"I started photographing my domestic world and writing not just about what I had made,
but why I made it, examining the thoughts that accompany creativity and the act of making."
Jane Brocket from The Gentle Art of Domesticity p. 189 UK edition

Friday, June 1, 2012

Blog Blunders, Basil in Jam, & Cup Cozies

When I checked my last post yesterday,
 it had a highlighted double underlined word that I had not set up as such.
  I clicked on the word and an ad popped up...
Further clicking led me to a program which can link ads to a site.
I hastily eliminated the program from my computer.

Some of my favorite blogs host advertising
but as yet, I have not wanted to do that.

Blogging is a means
for me to explore many of
my interests.
I enjoy reading, and writing, and [not arithmetic (:] spinning fiber,
and crocheting and knitting and watercolor painting
and gardening and cooking
and growing my relationship with God
and growing my relationship with people.

Through blogging I am meeting some
amazingly talented people.
I have linked to their blogs or businesses
because I appreciate who they are
as well as what they do
and I want others to enjoy them as well.
I suppose that is a form of advertising,
but I have not been doing it to try to earn an income, and I am not
keen on the idea of some computer program choosing what
I advertise if I ever decide I do want to earn income
from advertising!

These strawberries were begging to be used, so I decided to try
 a variation on a recipe I saw on Rebekka's blog.

I washed and cut up the strawberries, added a bit of water and
 brought them to a simmer for about 10 minutes.

Then I mashed the berries and added applesauce and honey to taste.

I simmered the berries, honey and applesauce until the liquid was reduced. 
 Then I let them cool for a bit before I tore up some basil leaves
and stirred them into the mixture.  I let it cool further.

Then I poured it into jars.

I am putting one in the fridge for immediate use and the other into the freezer.
Mmmmmmmm good!

I volunteered to make cup cozies for the women attending a leadership
gathering on June 20, 2012.  Not certain how many I need to crochet yet.

I am using Homespun Lion Brand Yarn in the 345 Corinthian colorway.

For a 12oz. size cup I am using a ChiaoGoo K/10.5 (6.5mm)
wooden crochet hook which I just realized is named *Faith.*
That seems especially apt since I am making these for  women
who are members of our church(:

I am simply chaining 4
Joining the chain with a slip stitch
Chaining three then doing 17 double crochets into the circle.
Chaining three then doing a double crochet into the top  of  each of the17 stitches.
Chain two and single crochet in the top of each stitch until  the cozy fits the cup, about 12 rows.
Weave in the end of the yarn.

What are you planning for your weekend?  I hope you have happy days
and do not make any blog blunders(:


  1. Thank you! I have never tried a jam made with herbs before, but -- as I said -- this one sounds intriguing! Maybe next time DH brings home some strawberries for me:)
    The incident you described with your blog has me concerned...how can another person change your blog post without your password? Yikes, why can't blogging just be fun to do without being worried about such things:(
    Wishing you a great weekend and NO further blog surprises like that!

    1. Hi Aimee! My jam experiment was interesting. A friend told me she read a recipe that used a grated apple instead of pectin. I did not have an apple handy so used applesauce. My end product is soupy, at least it was before I stored it in the fridge. I will have to check it out tonight now that it is totally cool. I really like basil in general and think I will put more in my next batch.
      When I checked the programs in my computer I had evidently downloaded the culprit program on March 6, 2012, thus giving it permission to invade my blog I guess. [I know just enough about computers to be dangerous(: ]
      Blessings to you and yours,
      Gracie <3

  2. Oh how strange!! I blog for many of the same reasons you do. And I share many of the interests you do!!
    That yummy looking jam is tempting me. I may have to make some!!!! I bet it would be good over ice cream!!

    1. Mmmmm over icecream would be yummy I bet!(:

      Kris, how long is avacado season for your tree? Does your tree produce many avacados?

      It is still in the 60s here and cloudy with showers(:
      Hugs back,
      Gracie <3

  3. Mmmmm basil and strawberries...I am definitely going to have to try that recipe :)
    Your mug cosies look wonderful, and it's lovely of you to make some for your friends too :)
    I blog for the same reasons you do, and I must admit it puts me off a blog if there is blatant advertising, so good for you for deleting that programme.

