"I started photographing my domestic world and writing not just about what I had made,
but why I made it, examining the thoughts that accompany creativity and the act of making."
Jane Brocket from The Gentle Art of Domesticity p. 189 UK edition

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Apple Picking. =)

My dad bought a ticket to the moon from a comic book
when he was a kid in the early 1900's.
Out of high school he sold sets of books,
The Harvard Classics.
For a time he supervised the running
of a huge drum carder in a New England woolen mill.
During my childhood he worked as a Research Supervisor
on a poultry farm.

Over the last month my little laptop computer
began to suffer delusions.
Even though Norton Security insists my laptop is virus free,
I have grave doubts.
In the midst of randomly flashing blue screens at me,
it started broadcasting bits of commercials to me.
It refused to talk to my printer.
Then one day it chose to broadcast Paula Dean and her sons
talking about cooking something.
I quipped to family members and friends that PD & Sons
were probably
discussing cooking my goose/laptop.

Is it any wonder that at this point I chose to follow
in the curious, adventurous footsteps
of my father?
While I did not purchase a ticket to the moon,
I did pick and order a MacBook Pro Apple Computer.

My blogging buddy, Teresa Kasner and her dear husband, Dayle,
invited me to meet them at the MacPac store.
I asked Dayle to act as a voice of reason for me,
which he nobly did :)

In the midst of the disasters and discord of life
when some suffer disproportionately more than others,
I am grateful to have the opportunity to stretch and grow creatively,
as I type to you about what I am learning about
forming fibers, and fabrics,
loving God, my family members, friends, neighbors and my enemies,
and fashioning colors to celebrate the beauty I see around me.

What have you been picking to do?

Hugs to you from Gracie <3


  1. Yet another lovely post :) I have been planning to use my button collection in crafty ways lately...whether I am successful or not I am not too bothered, at least I will have had fun with them!

  2. That was so eloquently written! Hooray for your new Mac. We are Apple lovers here. Although I use a Dell laptop, we have a Mac desktop, and both have ipads and iphones. Love them!!! Good luck!!
    XO Kris

  3. I heard you got a new "toy"...Teresa had posted something or another that you two were going shopping!! Enjoy it!

  4. Great post! It made me smile:)
    Congrats on your new Mac. You will love it; one of my sons used to do support for them and he loves Apple products!
    I am trying to get ready for my daughter's upcoming visit so I am super stressed out right now. I think I need to relax and smell the roses--but not for too long or I won't get done:)

  5. Your poor little laptop =(

    I hope you love your new Macbook when you get it!

  6. You forgot to tell them that we have to actually *WAIT* for them! :-) I'm not a good waiter. lol! We're going to have fun learning how to use these - they are the apex of laptop computers.. amazing technology! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  7. I just read Teresa's blog telling the story of you both purchasing new computers. You will have a wonderful time learning the new "gadgets and whizbangs".

    Your style of writing is so beautiful, not one of my talents I'm afraid. And I love reading of your childhood memories.

    Have a wonderful weekend Gracie!



  8. I bought the same computer for my son for his graduation. It is really fantastic. Loved hearing about your adventures with Teresa and Dayle.

  9. Such a lovely post. Lucky you to have such an exciting new gadget arriving.

  10. Wow, that sounds like a fun decision! We have been embarking on a very long list of deep tidying and sorting tasks throughout the house. Last night I did a lot of backing up of photos and videos. It does make you feel better! Enjoy your new Apple.

    from Christine / Writing from Scotland (not sure why it wants to make me anonymous?)

  11. I will be picking a new computer (laptop) soon too...My sister purchased one last fall and we didn't hear from her for months as she tried to relearn her new MAC before the Free Live Tutoring expired.

    In the meantime, I am picking blueberries and peaches at the Fraleigh's Rose Hill Farm where Anne Davis is(wo)maning the fruit stand! In a couple weeks I am heading to Maine to pick wild blueberries! Can't wait!!

  12. Hi Grace I am late commenting as have been away for a week visiting my eldest son and family. You have such a gift for writing - just wish I had i as well. Never mind I am blessed in other ways. Have fun with your new Mac. Anne x


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