ♥
    Have a beautiful day :-))
    xxx Nata

  14. Your get-together with your blogging friends sounds wonderful. And that rhododendron bush is just beautiful. x

  15. Wow! you have been busy. I have just realised I am not a subscriber to your blog - Terrible! I just keep popping in but now I won't miss those beautiful photos. Jo x

  16. Those dishcloths are spectacular ... almost too pretty to use! :) So glad you had a good time with your bloggy friends.

    I see your shawl in the background ... it's looking very nice indeed.

  17. Oooh, those dishcloths are lovely....in fact I think I may have to make some myself! Lovely to read about the great time you had with your blog friends....now hurry up and finish your shawl - the suspense is getting painful :)
    Have a great week, Sarah x

  18. Bounty indeed - and as usual, the best is the intangible friendships and connections.

  19. How wonderful that you can meet up with bloggy friends. Such a great post, as always, Gracie.

  20. Gracie, thank you so much for the lovely tea swap goodies! The package most certainly did not disappoint! I am very much looking forward to trying the tea(it sounds delicious!) and I love the cup cozy. The colours are beautiful. Many many many thanks to you ^_^
    love and hugs
    from Steph


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