    Have a lovely weekend x x

    1. We are celebrating some birthdays today, Sarah, so are having a great weekend so far!
      I am looking forward to your firsthand report of the Jubilee celebrations around you, and hope you enjoy them, too(: <3

  4. Gosh that all looks delicious and I LOVE your stove :)

    1. Nicky, we love the stove most of the time, too, although I have yet to master the timer, and in general have to *study* the controls(:
      Hope you try basil-berry jam! <3

  5. Okay that looks delicious. I wonder if you could use agave nectar instead of honey. My son and I are hypoglycemic and honey is a big no-no for us. It might be worth a try. And you are wonderful to make those coffee cup covers.

    1. I bet you could, Meredith. I want to Google to find a recipe that uses grated apple instead of pectin, to get a better idea of the amount of apple you need to use make the jam jam (:
      It is relaxing to make the cozies and I really like the color and feel of the yarn.
      Gracie <3

  6. The jam looks so yummy Grace. It is also so kind of you to make the mug cosies. Today we went to my youngest granddaughter's nursery for a Jubilee party which was lovely( apart from one small incident involving my granddaughter Ella - which was an accident) I wish I could put some photographs on my blog but DS is unhappy about that so I must abide by his wishes. We had a lovely time and will spend rest of weekend watching Jubilee events on TV.
    I am always seeming to do things on my PC that I didn't intend to do Grace. Like you I want to just blog and keep it reasonably simple. Anne x

    1. Anne, I can imagine your grand's Jubilee party was great fun. (: and I hope you enjoy viewing other events on TV.
      I read on another blog that one of the events of the Jubilee is viewing thousands of boats on the Thames River. I imagine that will be an amazing sight!
      We lived on the West bank of the Hudson River in NY for 16 years and we loved to watch the boats, but never saw so many at once as that!
      Gracie <3

  7. What a neat post with the berry jam making and the mug cozies you are so generous to make. I've never heard of that blog invader thing , glad you figured out how to get rid of it! Hugs, Teresa

    1. Teresa, I was sorry to read about your water mishap, but so glad Dayle was able to put his thumb in the dike [so to speak] until he can repair the damage.
      We celebrated my oldest daughter's 31st b'day today and her daughter's 3rd b'day. Then my daughter started having mild regular contractions and because Molly came so quickly my daughter and son-in-law are at the hospital and I am typing to you at 3:17am, excitedly waiting for a progress report! (:
      Gracie <3

  8. Mmmm, yarn and strawberries, all in one place! I love the sound of the strawberry sauce, but wonder what you will do with it? Sounds like it would be lovely on ice cream or pound cake. :)

    1. Kristen, so far I have tried the jammy-sauce on my cereal at breakfast and it was yummy, but I'm sure it would be good on icecream or pound cake :)
      I am going gluten and milk free and want to make a loaf of gluten-free bread so that I can have it on a slice of toast...or french toast would be good,too, I think.

  9. Oh! Seriously delicious looking jam! I must try it!! Thank you so much for the lovely photos and process into... :) (And ohmygoodness, what an insidious little program that turned your blogging into advertising without your knowledge! They get craftier and craftier, don't they? It's a good lesson for us all...)

  10. That jam recipe is fascinating. I use jam sugar with the pectin already added but I'm wondering whether to try a little basil in some of my basic strawberry jam this summer.

    I know just what you mean about advertising. If I ever decide to monetise my blog I will go with discreet small ads for sponsors whose business is relevant to my subject matter. I've already had a few enquiries but I'm holding out for now ... I like it to be my space :D

  11. I think I'm going to have to try your jam recipe. It looks delicious. I haven't had any problems with ads creeping up on my blog yet, but it is relatively small.

  12. the Corinthian color way sounds like the perfect choice for a church group of ladies! Hope your enjoying your days. Love the sound of your strawberry sauce! Have a great week!


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