"I started photographing my domestic world and writing not just about what I had made,
but why I made it, examining the thoughts that accompany creativity and the act of making."
Jane Brocket from The Gentle Art of Domesticity p. 189 UK edition

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Seasonal Hitches and Stitches

We had a snow shower today...thunder yesterday and rain showers in between.  Seasonal hitches!

From time to time I am still doing some proofreading for a friend who is translating Scripture from an early Greek manuscript.  Last year he completed the four Gospels and then launched into the other books of the New Testament.  It is still fascinating to me to look at a word for word translation of the Greek to English and then see how someone forms that into English sentences that make sense.  God gives me encouragements and challenges as I ponder what I am reading.

After I gathered with some ladies at church yesterday to share our faith in Christ while we  finished studying one of Graham Cooke's books, we drove to one of the leader's homes for lunch with some of their little ones buzzing around to keep us hopping.  

When I got home, I worked on Miss Maggie Rabbit.  She requires a lot of blanket stitches which I am really enjoying!  Somehow blanket stitches seem to make my irregular stitches  not so horrible.  That's my story and I'm sticking to it :)

If you have not visited Betsy Queen at her blog, I encourage you to do so!  She is a talented, interesting Christ follower who loves to knit and crochet...FAST...and beautifully and she is generously having a giveaway to thank one of over 50 friends who have introduced themselves to her on her blog.

Do you have a hitch or stitch you want to tell me about?


  1. Hi there! Miss Maggie Rabbit is going to be SO adorable! I finally came over to visit your blog, it's such a lovely, peaceful place! :)

    Love, Tina xx

    1. Welcome, Tina! I hope you will visit often. By the way, thanks to your great tutorial I made the best orange pomander at Christmas that I have ever made...using the pins to hold the ribbon in place and using a pin to prepare holes for the cloves were brilliant ideas that saved me from frustration and a sore pointer finger :)

  2. Gracie, I am glad you are enjoying your translating, it really sounds fascinating. I love Miss Maggie Rabbit, I wanted a kit but they were gone before I could, I am so glad you were able to pounce on one, looking forward to seeing you finished rabbit.
    hugs to you,

  3. I am looking forward to seeing Miss Maggie Rabbit completed Gracie. I have been crafting here and there. Have just started a prayer shawl for a dear friend who has been diagnosed with Ovarian cancer. Had lots of bad/sad news of late- a real test of faith at times but I hang in there.
    We have ad a lot of snow overnight!!!! I so wish for warm Spring days. Take are. Love and hugs Anne x

  4. I am so looking forward to seeing Miss Maggie finished...she looks adorable! I hope the all the snow just melts away fast so you can enjoy some more spring like weather soon! Keeping my fingers crossed for Betsy's giveaway!!!!
    Hugs to you, Shari!

  5. You are so good to start your rabbit! I have been just slammed with meetings and goings and deadlines.. heading off to a volunteer training right now. I'm bummed as I forgot to add Betsy's giveaway to this post - and now it's too late. I will try to add it to my next one.
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  6. Good Morning Gracie!

    What a full life you have. I think it would be facinating to be the proof-reader for your friend. It certainly must give you lots to think about when you see the original meaning of the scriptures and how many times we've made them say what we want them to over the years and many, many translations.

    Miss Maggie is going to be adorable and your blanket stitches are just fine.

    Thank you for the shout out to my blog. I can't wait to see who wins! (And Teresa, it's not too late. You have till midnight Monday!) :-)

    I so enjoy our time together Gracie. You have the most perfect name. A woman FULL of Grace!


  7. Hello Gracie
    So appreciate that you are using the pin cushion and pins I sent you and when I finish these comments I'm going off to visit Betsy Queen
    Ahhhhh but my life is not my own how I wish I could blog more but during the school year its impossible. I'm sure you know what that is like!
    Many thanks for visiting my blog and posting on my last two posts too. My projects take me ages as well because I can only do them when I have a break even so I do carry my travel crochet with me and if I get to class early I sit in my car and crochet….so relaxing it prepares me for my day ahead. Actually my sewing machine scares me. I suppose it is because I do not know what I am doing and am rather scared I'll break it. I mean threading the thing along takes me ages. Never-the-less I mean to use it and learn more.

    Keep well

    Amanda :-)

  8. The proofreading sounds wonderful ... what a great project to be involved in. C.S. Lewis once said "You must translate every bit of your Theology into the vernacular.... I have come to the conclusion that if you cannot translate your thoughts into uneducated language, then your thoughts were confused. Power to translate is the test of having really understood one's own meaning. A passage from some theological work for translation into the vernacular ought to be a compulsory paper in every Ordination examination." :)

    Off to visit Betsy now.

  9. IM going over to see Betsy's blog

  10. Wow... So much snow? We had a little here also.
    Love the rabbit. It will be ready right on time for Easter :)

  11. Gosh you have been busy. We've had snow here too, though it bounces rather than sticks, and collects in little piles where the wind sweeps it into corners. Your rabbit is going to be lovely. And your proofreading sounds very interesting indeed. I like the quote from C.S. Lewis from Mrs. Micawber. Language changes so much, and it's a bit startling to think that the King James Version was in the language of common people at the time.

    Keep warm!


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