"I started photographing my domestic world and writing not just about what I had made,
but why I made it, examining the thoughts that accompany creativity and the act of making."
Jane Brocket from The Gentle Art of Domesticity p. 189 UK edition

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

WIP 4.3.2013: Meet MMR-S

Meet Miss Maggie Rabbit-Saylor!  Over the warm, sunny Easter weekend, she acquired a pair of bloomers to match her flowered peasant dress.  Her face took on a rosy glow and yesterday she donned the pink, wool, silk capelet I knit for her.  I did not order a Miss Maggie Rabbit kit before Alicia sold out of kits, but I was glad I could easily buy and download the pattern.  I shopped at Craft WareHouse for the materials I needed and really enjoyed the whole process of making Miss Maggie. [Thank you, Alicia] In the first three photos besides Miss Maggie, you can see the beautiful blanket Shari gifted to me which I have draped over a chair by our fireplace when it is not wrapped around someone to warm them....such an incredible present from one of my talented blogging friends.  I will be forever grateful and in awe of her generosity. [Thank you again, Shari]

The weather Easter weekend was so miraculous for the Portland, Oregon, area...a splendid visual reminder of Christ's Good News as we welcomed the warmth and lively blossoms of Spring and turned away from the deadly frost of Winter.  My oldest granddaughters picked and brought in from our yard a bouquet of daffodils for me which infused my room with an heavenly scent~~~~~ My youngest granddaughter happily played near the spot of sunshine in my room in which Shelby Dog had found to bask herself;  and the Camellias, Wild Cherry trees, and Forsythia joined in the celebration as well :)

Such joy, I had to share with you!



  1. Your photo's always make me smile :) Miss Maggie is lovely and I love her bloomers...you have made her to perfection!
    Hope you continue to have good weather and a great crafty week x x

  2. oh what a beautiful rabbit! your sew clever (see what i did there! ha ha I amuse myself!)
    she is adorable and such cute grand children you have too.

  3. I love Miss Maggie Rabbit-Saylor!! I am so glad you made the capelet too!! xxx

  4. Goodness, I just love that blanket!!! I sure miss it every time I see it there! I think I need to make another one just like it. So happy that you and your family get to enjoy it! Your granddaughter is such a precious little thing...Adorable! and I am really loving your flowers.....that is one big tree. It must really like it there... Knowing me, I would pick some everyday and place around my home....I love those Camellias.
    xxx Shari

  5. You are surrounded by beauty Gracie, beauty in your family, home and landscape, And Miss Maggie, she is a beauty too.
    Love her and I am thinking there might be Miss Maggie's in your granddaughter's future.
    Hugs to you,

  6. What a delightful post!!! I love the bunny! Loved the babies!!! So nice!!!!
    : ) Kris

  7. Hi Gracie'
    My eyes went first to the beautiful bouquet. Even before I saw Maggie! I love your posts, especially with your girls in them. It WAS a gorgeous weekend. As you said, a perfect reminder of God's great gift to us.
    Lunch next week on Wednesday? Teresa & Taci are available! Are you? Blessings, Betsy

  8. Ohhh, once the forsythia blooms I know spring has arrived!

  9. Miss Maggie makes a great addition to your darling girls and the tea party. Cuteness; just wanna give them all a hug.

    Beautiful flowers, too.

    Visiting from Tami...

  10. OH BOY.. are Maggies are done! Now we have to bring them to meet each other at our lunch next week! Have we decided where? I just LOVED the shots of the grandgirls enjoying a tea party with you.. and the baby.. priceless! That Camelia makes me want to plant one on our farm! As for the name of my bunny.. I always wished I'd been named Maria when I was young.. so I think I will name mine Maggie Maria Kasner!! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  11. your images bring me much joy....we have no forsythia blooms yet, no daffodils yet...just brave resilient snow drops
    Your sunglass gals made me laugh!

  12. Love the look of your new rabbit, very cute. Your garden looks like its coming to life.

  13. Love that rabbit and you and Teresa will have so much fun getting your 2 bunnies together lol. Wish I could come lol. Beautiful granddaughters ♥
    Lovely pictures ☺☺

  14. Love Miss Maggie Gracie. I'm certain she will have fun meeting up with Maggie Maria Kasner!! Have a lovely lunch. Love & hugs Anne x

  15. Yea! Maggie Rabbit's debut! I think she is SO cute and I know her and Maggie Maria Rabbit will have the best times together:)
    Your camellias are beautiful--I think the blooms this year have been awesome; it seems like everyone's garden is a paradise right now and I LOVE it!
    Have a good get together!
    PS: CUTE grandkids! I miss mine already...

  16. Oh your Spring photos are so inviting and your bunny turned out so cute....not to mention those darling Grandchildren!

  17. Miss Maggie looks darling upon her debut! How fun that you and Teresa can get your buns together for some adventures.

    Your yard is looking so beautiful and springy - glad the weather was lovely for your Easter celebrations.


  18. (((Hugs))) Gracie, I am trying to catch up. This is a lovely 'Springtime' post. I love the photograph of the youngest playing in the sunshine. Dogs find the best spots, I lay with my dog yesterday and she found the warmest spot in the house. xxx

  19. Gracie, I've so enjoyed catching up on your last few posts, so much joy and creativity. Your rabbit is beautiful, you and Teresa really make me want to have a go at making one but I've got sooo many things on the go at the moment! Your Great-niece looks beautiful in the cowl, well done.

  20. So much beauty, hand-made and God-made!

  21. Your blog is full of warmth, I have enjoyed reading it. Thanks, I will go to bed comforted.

  22. The simple pleasures are the best :D

    Miss Maggie is adorable!

  23. I love your flowers and bunny rabbit!


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