"I started photographing my domestic world and writing not just about what I had made,
but why I made it, examining the thoughts that accompany creativity and the act of making."
Jane Brocket from The Gentle Art of Domesticity p. 189 UK edition

Monday, March 19, 2012

Postponed En Route Posting

Participating in the blogging world is great fun for me, but especially challenging when I want to learn technical skills, such as how to blog when I am away from my laptop computer.

I had hoped to send out several posts this past week, but could not figure out how to do so from my iPad or iPhone.

March 9-11 I attended a women's leadership retreat
at Twin Rocks Friends Camp and Conference Center at Rockaway Beach, OR
I loved the time away from my normal routine to focus on my relationship with God and others.

Throughout the weekend I was able to often look on this field.
I was delighted to see a doe and fawn one time,
a gathering of seagulls another time,
then a flurry of robins,
and finally a flock of mallard ducks.

On the way back to the Portland area we had to drive through
some snow, which partially prepared me for this past weekend
when I drove back from a week long visit  with family
members and friends in the CA Bay area and we had to contend with  even more snow.

Mt. Shasta was hidden in clouds both coming and going this trip.

Among the many wonderful folks we visited was my mother-in-law
who just celebrated her 93rd birthday!!!

It was fun to see again the quilt our family constructed to celebrate
the 50th wedding anniversary of my parents-in-law over fifteen years ago.

I enjoyed knitting several dishcloths and crocheting two more little hearts.

Although many landmarks have changed over the years, I marveled
that this cherry stand has been near Sonoma, CA for
at least the fifty years I have been around to recognize it.

I also marveled that these feathery turkey friends were
freely wandering near San Jose, CA. when ...

the San Jose Valley is so full of civilization!

And on the way north to OR I was amazed again
to witness how civilization has made it's mark on what I remember
as the very rural setting of Redding , CA , which now has
inspiring facilities like, Bethel church

and the unique sun dial bridge.

Nature vs. Civilization?

I have had a lovely time roaming the territory around me and contemplating
how we are connected and sustaining life.

What do you wonder as your wander in our world?


  1. Hey Gracie, I missed your posts! So glad it was for good reason. Love that I can feel like a mouse in your pocket and go with you on these excursions! Would love to hear more on your retreat. We have just enjoyed a beautiful weekend with temps in the 70's. See FB to view my album. Thanks to Liz for the invite, checking into airfares to see if we can even think of such a trip. Always wanted to get to the West Coast. Maybe we will 'see' in the flesh this fall!!! JoAnn

    1. We would love it if you are able to come!!! The retreat was a mix of times of singing and praying and devotional thoughts focused on how knowing God strengthens us.[Ps. 84, Eph.5:1-2] along with activities encouraging us to connect with one another. Some hiked to the beach. Some played Bananagrams a lively Scrabble like game. We laughed and cried and were quiet and ate together and we actually got some sleep in there somewhere, too. (:

  2. What a lovely little virtual trip you took us on with you!!! Great photos! Wonderful documentary. Nice!!!
    XO Kris

    1. I am so glad you enjoyed the trip, Kris! Seeing our world through the eyes of my blogging friends often enlightens and encourages and sometime challenges me, too.

  3. Welcome home, Gracie! That's so neat that you went adventuring! And thanks for taking us with you. We'll have to have lunch again soon and we can bring our iPads and compare notes. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

    1. Yes, let's have lunch together soon!
      I am going to try to download the blogging app this afternoon. Thanks for your encouragement!!! <3

  4. Hello good to see you are back safe and sound. As for using (or not ) your ipad/iphone I don't have either so you are far more advanced than me!!! Loved sharing your trip. I have been away visiting my mum for Mothering Sunday. She lives in Somerset so south of me about two and a half to three hours travelling. Anne x

    1. How lovely you can still enjoy time with your mum, Anne! I did not realize that you have a Mothering Day different from our Mother's Day in the USA. [I just looked up Somerset on my map of Great Britain to better imagine your trip.] (:

  5. How wonderful to share in your adventure! Thank you for the photos and thoughtful, poetic storytelling! Visiting your blog is like visiting a friend's house. (I'm sipping tea and just having a lovely time.)

    Also, you got me all nostalgic about Northern California! My husband and I used to drive up there to Eureka a couple times a year (10+ hour drive.) Mt. Shasta is so beautiful...

  6. Sosae! I am sitting here with a cup of tea typing to you. So nice to visit with you. Did I tell you that my husband and I lived in Crescent City, CA for 7 years? We attended a Bible Institute in Eureka for several years and our youngest daughter graduated from the university in Arcata. So much beauty there and along the way. <3


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