"I started photographing my domestic world and writing not just about what I had made,
but why I made it, examining the thoughts that accompany creativity and the act of making."
Jane Brocket from The Gentle Art of Domesticity p. 189 UK edition

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

WIP Wednesday: Friendship&Fiber&Flowers

 My friend, Teresa, met me at a new LYS in Gresham, Oregon, littlelambandEwe!  She has a great post about our adventure which I hope you will read, if you haven't already.  From littlelambandEwe, for my birthday my youngest daughter and my son-in-law bought me Babs, the little ewe, sewing caddy marketed by Lantern Moon.  My oldest daughter and her family bought me the book, the finer edge Crocheted Trims, Motifs & Borders, by Kristin Omdahl; and they also got a little black sheep tape measure, and a lovely ball of pink yarn. I bought myself some buttons from there with visions of attaching them to wonderful fiber gifts I make for family members and friends...ahhh that the dream will become reality :-)

Teresa and I had  yummy lunches in the restaurant across the street.  Then we wandered through an antique store back across the street.  I managed to resist some large too expensive for me cobalt blue beads.  Teresa wondered if they might be Indian trading beads.  But I did purchase a little inexpensive Japanese cobalt blue float that I balanced on two of my cobalt blue glasses to photograph.  A friend long ago who was a nurse, told me she had read an article that reported that some Russian scientist had conducted experiments that suggested that staring at deep purple blue for fifteen minutes a day acted as an anti-depressant and appetite suppressant.  I have been collecting cobalt blue glass ever since, but can't vouch for the Russian scientist's conclusions.

Since last Wednesday I have managed to put a few more rows on my merino blanket.  My youngest son gave me an Amazon gift card for Christmas and I got two fiber related books.  I started crocheting a basket from the pattern in one of the books.  I am using cotton, but the book suggests using a variety of other materials that look amazing.  I also started with Teresa's coaching, the Ruby shawl pattern sold on Ravelry by Anastasia Roberts.  Even though I have ripped out rows several times and need to rip the last row I started, I am very excited about the pattern!  I love the shawl Teresa made and the new one she has started...beautiful colors that will be practical for use for years to come.

I cleaned out some dead plants from the front garden, trimmed my two Joseph's Coat rose bushes, and purchased a deep purple African violet; I took a photo of it to share with you and cheer you on toward Spring :-)

This Saturday most of our household hopes to drive to CA to visit family members and friends and I may try to post from my iPhone, but no promises :-)

Meanwhile, I am wishing you happy days and wondering what works are in progress in your life?

Love with hugs from,


  1. That is wonderful Gracie...I'm so glad you ladies had such a wonderful time. Can't wait to meet you next week :) hope you have a great time in California .

  2. Hello my friend! I really enjoyed yesterday! We'll have to do that more often. You got some good shots of the yarn shop. I went swimming today and am tired tired tired. See you at our next lunch! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  3. Love the colors you've chosen for your shawl! Looking forward to seeing the finished product. I have a feeling it's going to be beautiful. I'm working on my first lace shawl too.

  4. Hi Gracie you and Teresa had a wonderful time. The yarn shop looks so invviting. What lovely goodies you have to play with& read. Looking forward to seeing your blanket. Love & hugs Anne x

  5. Gracie, I love the colors you are using to make the shawl. How wonderful to have a friend like Teresa to help you along. I read her blog also and so enjoy both of them. I have such a hankering for that Deborah Norville yarn. Everytime I see it, I have to stomp on the urge to buy it NOW! I need to wait to get some other projects out of the way but it is sooooooo pretty. Great post. Can't way to see the blanket and the shawl.


  6. Even though we have a half foot of snow, the Chicago Botanic Gardens says we should be pruning our trees and shrubs now...so we will!

    I want to know what books you purchased!

  7. Hi Gracie! I did read Teresa's post about your fabulous day! What a shop!!!! Love the name too! You got some new pretties! How neat that your kids know what Mama likes!!!
    What part of CA are you visiting?

  8. Lovely yarn Gracie :) I read about your day out on Teresa blog but nice to hear it here too, sounds like you had a great time! x

  9. That looks like a fabulous yarn store! And it sounds like you and Teresa had a great day :)

  10. Hello! I am part of the WIP Wednesdays that Sosae started. I noticed the new link to your blog on her side bar. Sounds like you are a pretty busy bee! What a lovely day you had shopping! I like all the pictures too. I look forward to checking in on the progress of your projects. Nice to meet you and Happy Knitting! :)

  11. What a beautiful shop! I love seeing all the colors together. It's so cheery.

  12. Hi Gracie! Such a fun time you and Teresa had! I'm so looking forward to lunch with all of you next week. I hope you have a lovely trip with the family before then. You received some gorgeous presents didn't you? They obviously know what you like. I had lunch with Teresa, Denise and Shirley today at Multnomah Falls as I arrived in Portland for the weekend. I'll be back next week too, just in time for lunch with all of you.
    Have a wonderful trip my friend.

  13. Loved these photos Gracie! Have a safe and very lovely trip down south :-)
    Blessings, Aimee

  14. Oh my, what crafty loveliness!


  15. Hello,
    I have awarded you the Liebster award. You can read about it on my blog ^_^

  16. Your day out with Teresa sounds wonderful, Gracie! What a fabulous yarn store! Lovely that you could have some treats too thanks to your family's kind gifts. Wishing you a wonderful trip this weekend.
    Helen x

  17. I Love your recap of your day with Teresa! All that yummy yarn.
    Im knitting a new shawl...

  18. Oooh the LYS looks great! I am very jealous of anywhere where there is such a great shop...your day out with Teresa sounds wonderful, and I can't wait to see the results of your shawl :)
    Your plants on the windowsill look great....luckily spring is not far off now!
    Hope you had a great time with your family...enjoy the rest of the week, hugs Sarah x

  19. Great buttons available today everywhere. Such fun not only for wearing but for the children to collect. Makes a much more interesting button tin.


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